Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Home of Jerry Yan International Official Website

New Home of Starjerry
Jerry Yan International Official Website


for a detailed step by step registration guide, logon to

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Gender: Male or Female
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Email Address
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Address: Country - Region Philippines #161 (thanks to kkla)

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Hot Shot Episode 6-Victory Dance - SUPERMAN

SJ new schedule

SJ new schedule

ps. 2009-5-1 event
Yes, the May 1 press conference will be held at GTV station, at 2pm

Milkyway has posted that the promotional activities for Jerry's 2nd solo album may highly be held on June 20 and 21.

credits to, starjerry and milkyway

Hot Shot Episode 05 MV - Your Guardian Angel

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

“Just Wish to Depend / Stick with You” - Jerry Yan, Ella Seek to Woo Viewers

Note: Please credit syyang of Baidu Ella Forum for the translation provided . Please copy this article in its entirery not edit any part of if transferred elsewhere . Thank you for your full co-operation

“Just Wish to Depend / Stick with You” - Jerry Yan, Ella Seek to Woo Viewers

Produced by GTV, Multi-Manny, and Jin Xi Media – “Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni” (lit transl: Just Wish to Depend / Stick with You”), has finally closed in on the Jerry Yan-and-Ella duo casting, bringing a totally new feel to the drama series. Producer Ke Yi Qin shared that since the very beginning, the production team has been eyeing these 2 internationally known A-list artistes for the series. Despite the difficulties encountered in arranging for filming schedule, and the high production budget required for artistes’ remuneration, it is definitely well worth the effort, in consideration of the overall overseas market response.

Among Taiwan idol series’ male leads, almost nobody ever dared to take on the role of a lawyer. But Jerry Yan is set to give a convincing portrayal of a cold-faced lawyer, specializing in cases of divorce and property settlements. The most essential criteria to assume the role of a lawyer would require one to be eloquent and with an imposing charisma. However in Jerry’s previous roles, he was portrayed more as that of a devoted lover with little emphasis for eloquence. Therefore to prepare himself for the composed, intellectual and lethal-tongued lawyer role, Jerry has already started enthusiastically to source for a teacher to brush up on his speech, body language and eye contact in order to give viewers a whole new look.

Although Ella had no new works last year, she has been the female lead for many other series previously. Amongst them, her role as a girl under a boy-disguise within “Hana Kimi” won the hearts of many fans locally and internationally. This time, she will resume her female identity in the collaboration with Jerry, and is ready to dazzle everyone. However at the beginning of the series, she would be mistaken by the male lead as a lesbian.

In order to portray the role of the poor unfortunate girl, yet with ambitions and an optimistic disposition; it is not only going to be a challenge for Ella in terms of acting, but also for physical strength and energy. This is because through the female lead’s attempts to keep the figures within her bank account rising, she has become a “through-to-through-handy-girl” in all aspects - regardless fixing electronic home appliances or taking up moving and cleaning jobs. During her debut scene in the series, Ella’s role as Yang Guo will even be seen roaming the streets with a refrigerator on her back in a KUSO effect.

* Kuso is slang for something like “hilariously funny in an original way”.

Jerry shared on his immense interest in the upcoming collaboration with Ella. When he first learnt that the female lead is to be Ella, he felt strongly that they would definitely be able to create onscreen sparks never before, since all of the female leads from his previous series were the more feminine type. When he imagined about how his role in the series would mistake Yang Guo as a lesbian, and even be piggy-backed by her to the hospital, he is sure that this production will definitely be the one representation to give him the most memorable feel.

“Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni” has closed in on the Jerry Yan-and-Ella-pairing.

translated by : syyang of Baidu Ella Forum
original source :

The director of this drama is Ke Han Chen(a.k.a. Ke Qin Zheng).
His previous projects included Spicy Teacher, The Outsiders, Blazing Courage, Knock Knock Loving You, and the current-filming, the so-called Mainland version of Meteor Garden(called Meteor Rain)
Here is his picture:

thanks to

Jerry Yan's next drama project is with Ella entitled Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni

Title: Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni
Cast: Jerry Yan, Ella

Jerry will act as a laywer who is versed at divorce and inheritance cases.

For this role as a composed, intelligent, eloquent, indifferent lawyer, Jerry is currently looking for a teacher for training to improve his speech and body language.

Ella acts as a poor but optimistic gal who takes up odd jobs like repairing electrical appliances, moving stuff to increase figures to her savings.

