Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

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Jerry arrived in Taiwan

info from Ciciny - ; Emily - www.jerryyan
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Jerry arrived in TW at 8:20pm and came out of the airport at around past 9. There were lots of fans and reporters (both print media and TV). There was even a Japanese reporter. Jerry wore blue SJ shirt on top of white long sleeve shirt, gray scarf, black cap, black face mask. Some reporters asked him to take off his mask, but Fenny said it's not convenient for him to do so, because he has frostbite and sunburn, and he will have to see a doctor. Some fans asked Jerry if he has colds, he said no, I have frostbite. Then he quickly went inside the car and waved goodbye to everyone.

Fenny said it's quite serious.

The WV press conference will be on Nov.1 2pm.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Jerry To Visit Singapore

Jerry Yan, Asian pop star of Taiwan' boy band F4 and lead actor in the popular TV series "Meteor Garden" has been appointed World Vision's first Asia Regional Child Sponsorship Ambassador endorsed by World Vision offices in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

In his first inaugural trip as the humanitarian organisation' s Asian Regional Child Sponsorship Ambassador, Jerry will be visiting World Vision supported projects and communities in Mongolia from Oct 24 to 30, 06 under World Vision's Child Sponsorship Programme. He will also be visiting his three sponsored children during the trip.

Following Mongolia, Jerry will tour Asia to promote child sponsorship in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines,
Singapore (Nov 29-30, 06) Thailand and Taiwan from November to December 2006.

Jerry joins more than 2 million World Vision child sponsors in supporting needy children all around the world.

When asked what prompted him to take up this role, he replied:"Becoming a World Vision Child Sponsor has changed me. I had a better understanding of the children living in poverty around this part of the world and the dire circumstances many are living in."

Coming from someone who used to work as a part-timer during his 4th to 5th grade in primary school, Jerry could empathise with the economic hardships and struggles many children living in extreme poverty experience.

Despite knowing that he will be battering a bitter winter where temperatures can drop to as low as minus six degrees celsius in Mongolia this time of the year, Jerry agreed without hesitation to the visit and remains undaunted and focused on the task ahead, that is to esee for myself, the conditions the children have to bear withh. Remarked Jerry: "I've learnt from World Vision staff that winter temperatures in Mongolia are harsh and can fluctuate to as low as minus 44 degrees. Lots of livestock die from the severe cold and many children therefore have little food to eat, and have no heating at home. Some street children can only get warmth in the underground tunnels where extreme heat of the city's heating system can cause serious injuries and even deaths. Winter is the most difficult time for many Mongolian children."

"Many street children in Mongolia are also abused because of the poor economic situation; The reason why they are wandering in the streets is partly because they have no place to stay; They have no other choice but to experience this kind of suffering," he added.

Back from being a distinguished guest at Jolin Tsai's concert in Australia, Jerry looks fresh and is looking forward to this trip. In a pre-trip briefing held earlier this week in Taipei, he observed: "I believe this world is still filled with compassionate people who are merely not aware of the ways to give. I hope that through this visit, the people in Asia will have a better awareness of the plight of the poverty-stricken children and extend their hand to help bring hope to these children."

In conjunction with the visit, some of Jerry's fan clubs in Asia have collectively sponsored 29 impoverished children through World Vision, five of whom are Mongolian children. The eight World Vision offices will also be posting more information and updates of Jerry Yan's trip to Mongolia on their websites soon.

Log on to www.worldvision. for more information about this visit and the benefits of World Vision's Child Sponsorship Programme.

Jerry Yan will visit Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur for 2 days in end November

Jerry Yan will visit Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur for 2 days in end November

After Jerry returns to Taiwan from Mongolia, there'll be a press conference on 1st Nov. He'll share his experiences in Mongolia and display some heart warming photos. There are plans for Jerry to hold a telephone conference with Malaysia media, and Jerry will then announce the exact dates he will visit Malaysia.

