Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Jerry updated his micro blog on November 25

25/11 20:33 Jerry微博更新。
Jerry updated his micro blog on November 25 2011 20:33.

English translation: Glad that the press conference of "Scarlet" movie was completed successfully yesterday, thank you everyone for the support and encouragement, although I wasn't feeling well these few days, but you really gave me a lot of vitality when I see the support from all of you. Thank you so much ~ hope everyone can look forward to my new works! ^^

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Cast of Hua Yang Showed Appearance, Yan Cheng Xu Has High Pressure

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Nov 24, 2011

Taiwan movie, Hua Yang, held a press conference today, with the appearance of the 4 major cast members.  Among them, because of not feeling well and with too much pressure, Yan Cheng Xu kept his head a lot of on stage.  Afterward, he said that he looked serious because of the injury from the kungfu training and too high expectations on himself. 

The press conference was held at Taipei W Hotel, attracting dozens of media from TW, HK, Japan, and Mainland China, especially when the location was decorated with over 6 digits worth of a bed of flower stands by Yan Cheng Xu's fans. 

However, when the 4 main cast members presented on stage, YCX displayed a serious face and lacked interaction with the other 3, and it made the situation slightly awkward.  His agent indicated that he had IV drip a few days ago due to fever, and he didn't sleep well the night before due to his stomache, therefore, he looked serious on stage. 

On the other hand, Joe Zheng, Chen Yan Xi, and Chen Yi Han interacted a lot, but later, when the interview started, Jerry became talkative and had a lighter mood.  He even gave out a few jokes out of surprise, such as head shaving image, Joe Zheng's playing the flute in a handstand position, etc...

When the reporters asked Director Zhou Mei Ling whether she had heard about the rumor of Jerry's being difficult, Jerry answered immediately, "It is not a rumor.  It is a truth."  He further said, "If I can reach 80 points, I won't only do 50 points.  Given working with a person like Director Zhou Mei Ling who has passion, ideal, and heart, I will give my best even if I have to sacrifice to a certain extent."  Then he said, "Xiao Zhong (Joe Zheng) is the most serious, and he gives me the most pressure." 

Zhou Mei Ling indicated, "I don't think Yan Cheng Xu is difficult.  He is always Yan Cheng Xu."  She said that sometimes when Jerry was too focused on developing his character, he always forgot the happenings in his surrounding, especially now he had been taking kungfu classes, with a lot of punching, striking, and throwing.  Jerry admitted that because of the injury of an old spot, he once thought of giving up, but when he saw the effort by the Dir and other cast members, he decided to keep it up. 

Zhou Mei Ling praised that YCX had the special characteristics of the novel, The Call Of The Wild, by the famous writer, Jack London.  She said that it's a kind of most explosive power from nature.  When the explosive power is used in performing, the outcome will be astonishing.  She also mentioned that all the action scenes in the movie would be performed by Jerry in person, so she could catch his most complete shots on camera. 

When taking classes together, Yan Cheng Xu has developed good mutual understanding and relationship with the other 3 cast members.  With Chen Yi Han who will have quite a lot of scenes with him, he described her as as naive and happy as a little sun.  He said, "I thought of the old me when seeing her." 

For Joe Zheng, this is the first movie that he has played.  In the movie, he will play a musician who is good at 4-5 kinds of musical instruments.  He said that he felt the most frustrated when practising flute, always felt like losing his breath.  He wished that he could have developed good relationship with his flute when it starts filming.  Zhou Mei Ling praised that Xiao Zhong had high expectations on himself.  Although it looks real when he pretends to play the musical instruments, he insists on playing the instruments for real when filming.  

The whole group joked that it seemed like Xiao Zhong had the most parts in the movie, so it's wonderful that he needed to be responsible for the box office even when it's his first movie.  He could only smile bitterly and said, "Alright!  Put it all on me."     

Besides, Chen Yan Xi and Chen Yi Han will play sisters again after Hear Me.  This time, they will play geisha.  Taking classes for physical movements and articulation, they both said that it's harder than learning sign language last time.  Zhou Mei Ling also exposed that they both need to have their feet wrapped in tight bandages, which will definitely increase the hardship. 

Joe Zheng said that it didn't happen often that they went to classes like schoolmates, and the process was both painful and sweet, as they had to break and to rebuild themselves again and again.  Yan Cheng Xu also said that he liked the feeling of taking class together a lot, and they hoped that they could continue taking classes like this.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Watch My Splendid Life with English Subtitles

Viki has english subtitles My Splendid Life :) Just wait for the complete subtitles for each episodes :) More power to Viki and to the subbing team!!!

Powerful TW Movie Production in 2012, Hua Yang Is Formally Introduced To The Media

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November 24, 2011

Powerful TW Movie Production in 2012, Hua Yang Is Formally Introduced To The Media
Heavenly Kings and Queens Join Force For The First Time

One island for exile
One bright playboys' alley
A story between two blossoming 17-year old geishas and one chivalrous pirate
In an era of unfairness and injustice
People are facing great challenges of humanity and love

Hua Yang, a powerful art thriller movie in 2012, is a huge project directed by Zhou Mei Ling, after her work of Spider Lilies and Drifting Flowers.  This project was dominated as The Best Future Production Case in 2008's Tokyo Movie Festival and has received  2009's movie production fund from Taiwan's Media Bureau, with the total investment of NT100 millions and with the most briliant cast, an almost impossible joined force of heavenly kings and queens, including Jerry Yan Cheng Xu, Joe Zheng, Chen Yan Xi, and Chen Yi Han, with chemistry touching audiences' hearts. 