Jerry expressed great interest in working with Ella. When he 1st heard that he will be working with Ella, he feels that there will definately have sparks. The female leads he had worked b4 are more of the feminine kind. But in this show, he mistakes Ella as a lesbian and had to be carried by her to the hospital.

thanks to michi @ onlyf4

Jiu Shi Lai Zhe Ni Asia Press Release
Date: 1 May 2009
Venue: GTV
Time: 14:00
Ella jokes: will melt Jerry Yan
Friday April 24, 2009 Taiwan

Source: Liberty Times
translation by sarah @AF

Temporarily casting away ‘Extravagant Challenge’, Jerry Yan teams up with Ella in new GTV drama ‘Just Want To Depend On You.’ Jerry will play a ruthless lawyer, and Ella will not change her extrovert nature and play a nanny who takes care of 2 children. In the drama, Jerry even mistakes her as a lesbian! Idol big brother, big sister pairing up, although they have not yet formally met, Ella joked: “I am ready to melt him!”

Jerry expressed his great interest in pairing up with Ella, and he believes the 2 can produce a lot of sparks. In the drama, the 2 develop a relationship, as well as dealing with 2 children. Ella said: “Selina is better than me at handling children, I’m better with babies, so I will probably will seek some advice from Selina.” Jerry on the other hand, is full of confidence, and he laughed: “I used to be king of children!”

Saturday, April 18, 2009

JUST FOR JERRY - Jerry Yan's 2nd album release date

Jerry new songs will be out in 60 days...

according to MW site, will be around 3rd week of June.

Official Release Date: June 20, 2009


thanks to michi@onlyf4

Friday, April 17, 2009

Apr 16, 2009 - Liberty Times

credits to

Apr 16, 2009 - Liberty Times

It was reported that as Korean version of MG will be broadcasted on GTV soon, quite a number of singers who will release their albums want to collaborate their album promotion with the broadcast by applying for having their new songs to be the theme and ending songs of the drama. As the competition was great, GTV decided to open for bid. Yesterday, the result was out. Totally 8 different companies joined the bid, and it was reported that Jerry's song was also submitted by Sony. At the end, Jerry's song didn't win the bid due to the bid price submitted was not the highest. GTV indicated that they had no idea that Jerry's song joined the bid. In the article, it was reported that Jerry would release his solo album in late May.

Among the 8 companies, only Jerry's name was mentioned in the news, and Jerry's picture is bigger than the Korean group's.

Well, agree with some jms that at least Sony is doing something for Jerry's solo album. Secondly, also agree with some jms that what a wonderful gimmick to promote Korean version of MG if Jerry, the original DMS, sings the theme or ending song, but of course, GTV missed it. May be the only way they know to promote their dramas is to fry negative news. Although it was reported that the release date would be May, I tend to believe in Xiao Y at SJ more that the release date should be in late June.

BTW, Ciciny heard from someone and someone from a Japanese fan that (the information is not verified and may subject to change any time) Jerry may release his solo album simultaneously in TW and Mainland China. The release date is delayed as it is in the process of being reviewed by the Chinese officials.

Also, as Jerry's going to release his solo album, some of you may realize how much the market has shrinked for all these years, when compared to 2004. For now, doesn't matter in TW or HK, the record companies celebrate if the sales number is over 10,000 or 20,000 copies, even with the top singers. However, you may read about some other singers' (not Jay) selling over 100,000 copies in TW only. What happened was that some singers offer to have mini concerts (singing about 10 songs) in different colleges in TW. They may sign the contract with the production agencies (like student unions) to have 10 concerts or more around TW. Instead of singer's getting the talent fee, the production agency(like the student union) was asked to guarantee buying certain number of his/her album for each concert (like 4000 copies per concert). When the audience pays about NT$400, it includes a concert ticket and a free coupon for that singer's newest album. If the tickets are not sold out, then it is the production agency's responsibility.

STARJERRY forum update 15 April 2009

SJ forum update 15 April 2009
Xiao Y message

visit this thread for translation


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You Got Me - Warm Up Dance

Extracted from Episode 3 of Hot Shot
Credits to


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yan Cheng Xu -- Serene heart like profound water

thanks to

credit to 峡谷清流
Vol. 6, p. 50, 2009 (Published twice/mth in mainland China)

Yan Cheng Xu -- Serene heart like profound water

Many people think that he is arrogant and troublesome, in fact, he just does not know how to express himself. He became famous too quickly to adapt to the rapid changes in the Entertainment industry. Although he is reluctant to open his mind, he never lies and always be his true self. It is precisely because of his purity and simplicity, he can still keep his smile clear and pure.

Burning a Firelight

Yan Cheng Xu is good-looking without any doubts. He is tall, handsome, exquisite and meticulous, he has shining and clean smile. With the passage of years he starts to show more and more elegance. Probably a brilliant guy can't be too young. His unique quiet temperament will allow his career to go even further. Even if no words, no facial expression and motion, as long as the drama secene includes him, he is absolutely still the most eye-catching one. In 2008, he returns back on the TV screens with "Hot Shot", competing his acting skills with Luo Zhi Xiang, Wu Zun and others. His role as Dong Fang Xiang is warm inside but quite cool outside. Dong Fang Xiang looks very cool and arrogant but in fact he has a very soft heart. He is sometimes naughty and is just like a child in essence. He is talented basketball player similar to the character "Rukawa Kaede" in the Japanese comic. This type of man is the favourite of most women because they can easily inspire women' desires of protection.