White Tower, starring Jerry is currently showed on TV in Malaysia, Jerry's visit will create a fan chasing craze.

Bao Long and ZZ are very refined

Bao Long and ZZ are very refined

Bao Long and ZZ are very refined
Bao Long Jerry Yan and Zai Zai Vic Chou's relationship isn't bad because recently when Jerry was filming "The Hospital" and ZZ was filming "Silence" they visited each other on the set. One day they also concidentally were filming in the same building. Jerry bought some food to go see ZZ and played around with him, "Please let me be a passerby."
Source: Min Sheng Bao

Jerry doesn't think he and ZZ are enemies, "We visited each other on the set. One time when ZZ was filming 'Silence - Shen Qing Mi Ma" I kept on saying that I wanted to be a guest star, to make an appearance. ZZ and Vanness Wu has also visited me."

Source: Cheng Bao

only translated the more important parts

Credit: Amy of Faithful 4ever -

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Oct. 24, 2006 New Reports

Oct. 24, 2006 New Reports
summarized by kkla of

For the following news, I only extracted the part with Jerry's name
(Please note that reporters from 5 big newspapers in TW were invited by AC to go with her team to Japap.)%

Mingbao (HK)
Headline: Yan Cheng Xu's popularity is higher than Zhou Yu Min&B

Zaizai went to Japan for promotion one month after YCX's visit. Their popularity in Japan was compared. 15,000 fans attended YCX's function. For Zaizai, he lost because of the weather, only 2000 fans attended. However, ZZ's fans tried to gain his attention by pretending to be different cartoon figures.

ZZ went to Japan for promoting Silence when YCX went to Japan to have 3 meet sessions. The later function required ticket to attend and it had more than NT$10 millions of ticket sales. ZZ's promotion activity was free and it was held outdoors, therefore, only 2000 fans attended.

Min Sheng Bao (TW)
Headline: Chai Zhi Ping's Fashionable Look Gained Attention'

Although it was not about Jerry at all, I can't help translating this: 2 days ago, when AC, ZZ, and Wang Zhuan Yi promoted on a program, close to NT$1 million were spent on their appearances. Among them, AC looked the most fashionable that she was more attention seeking than the two handsome guys. ( kkla: Why doesn't she play the female lead in her next idol drama?)

Headline: Zaizai's Yilan Mandarin, The Translator Can Understand

Mr. Zhou, the translator, has worked with F4 for numerous times. In order to work with ZZ in this promotion, he finished watching Silence in one go. When the translator, who can speak fluent Mandarin, was asked whether he understood ZZ's Mandarin, he answered, "I understand. I know that his Mandarin has the Yilan accent!"

Mr. Zhou indicates that as ZZ looks the cutest among and he is also the youngest, he is loved by fans in Japan. F4 has high popularity in Japan. Although they have different personalities, they all have good manners. According to who is the most popular among them, Mr. Zhou answered with care, "the same la, they are all popular, but if it really needs to compare, then Yan Cheng Xu is more popular to some extent."

Liberty Times (TW)
ZZ Attracted The Storm Sakura Misses Showed Up?

One after the other, F4's two idols promoted in Japan with one month apart. YCX held 3 meet sessions in Tokyo with 15,000 fans buying the tickets. ZZ was interviewed on a radio program and more than 2000 fans queued outside screaming (kkla: the radio station can be seen through from the outside). Although the number of fans and momentum are not as powerful as YCX's, the scene was also amazing. Chaos were created due to the pushing among fans... regardless, some fans queued up the second time just to see the idol more.

World Vision - Asian Tour

Source :

Jerry is scheduled to attend a press conference on 1 Nov 2006 to share the experiences in Mongolia

Source :

Jerry is scheduled to visit Tokyo, Japan on 11 Nov 2006 to promote child sponsorship.Details pls refer to

Source :

Jerry is scheduled to visit Singapore on 29 - 30 Nov 2006 to promote child sponsorshipDetails pls refer to

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Bringing full of love and simple travel bag

On October 24, Jerry set offs to go to Mogolia to personally show care to poor children's plight, and invites you to become a World Vision child sponsor


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Message from Jerry Yan Philippines Working Team

Hi all!

