Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Min Shi news (Jan. 28)

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Anyway, Jerry did it again! According to Min Shi news (Jan. 28), Mr. Chen Sun Hua, who was F4's image designer in 2001/2002 (remember the classic red flowery outfit in the first HK concert in 2002 and the man who supported Jerry on Happy Sunday in Aug/Sep. 04 when he promoted his solo album?), had a new tv program about fashion on Min Shi. When all the cameras were focusing on two beautiful women, a secret guest showed up, and this made one of the host, Mr. Chen, so excited that his eyes turned red. Who was the secret guest? It was Jerry who showed up to give Mr. Chen Jia You and the cheering continued for minutes.

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Xin Chao Magazine - Must-Read Articles for Lovers Column
10 Best Boyfriends for 2007

this article appeared in Xin Chao magazine column entitled "Must-Read Articles for Lovers"
written by bjing and was published last December 2006
This is the draft she wrote which she posted in her blog.
Only the top 5 in the best list is translated

Source: bjing shiah's blog
summary by Jerry's Kingdom

As year 2007 steps in, are you are still single and still looking for someone? Below is a especially selected list of 10 Best Boyfriend-types, and hoping it can be the most practical boyfriend guide for all women....

1. Unmatched Superbeing type

Brandon Routh

Reason for choosing:
He came from a different planet, where he adapted to become an ordinary man, and then when Earth comes into crisis, he goes out with superpowers - he can fly, has super strength and always defending the Earth. Now that he is a super hero, if he is a boyfriend, certainly you will feel really proud of him!

2. Inner sensibility and control type

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Reason for choosing:

To stop being in-love, he always lets people forget him! When he remembers he loves someone, he runs off to Tiantai, and using the camera to picture the sky, he sends it to her with the phrase " in each picture of the sky, all I think of is you." This man teaches a woman how to absolutely resist his charms.

3. Deeply in love and Intelligent type

Jerry Yan

Reason for choosing:

Have you ever seen a handsome doctor? If only because he's the chief surgeon, then he could get high scores in the list of best boyfriend type immediately. In addition, he still didn't fight with the woman even if she cheated on him before, and still deeply in love with her. This "young" affectionate doctor is a big dream of every woman.

4. Younger brother type

Bryan Greenberg

Reason for choosing:

Bryan is an ideal lover -- he's young, naive, playful, funny and still a painter! In whatever age bracket, he is loved. Having a 14 years gap with Uma Thruman, they had spiritual, love and sex companionship, with a happy older sister and younger brother relationship.

5. Forever in love with you type

Andy Lau

The mature man choice, all wishing to be with his beloved wife, that he even asked a homeless woman to donate her heart for his wife's transplant, and tried hard to support her in return, to let her understand that he really liked her selfless act, and tried to find for her the happiness she deserves.

6. Cha Tae-hyun

7. Mike Ho

8. Jude Law¡ÔThe Talented Mr. Ripley¡Õ

9. Rain

10. Van Diesel

Translated News

Translated News

China Times sure make a 360 degree turn, yesterday's article was all abt Jerry being selfish for personal gain, not cooperative & not doing his duty as a TW. suddenly, today they remembered that Jerry allocated 2 months in 2006 to become World Vision spokesperson for child sponsorship for 8 Asian countries, the 1st Taiwanese for such a post & going to many Asian countries to promote such a cause in his capacity as a Taiwanese.

frankly, how many Tw artiste or their management wld do so, giving so much time to a charity, a non-monetary project??? & this is the person they consider greedy for money??? i sure hope those so-called "F3" fans cld see clearly for once.


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source: China Times (Jan. 25, 2007),By Liu Yi
Endorsing For The Tourist Bureau
F4 Is Missing One
All Because Of Bao Long's Uncooperation?

