Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

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Hot Shot Episode 4 @ Crunchyroll

episode 4

Hot Shot Episode 06 - Teaser

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Jerry ended up going to the police station in Japan..

Aug 29,2008
Lian He Bao

It was reported when Jerry studied in Japan last year, he rode a bike in the street at night, and he ended up going to the police station. Why? As he didn't know that a headlight is required by law when riding a bike at night in Japan. Of course, he was released without problem as he's a foreigner who didnn't know the local laws.

After filming Hot Shot, Jerry is getting ready for the upcoming concerts. For the audiences in TW who can't attend his concerts in Japan, they can view his dancing on tv by watching the next episode of Hot Shot, as he will perform the Victory Dance with his teammates. The choreographer of this Victory Dance is Vanness' Japanese dancing teacher.

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‘Fight for Number 1’ ~ i Weekly #564, 21st Aug 2008

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“火拼1哥”~ i週刊#564﹐21 Aug 2008
‘Fight for Number 1’ ~ i Weekly #564, 21st Aug 2008
言承旭. 羅志祥. 吳尊﹕誰是偶像天王﹖
Jerry Yan, Show Luo and Wu Zhun : Whose the King of the Idols?
文﹕王媚雯 Text : Wang Yan Wen

1哥大火拼 Fight for Number 1
In face of the onslaught of newbies, the Big Brothers of 2 generations of Idols have ‘joined forces’. Said to be the biggest cast in Idol Drama history - {Hotshot} has Jerry Yan, Show Luo and Wu Zhun. Yet as the Chinese saying goes - 3 tigers can’t dominate a mountain so who is good enough to be the King of Idols?

First Half : Competing for character portrayal, air time and show remuneration.
比角色發揮度﹕Competing for Character Portrayal
言承旭 ~ 飾演東方翔﹐綽號“戰神”﹐是名天才籃球員。有錢有型的他是東方集團總裁獨子﹐平日孤獨寡言﹐一開口卻字字犀利見血。與道明寺一角有雷同之處。
Jerry Yan ~ Acting as Dong Fang Xiang, nickname ‘Mars – God of War’, a genius caliber basketball player. As the only son to the CEO of Dong Fang Conglomerate, he is both dashing and wealthy. Usually not a word but once he speaks, he doesn’t mince words. This is coincidentally similar to the character of Dao Ming Si.

羅志祥 - 飾演元大鷹﹐綽號“元帥”。性格鬼馬﹐經常有脫線表現。體力﹑速度和彈跳力都不凡。與言承旭和周彩詩發生三角戀。
Show Luo – Acting as Yuan Da Ying, nickname *General aka Handsome Yuan. He is a wacky character with constant ‘abnormal’ behavior. With amazing stamina, speed and jumping dexterity, he is involved in a love triangle with Jerry Yan and Zhou Cai Si.

吳尊 > 飾演無極尊。體能異於常人﹐是創下無數紀錄的超級球員。雖然戲份少﹐也沒有感情糾葛﹐但飾演反派又有許多帥氣鏡頭﹐得以搶去不少風頭。{得分}
Wu Zhun > Acting as Invincible Zun. He set numerous records as an outstanding player with extraordinary stamina. Though acting in fewer scenes and no emotional troubles, he did steal some thunder with many handsome shots and being the ‘bad-guy’. {Gain Point}

* In Chinese, the word for General - 帥, is the same as the word for handsome.

戲份﹕Air-time< /b>
言承旭 ~ 因記者邀請函的排名順序為言承旭﹑羅志祥和吳尊﹐被認為是劇中“一哥”。
Jerry Yan ~ From the order of Reporters’ Invitation, Jerry Yan was followed Show Luo and then Wu Zun. He is recognized as the show’s 1st lead. {Gain Point﹗}

羅志祥 - 和暴龍同屬要角。
Show Luo – He is a lead actor and is the same as Bao Long.

吳尊 > 配角。
Wu Zun > Supporting role.

片酬﹕Serial Remuneration
言承旭 ~ 每集約2萬新元﹐劇組也因需要拍攝危險的弔鋼鏡頭﹐而為他買下巨額保險。{得分﹗}
Jerry Yan ~ At about S$20,000 per episode. A huge sum of insurance was bought as he had to film dangerous wire stunts. {Gain Point﹗}

羅志祥 - 每集約9千新幣。
Show Luo – About S$9,000 per episode.