It has been so long since I last posted.. I just wish that my server
could work faster so I could get online easier.. yahoo access has
been de-activated at work, so am kinda "lost"..

Anyhow, my purpose of sending this post as special notice has
something to do with the new project of Jerry Yan and WVI. I am sure
we are all aware of this tour he is doing and fortunately, the
Philippines is part of it. It is quite a blessing in disguise that
despite the delay of WT's showing in the Philippines, we will still
get the chance to see Jerry before the year ends..

We all know that this project is about giving.. charity.. at least
now, we can say that we are not just plain JY fans.. instead, we can
tell the whole world that we are JY fans with a golden heart.. In
connection with this, in behalf of the JYP Working Team, I am
seeking help from everybody who could be of assistance. It may take
a little out of our savings to donate, but bear in mind that this is
for a good cause.. if we could actually attend concerts, which
tickets are worth thousands of pesos, then why can't allot a little
to charity.

You may visit www.worldvision. to know more about how to help;
however, as the actual project details are not yet out, keep hold of
your donations first until everything has been finalised.

I hope we can all help in every way, no matter how simple it may
be.. please let us know if you wish to pledge so we could take note
of the people who are willing to actually send their donations.
Send us an email at myroyalhonee@ and mcoladilla@gmail. com.

Personally, I want Jerry Yan Philippines to be part of this project
by having members who are able to donate.. At the same time, we
could also join our counterparts from other groups, as the most
important thing is that our donations will surely of big help to the
cause of World Vision International.

Thank you.

aka myroyalhonee
Jerry Yan Philippines

Pictures and Newsclips

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Oct 24 news clips on A4J's vlog
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Updates from World Vision Taiwan Blog

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Jerry Yan, newly appointed World Vision Asia ambassador for child sponsorship, is leaving for Mongolia with 15 media and World Vision delegates from Taiwan on Oct. 24, to be joined by a Singapore crew of 5 in Ulaanbaatar, for a weeklong project visit.

Wearing a t-shirt exclusive to his fan club, Jerry said at the airport before departure, "For me this is an unusual journey, and I'm very much looking forward to it."

"From the information provided by World Vision, I know it is not an easy trip," he added, "but I believe by personally meeting the children and experiencing how their life is like, I will gain myself and learn to value what I possess."

Packed in his luggage are lots of gifts he is bringing to children in Mongolia. He explained, "Just some toys and stationery, nothing of big value to us, but something impoverished children in Mongolia really want for."

Know as a very soft-hearted man, Jerry admitted that he could become very emotional when standing in front of all the realities that he has just read about from given information. However, he said, "I will play magic tricks to the children in hardship, hoping to bring a little fun to them."

More Pictures visit:


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Update News: Jerry's Trip to Mongolia

Update News: Jerry's Trip to Mongolia

credits to kkla @
Anyway, according to TW World Vision's reply to auyinling who asked about the press conference, it is planned that Jerry will go to Mongolia from Oct. 24 to Oct. 30. Then, a press conference will be held on Nov. 1 for Jerry to share his experiences and feelings. Starting mid. November, he will promote this project in different locations in the Asian Pacific region.
According to Yan Xiao Yu, there were reporters from 20 - 30 different newspapers and broadcast companies.

According to aMy of www.jerryyan. org(http://www.jerryyan .org/discuz/ viewthread. php?tid=14178), there should be a mini press conference held by World Vision at the airport. Today, Jerry wears a blue SJ tee and brown pants. The reporters asked him a lot of questions, such as "What did you bring to Mongolia?" Jerry answered, "Secret. If I tell you, it is not secret any more". When Jerry mentioned that he would perform magic for the kids. The reporters asked, "Did you learn it before?" Jerry said, "I always like to play magic... " (another cold joke?)