The Tourist Bureau invited F4 to perform together in an idol drama. It ended up with the rumors of Yan Cheng Xu's refusal to participate due to his concerns in talent fee and unequal parts, and the situation has become F4 missing one. Once the news came out, it led to some strong reactions from quite a number of internet users, blaming Yan Cheng Xu for only concerning personal interest. Being a public figure, but he is not willing to contribute for improving TW's international image.

Ge Fu Hong and Chai Zhi Ping successfully bid the Tourist Bureau project with NT$81 millions using F4 as TW's Tourist Ambassadors in Korea and Japan. The project includes idol drama, 5 international and domestic press conferences and meet sessions, and 2 episodes of special tourist programs. However, since the beginning, it has been full of obstacles. Members of F4 have different opinions and tight schedules. Then there was rumor that Yan Cheng Xu alone requested $NT10 millions of talent fee and he keeps pushing off to sign any contracts. Until now, the project has lacked any progress for 3 months, and the Tourist Bureau correspondants are super anxious.

After the news of Yan Cheng Xu's not acting in the drama came out, a lot of internet users voiced their discontentment and suspected that Yan Cheng Xu's main goal was to make profit only. On the contrary, when looking at the artistes in HK and Korea, regardless their popularity, as long as it is for the country's benefits, everyone will come forward to participate and disregard the talent fee, such as Jackie Chan and Karen Mok participated in HK's tourist promotional CF, there were Rain, Pei Yong Jun, and Xun Yi Zhen, etc..., for Korea. Most artistes participated with zero or half of the talent fee.

Endorsing for TW's Tourist Bureau is going to upgrade F4's popularity overseas and TW's international image. Internet users all want 4 members to work together as a group, not concerning the talent fee and equal parts, and to become TW's pride. Besides, they also want to see F4 on the same stage again.

The Tourist Bureau secretary, Lin Jun Wei, who is responsible for this project indicates, after signing the contract with Chai Zhi Ping last November, the schedules have been delayed one after one. According to plan, the date of the press conference which should be held by the end of January has not established yet. In the contract, the period of performance was set to be one year. In other words, the idol drama must be completed and broadcasted by November this year, otherwise, it will be considered as breaking the contract. 3~ t$VT,l)`O5`

Ge Fu Hong, who just came back from Cannes said that a meeting has been set with Tourist Bureau this Friday and a final decision will be reached. Regarding internet users' complaints and suggestions, Ge Fu Hong defended loudly for Yan Cheng Xu, "Jerry is very obedient. I must say for him. Since the beginning, we all know that he does not have time due to a tight schedule, so he has never been asked to perform in the idol drama. Therefore, don't put the blame on him."

What is this reporter Liu Yi's problem? After this Liu Yi talked to Ge, she still wrote up this attacking article with damaging headline to mislead the readers? As Ge said that they have never expected Jerry to participate in the idol drama due to scheduling reason, then what is it about the blame of wanting more talent fee and concerning unequal parts?

Ge and Chai have never expected Jerry to participate in the drama, then where did all those previous negative news articles by Chai come from? About the complaints by internet users/fans, the only accusations on Jerry I have seen were from those F1 pretending to be F4 fans who use this opportunity to attack Jerry.
You think this Liu Yi was ridiculous enough yesterday. Wait for her news article today.


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Source: China Times (Jan. 26, 2007)
By Liu Yi

F4 Endorsing For Tourist Bureau Project
Ge Fu Hong Confirmed that Bao Long Has Signed The Contract

For the project of F4's endorsing TW in Japan and Korea for Tourist Bureau, there was rumor that one of the endorsers, Yan Cheng Xu, kept refusing to sign the contract, and led to the project being on hold for 3 months. Yesterday, Ge Fu Hong, who successfully bid the project, confirmed personally that she has already got Yan Cheng Xu's endorsement contract. Yan Cheng Xu even promised that any time as long as Ge Jei wants, even he is requested to play a passerby in the drama, he won't have a problem.