吳尊 > 每集約4千500新幣。
Wu Zun > About S$4,500 per episode.

進攻﹕3子功力大比拼﹗Attack : 3 guys at It!
造勢功力﹕Skills at ‘Attention Grabbing’
言承旭 ~ 原本以工作忙碌為由﹐不能出席首映會的暴龍突然壓軸出現﹐引起現場尖叫﹐也搶走另兩人不少光採。{得分 ﹗}
Jerry Yan ~ Bao Long was to be absent for the screening due to his hectic schedule. Yet he stole some thunder from the other two by making a sudden appearance which caused mass hysteria. {Gain Point}

羅志祥 - 小豬在首映會上台時被樓梯絆倒差點摔跤﹐意外製造話題。不忘在{娛樂百分百}中宣傳﹐也在博客放上幕後花絮影片。他也放話說如果收視破10﹐就與吳尊在房間全裸對看。
Show Luo – At the screening, Xiao Zhu almost tripped at the stairs when he was going on stage. This was an accident that created a topic for conversation. He also promoted the serial during {Yu Le Bai Fen Bai} and added bloopers and blunders scenes on his blog. He even declared that if the serial viewership broke the 10 mark, he and Wu Zun will both strip naked in private.

吳尊 > 乖寶寶不耍花招﹐每場宣傳活動都乖乖現身﹐展現超高配合度。
Wu Zun > This goody boy has no fancy styles. He appears at all the promotional activities and collaborated wonderfully.

籃球實力﹕Expertise at Basketball
言承旭 ~ 平日打球健身。
Jerry Yan ~ Plays basketball to keep fit mostly.

羅志祥 - 周傑倫曾爆料和潘瑋柏﹑小豬3人打藍球﹐小豬經常輸球﹐一次還被罰爬電桿。
Show Luo – Jay Zhou divulged that when he, Wilbur Pan and Xiao Zhu played before, Xiao Zhu lost. His forfeit was to climb the telephone pole.

吳尊 > 曾是汶萊國家籃球隊隊員﹐平日休閒時會打球健身。{得分﹗}
Wu Zun > Was Burnei’s National Team player previously, plays the basketball at his leisure to keep fit. {Gain Point!}

搏命演出﹕Giving His All in Acting
言承旭 ~ 弔鋼絲是親自上陣。一次拍攝時手腕動作過猛扭傷﹐事後又身撞傷頸部入院修養。{得分﹗}
Jerry Yan ~ He did the wire stunts personally. Once he twisted his wrist during filming and later was hospitalized for a neck injury. {Gain Point!}

羅志祥 - 弔鋼絲親自上陣。拍戲時雙臂腋下因摩擦而紅腫。弄傷右手骨膜和左腳的他抱傷拍戲﹐又跑又跳﹐還背着言承旭在醫院里奔跑拍戲。
Show Luo – He did the wire stunt himself. His armpits were swollen due to excessive abrasions during the shoot. The periosteum of his right hand was wounded. With an injured left leg, he still carried on filming and even piggy backed Jerry for a running scene.

吳尊 > 被弔在空中﹐拍攝空中倒立翻轉的畫面時﹐遭鋼絲擊中額頭﹐痛得眼眶泛紅。
Wu Zun > Whilst harnessed in mid-air, he was hit on the forehead when flipping over. He was teary-eyed due to the great pain.

Foul for Hitting Others : Who is the trouble-maker driving people made?
大牌要求﹕Big Shot Requests
言承旭 ~ 老闆之一的暴龍最初自封為男主角﹐班底和演員全由他指定﹐還下令咖哩菲籃球員不得比自己高。事後暴龍突然辭演﹐劇組找來小豬頂上﹐暴龍卻又吃回頭草﹐並奪走吳尊角色。首映會時原本確定缺席的他突然撥出1小時﹐卻列出了“不看試片﹑不簽名﹑不和粉絲玩游戲”的3不條約﹐才肯出席。
Jerry Yan ~ As one of the bosses, Jerry was the first casted as the lead. All the crew and actors had his approval. He even ‘ordered’ that no extras should be taller than him. When he suddenly opted out, Xiao Zhu was called in. But Jerry changed his mind and took away Wu Zun’s role. At the Premiere, he was suppose to be absent but made a 1 hour appearance. But he stated 3 requirements ‘Not watching to trailer, not signing and playing games with the fans’.