Jerry kept on telling the fans at the airport: $700 (it takes about NT$700 to sponser a kid)
Jerry's flight should depart at around 11am and he will transit in HK.

According to Mamy, Era has broadcasted news about Jerry at the airport already. Reporting teams from other broadcast companies, including Dong Sen (ET), Min Shi (ftv), Sanli (Set TV), CTV, Tai Shi (ttv), TVBS, etc..., also went to the airport today.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

World Vision Taiwan


Translated News Oct 21

F4 has been busy with their own solo career. Jerry, who is just appointed as World Vision Regional Child Sponsorship Ambassador will be visiting Mongolia. On behalf of Taiwan citizens, he will visit the poor & suffering children there. Zai is busy filming movie and tv serial "Delicious Relationship" will only end filming next January. "Chu Liu Xiang" starring Ken Chu will complete filming soon. Vanness Wu was at San Li tv station few days ago, and had a discussion with an idol drama producer.

Jerry, having returned from Australia not long ago, will head to Mongolia on 24th Oct. Being one of the sponsors, "Whenever i receive some information on the child tat i'm sponsoring, I will want to see exactly wat kind of environment are they living in." Therefore, he immediately accepted the offer despite Mongolia's minus 6 degrees temperature.

Jerry's fanclub has sponsored 29 children, 5 of them from Mongolia.

"Delicious Relationship" starring Vic & Patty Hou had been seriously delayed. Producer Angie Chai expressed, yesterday she has met up with the management companies of the main casts, the production team and director. And they have agreed to wait until Vic to finish filming his movie "Flying Butterfly" in November.

Source: Min Sheng Bao 21.10.06
thanks to Michi@OnlyF4 for the translation

Friday, October 20, 2006

The World is Not Detached Sponsorship Our Love Connected

list of seven countries.
source: ">




Hong Kong




World Vision website

Jerry's as World Vision ambassador

Jerry's as World Vision ambassador..

As one of nearly three million sponsors of world vision around the world,Jerry is appointed by seven World Vision offices in Asia as their first regional sponsorship ambassador. In an upcoming project visit arranged by World Vision, Jerry will be released from his tight daily
schedule and leave for Mongalia, which is far away from home and with a
temperatures of minus six degrees now, just to visit the children sponsored by himself and his fans club. The bitter cold weather will not freeze out love accross countries. The world is not detached, and
sponsorship connects our love..

Source :
thanks to joyce of

Jerry will go to Mongolia next week

fin posted at the chinese board:

""Yes, its absolutely true. Jerry will go to Mongolia next week. He was chosen as World Vision's First Spokesman on Child Sponsorship for the eight countries covering Asia-Pacific region. Please keep posted at for the related news on October 20.

This is the reply email I got from Taiwan World Vision PR.

Thursday, October 19, 2006



Jerry's arrival in Sydney,Australia

Jerry Yan [Guest@Jolin's Concert] - One Metre

Jerry Yan [Guest@Jolin's Concert] - I Really Really Love You

credits to the owner of the clips


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a very short clip of tonight's concert

According to yanyanpo who just came back from the concert, Jerry sang One Meter and I Really Really Love U in the concert tonight. He wore white suit with navy blue top inside. Out of surprise, when Jerry performed, the audiences responded very very excited, as a lot of Jolin's fans are male and her fans' age is comparatively younger in general.

Source of information: Nan Ji Xing of

According to Nan Ji Xing who has talked to Jerry's driver in Australia, Jerry went out and started working on his photo album at 5am this morning and didn't come back until 3pm. The driver said that Jerry is always followed by quite a number of fans. Jerry is very nice that he does not refuse any requests for autograph at all. After the concert, there was a cerebration party, but too bad, fans couldn't go in. According to the driver, even fans could go in, they wouldn't see Jerry. The driver explained as there were too many fans following Jerry the night before.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

TW G-Music Chart

TW G-Music Chart
Dvd Ranking : No. 1 - The Hospital

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The Hospital ended Fans cried over Leon Dai; At "The Hospital" ending, fans held high esteem for Jerry.