Yan Cheng Xu won't participate in Tourist Bureau's idol drama, the general public have pointed the finger at Yan Cheng Xu blaming him for not being cooperative. This hurt "Little Rabbit's" feelings. Ge Fu Hong said, "When we planned the idol drama at the beginning, Jerry was never expected to be part of it. It is really not fair to put the blame on him." Feeling sorry for her 'favorite' being misunderstood, Ge Fu Hong further exlaborated. Yan Cheng Xu couldn't participate in the drama due to scheduling problem, but he promised to participate in a series of upcoming international and domestic endorsement activites, and talent fee is not a problem at all.

After F4 became popular, Yan Cheng Xu established his team STAR JERRY. Although he has no management contract with Fu Long, the mutual understanding still maintains. Ge Fu Hong disclosed, because of this Tourist Bureau project, F4 have even communicated in private and they will try their best to collaborate.
Regarding the blame of Yan Cheng Xu's not willing to sign the contract, Ge Fu Hong said, "That's because Jerry was busy at endorsing for World Vision in different places. He has signed the contract with us once he returned."

It is planned for F4 to have press conferences in Japan and Korea by early March, and the idol drama will start filming in April. Both sides were planned to meet today, but Tourist Bureau postponed the meeting to next Monday. Ge Fu Hong said, F4's Tourist Bureau endorsement project is hugh and it concerns TW's international image. It can't be failed. Recently, she has headache to just arrange schedule for overseas media reporting. Luckily, "the 4 boys" are very supportive, and this is the one thing she feels very pleased about.

(fatty2: poor Jerry. make the scapegoat by Angie Chai when it has nothing to do with him at all & bashed unfiarly by so called F3 fans).

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Lian He Bao (TW), Jan. 24, 2007)

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source: Lian He Bao (TW), Jan. 24, 2007)

This news article is about Hou Wen Yong, the author of the novel The Hospital. It appears that Mr. Hou has become a host of a radio program recently that he wants to invite Jerry to go on his program as guest. He said, "We have become very close when filming The Hospital. He is not afraid of the "microphone". He just doesn't know how to deal/communicate with strangers"... When he talked about Jerry, he defended him, "The media always ask him what is the status between Ms. Lin and him. What is he supposed to say? Actually he is a nice young man. I want to invite him to my program as well."

Blog post by sunshine7551 at WRETCH at 01:37 AM

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allen1123, who played basketball with Jerry the night before, wrote in his blog that Jerry wore a hat/cap when playing basketball. Jerry and a group of friends arrived first. In the middle of the game, he got a phone call and asked Allen to substitute for him as he needed to wait for his friend. Allen joked that as he had met Yan Cheng Xu already, may be he got a chance to meet Ms. Lin, but the friend who arrived was Li Wei. Therefore, Allen joked that the "goddess" didn't come but the "toast boy" did (kkla: Li Wei's first tv drama was called Toast Boy's Kiss). However, shortly after Li Wei arrived, the lights got dim. At the end, Allen and his friend successfully got Jerry and Li Wei's autographs
[blog post by sunshine7551 at WRETCH at 01:37 AM

summarized by jerry's kingdom

Jan 23 is Huang Jun Xiang's big birthday
In the evening we went under the Da Han bridge to watch them play basketball.
when we arrived at the court,
Many people - wow
And saw a very familiar face
First was Qiang Wei Zhi's love team Huang Zhi Wei
But his hair color looked not too fitting for him
After that we saw Jerry Yan in the court with Li Wei
Celebrity basketball is just like the common people's
First we thought of taking pictures
But got mixed thoughts
and had to give up on the idea.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Self Made MV: Waiting on the World To Change

Self Made MV: Waiting on the World To Change

Credits to Jerry Yan Philippines When Reposting, Thank You.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

a blog article with the title "Shake Hands With My Idol"

vic0614 posted a blog article with the title "Shake Hands With My Idol" on Jan. 12:

The blog owner wrote that he was very high on Jan. 12, as that was the first day he returned back to work, and a lot of celebrities had dinner at where he works, including Cai Kang Yong, Zhang Xiao Yan, Luo Wen Jia, and most importantly, F4's Yan Cheng Xu.