Cooperation with different people is not only the clashes of intellects but also affection to his life attitude. He has always not paid much attention on dealing with interpersonal relationships, so that people think he is troublesome and
picky sometimes, but this trouble is because he is too picky and insist on his job. He just want to work hard and perfect. However, since the cooperation with Luo Zhi Xiang, he saw how good Luo Zhi Xiang dealing with various relationships is, this let him want to make some changes. Although he can not completely change his personality in a sudden, he will try to be not so rigid at least.

The broadcasting drama "Starlit"'s rating is pretty good and the DVDs had been realsed based upon the fans' requests while the drama is still on the half way of broadcasting. He acted as the genius pianist Cheng Yue in Starlit, Cheng Yue's hands were injured at the beginning of the drama and has undergone pretty painful experiences. Although Cheng Yue Fall to the ground from the sky, he was given new opportunity to experience another type of the life. While many things have been lost, Cheng Yue gained the true happiness. The beautiful love story of Cheng Yue and Dong Xiao Lu touched many audiences. One is an angel without wings, one is life not last long, their love will be in a very difficult situation, but as long as they truely love each other, this is the happiness. Can anything be more attractive than the true love? Yan Cheng Xu's outstanding acting makes the audiences so touched by expressing Cheng Yue's love to Xiao Lu so deeply and natually. It is very interesting that although Yan Cheng Xu and Kwan Ying love each other deeply in the drama, their personalities are totally different in reality. Mr. Yan think too much, and Ms. Kwan does not, they often have conflicts when filming, and this finally turns to their shining and interesting interaction in the drama.

Yan Cheng Xu hardly appears on the variety shows, but in order to promote Starlit, he accepted the invitation of "Kang Xi Lai Le". We therefore saw such a sincere and frank Yan cheng xu that we couldn't stop loving him. Regarding those tough questions, he could have let them go with a small lie, or directly say that he did not want to answer, but he hesitated to consider how to answer them, he did not want to answer, but the answer was already abundantly clear, it is no wonder that the hosts laughed at him and said that he couldn't learn Hypocrisy and fake courtesy even if he had been in the entertainment industry for so long time, however, this is the most precious aspect of his.

Next time, Yan Cheng Xu is going to challenge himself. He is going to act "Skip Beat" directed by Niu Cheng Ze and in cooperation with Lin Yi Chen. "Skip Beat" is an idol drama invested by Taiwan and Japan Cos. The production side choosing him as the male lead must be because of his high popularity in the Asian region. Challenges do not mean to go beyond the others, but at least we must have the courage to overcome our own. Although he is always low profile, there is no need to worry about his future, because he always has a clear goal since he is very restrict to himself. Let us wait and see how his future would be splendid and brilliant, what will never change is his ultimate sincere heart like the purest water.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

[Reposting] Hot Shot episode 02 MV - "NO AIR"

screencaps by
slides by daomisyel of

SURVEY- HOT SHOT: All Star Basketball Series

Sino ang Hot Shot basketball star na nagpapatibok ng puso mo?

Who among the Hot Shot basketball star you like most?

Go to this site and cast your Vote

Vote for Cody aka Jerry Yan!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The new afternoon series Hot Shot won its timeslot and barging daytime's Top 10 list.

"Hot Shot", "Pinoy Bingo Night" premieres high

ABS-CBN's newest shows rated high, as exepcted, in the national ratings, with both "Hot Shot" and "Pinoy Bingo Night" included in the Top 10.

"Pinoy Bingo Night" trumpped its rival with Vhong Navarro playing for the pilot episode. The young comedian won 1 million pesos, a good omen to kick-off the season run of the game show.

The new afternoon series starring Taiwanese superstars Wu Chun, Show Lo, and Jerry Yan also won its timeslot and barging daytime's Top 10 list.

TNS Media Research National TV Ratings

Monday (March 30, 2009)

Ruffa & Ai (8.5%) vs. SIS (6.8%)
Pilipinas, Game K N B? (16.3%) vs. La Lola Orig (9%)
Wowowee (24.7%) vs. Eat Bulaga (16.7%)
Parekoy (15.6%) vs. Daisy Siete (17%)
Pieta (15.1%) vs. Paano ba mangarap? (20%)
La Traicion (11.1%), Kiba (9.6%) vs. Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin (21.2%)
Mr. Bean (12%) vs. Chill Princesses (8.6%)
Hot Shot (12.8%) vs. Gokusen (8.7%)


thanks to yami @