Hua Yang's time of story is set on ancient, which is rare in TW movies in the recent years.  Regardless of the freshness of the theme or cast's topicality, Hua Yang has attracted attention from different people.  On November 24, Executive Producer, Wang Li Ming, and Director, Zhou Mei Ling, led the 4 major cast members, i.e., Yan Cheng Xu, Joe Zheng, Chen Yan Xi, Chen Yi Han, to meet with the media.  Zhou Mei Ling said that she's lucky, as the cast selection went surprisingly smooth.  The 4 main actors are the No. 1 choice of the roles.  Originally, she thought that it was only a dream casually written on a scratch paper, but it ended up anyone she wanted, she got it.  She really appreciated the help from the God of Luck.   The Creative Director, Wang Wei Zhong, of Wen Chuang Yi Hao, also indicated that he wished Hua Yang would create new vitality and views for TW's future movies. 

The cast with 2 main male and female leads really gained the media's attention.  This is the first time Yan Cheng Xu has worked with Joe Zhang.  After 8 years, Yan Cheng Xu will once again film a movie, playing a chivalrous pirate.  In the movie, there will be a lot of action scenes.  Other than having taken kungfu classes recently, Yan Cheng Xu has also focused on providing input on his image in the movie, hopefully to completely overturn his previous prince image on screen in the past, being manly and rough.  However, the Director and Executive Producer continuously emphasized, no matter how manly, he needs to look handsome.  Regarding the final outcome, audiences can decide whether he looks both manly and handsome after the images are finalized.  

This is Joe Zheng's first movie.  He will play a musician in the movie, who is good at4 to 5 different kinds of musical instruments.  Therefore, he has especially taken lessons with the master, Chen Ming Zhang.  Joe Zheng joked that he had got a new favorite recently and that's the Yue-Qin which he had been holding in his arms on a daily basis.  After practising day after day, he deeply understands the feelings of having callus. 

After Hear Me two years ago, Chen Yan Xi and Chen Yi Han played two sisters again.  In the movie, they will play a pair of geisha sisters.  They have also started training in physical movement technique and singing.  Different from the sign language training 2 years ago, they both feel that it's more difficult for the training they are having now, not mentioning the time of the story is ancient.  Therefore, even the way they talk and move will be different, especially when they are getting popular these two years that it's a big challenge how to learn with their hectic schedules. 

Hua Yang, which will be produced by Taiwan Wen Chuang Yi Hao (Bright Ideas?), Inc and The 3rd Vision Films Ltd., has collected tremendous amount of resources, and will be published by Vieshow Cinemas and VieVision Pictures.  When it's on, audiences will be able to view it in more 60% of cinemas in TW.  VieVision Pictures' CEO also showed his support at the press conference today.  Other sponsors include NT30 millions from Prince Housing and Development Corp. for the creation of the main scenary in the movie, Hua Yang Estate and location of today's press conference.  Prince's General Manager also attended the press conference to support the crew and cast, and to show Taiwan's determination in art creation. 

Hua Yang's filming in preparation now, and the filming will locate all over places, such as Matsu, Kinmen, Kaohsiung, Tainan, etc...  Besides, Uniair is the sole sponsor for all airfares related to the production of this movie, and its Deputy General Manager also showed his support at the press conference.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"My Splendid Life" Mini-Biographies

Liu Yuhao played by Jerry Yan
Liu Restaurant Group chairman's grandson, his family was wealthy, handsome, but early death of his father, grandmother because he was the only son left descendants and doubly love, live life like a crown prince.
That all things have their own main position or never consider the feelings of others, arrogant, defiant.

Watching guide for Jerry Yan new TV drama "My Splendid Life"

Watching guide for Jerry Yan new TV drama "My Splendid Life" from 2011.11.22!!!

Replay the latest 2 episodes on 2 days later at 9:03am & 9:54am (2 episodes marathon)
(Credit to Mamy for information searching)!

Other broadcast
Dragon TV, provides online realtime broadcast:
PPTV (internet TV):
youku (internet TV):

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Translation ~ Apple Taiwan Hot News: Jerry Yan - Champion in the Chinese Chart

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【台灣蘋果即時新聞】2011-11-7櫻花妹最愛男星 言承旭華人榜奪冠
[Apple Taiwan Hot News] 2011-11-7

The Male Star ‘Cheery Blossom Gals’(referring to Japanese gals) Love the Most
Jerry Yan is the Champion in the Chinese Chart

BS日本電視台節目《C-POP WORLD華琉》選出櫻花妹最愛男星,台灣男星言承旭奪冠,該節目形容他演員魅力與日俱增,讓眾多女性成為他的俘虜。
The ‘Cherry Blossom Gals’ chose the Male Star that they love the most in {C-POP WORLD Chinese Trends}, a programme by BS Japanese TV Station. Taiwanese Star, Jerry Yan is the Champion. In the programme, he is described as an actor with such an escalating charisma that many of the females fell ‘victim’ under his spell.

He shot to fame 10 years ago in the hit {Meteor Garden} and his fame has since made its mark in Japan. Though he was temporarily out of action this year but with the votes from his die-hard ‘Cherry Blossom Gals’ , he is awarded the Champion in the Most Loved Male Star catergory.

視頻裡提到 In the clip, it mentioned that
阿旭本來今年要在日本發唱片 Jerry actually planned to release an album in Japan this year
可是最後希望沉澱後再出發 But in the end, he decided on a later date