The blog owner also wrote that Jerry was very nice in person and he was very polite when talking to him. When Jerry left his seat, he even agreed to sign autographs, but too bad, the blog owner didn't get it. Instead, he shook hands with him. The blog owner wrote that he was super high and happy to see Jerry. Lastly, he commented that Jerry is really tall and handsome.

So, I think Jerry should have gone back to TW.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The headline of today's Liberty Times

The headline of today's Liberty Times

Entertainment King Was Criticized For Not Keeping Old Relationship In Mind

Yan Cheng Xu Cruel-Heartedly Rejected Chai Zhi Ping
F4's Reunion To Endorse Tourism Aborted

In the news article, the reporter wrote that as Jerry refused to participate in the Tourist Bureau's idol drama, Jerry was criticized for not keeping the old relationship in mind, and the rough relationship between Jerry and AC has become the topic again.

According to plan, the Tourist Bureau provides NT$80 millions of fund, and the idol drama "Wish To See You In TW" is supposed to start filming in June this year. Since the beginning of this project, Yan Cheng Xu had been targeted as the main lead. Although there were rumors of his having scheduling problems, it seemed that the problems can be resolved sooner or later. However, when the reporter checked with Fenny yesterday, she clearly stated, "Yan Cheng Xu won't play in this idol drama. He has already had other plans."

AC indicates that even missing one member in the drama won't break the contract. As Jerry turned down the role, Zaizai will be the main lead now. AC mentioned, "Zaizai's market price/value does not lose to Yan Cheng Xu's." Other than the idol drama, the endorsement project also includes concert tours, domestic and international press conferences, and commercials. Fenny said that other parts of the projects are still under discussion.

According to the Tourist Bureau, there should be one press conference in TW in the first half of this year to announce F4's being the TW Tourism Ambassadors. Then there should be a concert/concerts in TW to attract more than 10,000 fans to visit TW and ...

Regarding F4's endorsement fee, it is NT$30 millions. As Jerry won't participate in the drama, his endorsement fee will be changed.

1. If not all 4 members are required to participate in the drama and missing one won't break the contract, then how come AC keeps blaming Jerry for not accepting the role? :

2. Didn't Xiao Zhi always say that F4 should have equal parts and talent fee in the drama and market? Now it was written that initially Jerry was the main lead, and then now Zaizai is the main lead after Jerry rejected the role, then what happen to Vanness and Ken? Did AC try/intend to prepare a script which has suitable roles for all 4 members at all? Or did she prepare a script to have one main lead in mind the whole time?

A few days ago, Fenny said that Jerry had not received the script, and he had not decided to accept the role or not. Today, the storyline of the Tourist Bureau idol drama has come out, and Fenny said that Jerry decided not to participate in the idol drama. The offiical reason is that Jerry has other working plans, but ... , haha... I really admire that Jerry has the guts to insist on what he thinks is right.

The storyline, are you ready? A girl loses her memory, so her boyfriend brings her to different tourist sites in TW and hopes to help her regain her memory. Sound familiar? Does MG2 ring a bell? No? How about the Korean drama Winter Sonata? I can't believe that AC used several months to come up with a story like this. Fenny said that although Jerry won't participate in the idol drama, other endorsement activities are still under discussion.

I am quite happy with the outcome, as now Zai is the main lead, and hope that Jerry won't be attacked as much. Whenever Jerry is available, he can still participate in the concert(s) and commercials, and endorse TW for the Tourist Bureau.