羅志祥 - 小豬貴人事忙﹐因演唱會﹑唱片宣傳﹑拍廣告等檔期太滿﹐一個月只能分配5天拍戲時間給{籃}劇組。造成劇組開拍初期出現拍一天停三天的局面﹐因而被批比言承旭大牌得多。
Show Luo – Xiao Zhu is very busy with a jammed-packed schedule of concert, album promotion and shoots for commercials. He could only film 5 days out of the month. In fact, the crew had to shoot for 1 day and rest for 3 days because of him. So he was critiqued to be more of a Big Shot than Jerry Yan.

吳尊 > 無。{得分﹗}
Wu Zun > None. {Gain Point!}

Second Half : During the telecast, who does the audience and overseas sponsors support?
言承旭 ~ 平日在乎形象的言承旭﹐在劇中被揍到歪嘴﹐還把五官擠成一團﹐讓觀眾又驚又喜。成功在網絡投票中以46.27% 的比率成為 {籃}劇中最令人期待的演員﹐也以54.55%的比率成為觀眾最喜歡的帥哥。{得分﹗}
Jerry Yan ~ He is generally very particular about his image. The audience was pleasantly shocked when Jerry Yan was slapped till his mouth went crooked and his features twisted in a bundle during the show. On an internet poll, he received 46.27% of votes for the most anticipated actor in ‘Hot Shot’. In the Most Well-Liked Handsome Guy, he gained 54.55%. {Gain Point!}

羅志祥 - 豬迷們覺得“國王”小豬演得超可愛自然﹐戲份又槍眼。但也有人認為小豬根本像在主持[娛樂百分百]﹐綜藝味太濃。
Show Luo – His fans feel that their ‘Emperor’ Xiao Zhu is so adorable and outstanding in his acting. But some feel that he is still acting as though he is hosting ‘Yu Le Bai Fen Bai’.

吳尊 > 戲份太少的吳尊﹐在網上論壇氣勢也相比較弱。
Wu Zun > He has the least scenes so his cut of the pie is small on the net.

海外市場﹕Overseas Market
言承旭 ~ 日本﹑韓國以言承旭為主打﹐大陸和東南亞則以3人為主打。據八大副總賴聰筆透露﹐言承旭在海外知名度較高﹐海外片商幾乎都是衝着他買片。{得分 ﹗}
Jerry Yan ~ Japan, Korea has him as the main lead whereas for the Mainland and South-east Asia, it is the 3 of them. According the Deputy CEO of GTV, Mr. Lai Chong Bi, Jerry Yan is the most well-known overseas. In fact, all the buyers were targeting him. {Gain Point!}

羅志祥 - 大陸和東南亞以3人為主打。
Show Luo – The 3 of them were promoted in the Mainland and South-East Asia.

吳尊 > 在韓國與言承旭同為主打星。早前中國湖南衛視播映了吳尊主演的‘公主小妹’。人氣如日中天。當地粉絲也紛紛要求湖南衛視引進吳尊劇集。
Wu Zun > Share the credit with Jerry Yan for Korea. Since ‘Romantic Princess’ has aired in China’s Hu Bei cable station, his popularity is sky-rocketing. The local fans there are requesting for more Wu Zun’s serials.

加時賽﹕續{籃球火}後﹐誰最有價值﹖Overtime Play : After ‘Hot Shot’, who has the most value?
工作量﹕Work Load
言承旭 ~ 言承旭正拍攝偶像劇{星心的淚光}。
Jerry Yan ~ He was filming the Idol Drama, ‘Star Dust’.

羅志祥 - 將與阿Sa合拍電影[歲月情]的小豬繼續主持[娛樂百分百]。{得分﹗}
Show Luo – Will be filming with Ah Sa in a movie called ‘Sui Yue Qing’ and he is still hosting ‘Yu Le Bai Fen Bai’. {Gain Point!}

吳尊 > 吳尊計劃拍攝八大偶像劇‘阿鼻劍’。
Wu Zun > He is scheduled to shot GTV’s ‘Ah Bi Jian’.

The Tally: An overwhelming win for Bao Long who succeeds as the MVP!


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Jerry's Message to Vanness

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"Vanness is going to release a book? Photo album?"
When I heard about his book release the first time, I had the above questions...
With his body figure, it will definitely be something to look forward to...
Unexpectedly, this guy really has his way!