The Hospital ended Fans cried over Leon Dai

October 8, 2006

At "The Hospital" ending, fans held high esteem for Jerry.


After CTV ended its contoversial "The Hospital" drama at Mid-Atumn
Festival night, discussions at the official website immediately
followed. They cried and hailed movie king Leon's Dai's performance
in Qui Qing Cheng's turnaround when his daugther died and chose to
donate her heart to a girl. Meanwhile, Jerry Yan as Su Yi Hua finally
recieved Janine Zhang's letter from the mountains, whom he decided to
let go after loving her for 10 years, that also showed Jerry's
breakthough in his acting skill since "Meteor Garden."

Yesterday, because fans discussed "Taiwan rejoices on this talented
actor Leon Dai" they commended Leon Dai with the highest esteem and
caused many viewers to endless cries, that no wonder Director Cai
considered the scene when Qui Qing Cheng lost her daughter Xiao Min
as one of the most moving scenes of the drama, and that Leon Dai
really deserved to be called the movie king.

Besides commending Leon Dai's performance, "Bao Long fans" also saw a
different Jerry acting in drama. CTV as well as PTT message boards
are filled with discussions on Jerry's role as Su Yi Hua. Many people
felt Su Yi Hua's saddness on meeting his old fame Janine with husband
Xui Ji Kai especially when the couple walked away, Jerry was about to
cry as he saw them leave.

An avid Jerry fan also wrote "My day would be sad when I see him sad
in the drama, and when he is down, I am also down as well." The other
day, Jerry wrote a message in his website " This year's Mid Autumn
Festival, the moon is nicely round and big, especially bright, as if
it is very close, and lets people feel very warm. The past few years
because of work, I havent been with my family and friends together
for a reunion and barbeque. and I have missed it." The Hospital will
again be shown starting on the 14th at Dong Sen Drama TV every
weekend afternoon from 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm to create another wave of
viewer craze.

Translated by Jerry's Kingdom. Thank you for the credits.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

[Youtube] MV My Valentine

Self Made MV Made by Jerry Yan Philippines
Shown last "Fall in Love Again with Jerry" Gathering
February 2005

[Youtube] MV I'll Give all The Love in The World

Self made MV by Jerry Yan Philippines
Shown at "Fall in Love Again with Jerry" Gathering February 2005

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Jerry in Japan

posted by kkla at

According to Today's Lian He Bao, a group of artists, including popular star Yan Cheng Xu, were spotted soon after their arrival at the airport last night, after watching Madonna's concert in Tokyo. Coincidentally, EGUCHI YOUSUKE, one of the two main leads of the Japanese version Bai Se Ju Ta, was also seen at the airport.

posted by mikaylaaubrey at

Jerry attended the Madonna concert in Tokyo??? its good that he went.

posted by kkla at

Yes, according to other news reports, Ah Mei and her image designer, Jolin, Lou Zhi Xiang, Sun Yan Zi, and Hung Wei Ming (Catwalk model company's boss) also went. I guess a lot of artists from TW went back around the same time or even on the same flight.

posted by mikaylaaubrey at

but isnt Madonna's last concert on 9/21?? if Jerry arrives back only on 9/24, that means he spend a few days in Japan, wondered whether it has anything to do with his photobook or the Sony thing.

Star Jerry Update

StarJerry News – 2006/09/22
After finishing three successful fans gathering in Japan on September 8th and 9th, Jerry will go to Australia on October 13th as a special guest for Jolin Tsai’s concert. You can find details of the concert in the following link:
Jerry’s Photo Album is coming soon
Members Exclusive~ Online ordering of “The hospital” DVD, details will be announced shortly.
Primitive release of Jerry’s Blog, share Jerry’s thoughts through his writing.