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Japanese Mag>Moviestar Magazine's Top 20 Stars

Results of the Readers' voting
Moviestar Magazine's Top 20 Stars>
Source: (a JapaneseF4 fan blog)
posted by chong chong of
summarized by Jerry's Kingdom

On its February issue, (Vol 144) the magazine would release the results of the reader's voting for the Top 20 stars of 2006

See official results details here:

The List (by Ranking)
1. Johnny Depp
2. Viggo Mortensen
3. Gerald Butler
4. Angelina Jolie
5. Brad Pitt
6. Sean Bean
7. Keira Knightley
8. Orlando Bloom
9Jessica Alba
10Natalie Portman
11Charlize Theron
12Nicole Kidman
13Takeshi Kaneshiro
14Cate Blanchett
15Keanu Reeves
16Hayden Christensen
17Emma Watson
18Daniel Radcliffe
19Renee Zellweger
20 Jerry Yan

TVB Pay Vision

Boyband F4 set to charm Japanese, Korean tourists

Boyband F4 set to charm Japanese, Korean tourists

PROMOTIONAL TV SERIES:The project is sponsored by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and will feature online participation in the selection of shooting locations
By Shelley Shan
Wednesday, Jan 10, 2007, Page 2

F4, a popular Taiwanese boyband, have captured the hearts of young women around Asia with their boyish charm, and now Taiwan's tourism bureau is hoping to cash in on the band's popularity to promote the nation's tourist industry.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau Director-General Janice Lai confirmed yesterday that the group would be recruited to play in a television series called Wish to See You in Taiwan.

The project is sponsored solely by the bureau, she added.

Lai said that the series will include 25 episodes, with a majority of scenes filmed at selected tourist attractions around the country.

It is going to be a "touching romantic story," Lai said.

"We will place the information on our Web site [] and ask for opinions about where the filming should take place," she said.

The series will target tourists from Japan and Korea, Lai said.

It is scheduled to be broadcast in both countries in November.

Viewers in Taiwan, however, will not be able see it.

Based on the contract between the bureau and the production firm, the F4 team will meet with their fans at promotional events organized by the bureau.

The bureau owns the copyright for the series and will make a 30-second TV commerical from program content for use in Taiwan and elsewhere.

Lai said she is confident that F4 will draw the attention of female tourists from both Japan and Korea.

She said one time she was invited to be the guest of honor at an event attended by Vanness Wu , one of the band members, and his fans. Lai was asked to draw lots to pick fans to come onto the stage.

"When those lucky few got to meet Wu personally, they were so excited that they began to cry," Lai recalled.

Overall, the project will cost the bureau NT$80 million (US$2.5million), which will cover the production and the budget to buy air time in both Japan and Korea.

Lai said many people may think NT$80 million is a huge sum. They may also ask why Taiwan cannot have documentaries broadcast on the Discovery or National Geographic channels, as Malaysia and other countries have done in the past.

"Air time in Japan and Korea is really expensive," Lai said. "And the tourism bureau in Malaysia has an annual budget of NT$7 billion, which is seven times more than we have."

Earlier this week, media reported that Jerry Yen, the most popular member of F4, might not be able to act in the series because of a schedule conflict.

Chai Chi-ping, the producer of the series, said in an interview in the United Daily News that Yen has already promised to participate.

The boyband would not breach the terms of the contract, she said.

Published on Taipei Times

Friday, January 5, 2007

Happy New Year!

Thanks to starjerry.


Happy New Year!

Hello! SJ frens, Happy New Year! It's 1 day late, hope u don't mind.
Heard from colleagues about the charity deeds and birthday greetings from Jerry fans all over the world. I'm very touched, and happy that your support towards me has brought about meaningful power to help others. Last year, I was happy to participate in World Vision event, Mongolia trip was a new experience. It was great to be able to go to other countries to share my experience, and to see many Jerry fans enthusiastic participation. Hope this kind of event will continue this year.
A brand new year 2007, filled with hope. Wishing all SJ friends happiness and full of warmth. Let's add oil together!