I remember when I first met Vanness, we were the dummie F4
At that time, he was as naive and pleasant as a kid
always concerned others and took care of others' feelings
My happiness, mostly, was from him
In my mind, he's like sunshine, to warm my heart

The Vanness now is confident and real, and he has his own thoughts
He has increased charm of a matured man
full of talents and he works hard on his dreams all along
What hasn't changed is that, he is still the sunshine in my heart...

His future, will be something to look forward to
His present, we all love
His past, you have to know

Artiste -- Yan Cheng Xu

Cute Guy wearing Cute Lil Chix Shirt

I love Episode 5. Am waiting for the subbed version.
He's cute .... haha ...YOU REALLY MADE MY DAY ---- HAPPY.

Gtg, am going to edit some clip for my Episode 5 MV

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Sony Style Online Magazine~Issue 22

Sony Style Online Magazine~Issue 22

SONY Online Magazine~Issue 22
translation by kym

Pg 33
SONY Online Magazine
Gui Lun Mei X Yan Cheng Xu’s Interview with SONY Online Magazine

Pg 34
Q1 – Could you please talk about your experience in collaborating with SONY?

Gui Lun Mei : In my previous collaboration with SONY, I was very familiar with the team. Like Director Yi Zhi Yan, cameraman Da Pu and my good pal, Bo Lin. After the shoot, it became like another gathering for us. In the space given by SONY, we were able to tell a very romantic and lively story together. This is the 2nd time and though the team is different but SONY’s friendliness is still the same. I tried some clothes in vivid colors and got to show my mischievous and a little of my feminine side.

Yan Cheng Xu ~ This is my first time collaborating with SONY. As I myself am also a loyal SONY consumer so I feel really excited and very honored.

Pg 35
Q2 – How do you feel about this SONY collaboration? Was there anything special?

Gui Lun Mei : I’ve shot some commercials but the SONY team is by far the mildest I’ve come across. They often convey their ideas to me in soft tones. Giving me lots of trust and so I could freely express what the commercial want to convey on my own.

Yan Cheng Xu ~ So happy! In this collaboration, SONY looked into every single detail. I really admire SONY for their dedication to their mission and their professionalism to consumers.

Q3 – How do you feel or any expectations about the end-result of this commercial?

Gui Mei Lun : I look forward to it as I haven’t had such a beautiful chance encounter for a long while.

Yan Cheng Xu ~ When the Director initially talked to me about it, I thought it was really cool to shoot a commercial like a movie. After I saw the finished product, I really felt like I was shooting a movie, just so beautiful!

Pg 36

“Feels like I was shooting a movie ~ Yan Cheng Xu”

Pg 38

“I’ll await such a beautiful chance encounter, - Gui Lun Mei”

Q4 – Do you have any special expectations of Yan Cheng Xu this time, in light of your previous collaboration with Chen Bo Lin?

Gui Lun Mei : My rapport with Bo Lin need not be said. But as an actor, there would be different screen chemistry with different partners. This is my first time working with Jerry, he feels like a guy who is very strict with himself. He is very serious about work. I only had a little eye contact with him in this commercial. But I look forward to such a chance encounter where one just misses the other by a brush of the shoulders.

Pg 39

Q5 – What is your first impression of SONY? Which type of SONY product do you like best? Why?

Gui Lun Mei : WOW! The visual and audio products. It’s like dreaming and who doesn’t like that?

Yan Cheng Xu ~ My first impression of SONY is that it has made its mark setting trends for 3C products! Of course, it would be the Sony Walkman products. It is very light weight, trendy exterior, very user friendly interface and most importantly it has blue-tooth earphones so that I can jog without any burden.


Q 6 – If you have a chance, what kind of collaboration do you hope to have with SONY?

Gui Lun Mei : Very many WOW WOW WOW collaborations.

Yan Cheng Xu ~ SONY is a brand worthy of trust no matter which product. I hope my collaboration with SONY would be for a very long time to come.

Could you describe SONY in one sentence?

Gui Lum Mei : I’ll have to think about this. . . . . . Give me a packet of chips and SONY.

Yan Cheng Xu ~ Trendy Brand, Professional Innovations, Attention to Fine Details.


Self Made MV - NO AIR

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crunchyroll - Drama - Hot Shot

Watch Hot Shot here with English Subtitles made by Fans

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Episode 1

Episode 2

Hot Shot episode snapshots

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Highlight of Episode 2

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Highlight of Episode 2
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