Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Drama Series for Jerry

News is still unconfirmed. But I hope there'll be developments.
Here's the news posted at

June 24, 2010 - TW Apple Daily
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Money Worshiping Queen, Next TV's Channel Opening Super Drama
Invested 120 Millions To Attract Yan Cheng Xu

Next TV's channel opening super drama, Money Worshiping Queen (kkla:  not official name), has created a momentum even before it starts filming.  Yesterday, the Executive Producer, Chen Yu Shan, indicates that the investment for this drama will be at least NT120 millions, including spending US$80,000 to invite the award winning image stylist, Patricia Field, from Sex And The City to join the team.  The male lead has decided to be Yan Cheng Xu.  According to plan, it will start filming in August and depart to France in Sep.  Its scale has broken TW idol dramas' records. 

Romantic love drama, Money Worshiping Queen, has reached the final preparation stage that outsiders start to guess who will be the male and female leads, and the focus is on Yan Cheng Xu and Shu Qi.   Yesterday, Chen Yu Shan indicates that she did discuss the project with both of them, and now she's waiting for Yan Cheng Xu to accept the offer.  The casting for the female lead has reached the contract signing process, but she insisted on not telling.  She only said, "The female star has certain level of popularity, but sh hasn't filmed any tv dramas in the past."  This indirectly denied Shu Qi's participation. 

Shu Qi rejected the participation in Money Worshiping Queen due to scheduling conflict

Production Fee Will Be NT$6 Millions Per Episode

The script of Money Worshiping Queen was written by producer, Chen Yu Shan.  With 20 episodes of 90 minutes for each, each episode's production fee will be NT$6 millions, which is 3x of the standard amount in idol drama production.  The story was about a girl was abandoned by her mom at youth.  After growing up, she became a model who worshiped money and disliked the poor.  She was even willing to be kept and supported by a middle-age, rich businessman just for money.  When she did a fashion show in Paris, she met a male student who studied music at school over there.  With a lot of coincidence, they started their fatal relationship after a one-night stand. 

Chen Yu Shan said, "Money Worshiping Queen is about how a woman used her tricks to get to her desired position.  These kind of women are everywhere now."  As the female lead is a tall, elegant model, it is unavoidable for people to think about LZL.  When asked whether LZL is one of the names on her candidate list, Chen Yu Shan said, "This name did flash in my brain for a second, but how is it possible?" 

Yan Cheng Xu Secretly Practiced Violin Playing Skills

The male lead of this drama knows French and plays violin.  However, he came from a poor background (from the market/root class), although he looks like a blue-blood, handsome guy on the outside.  According to information, although Yan Cheng Xu has not confirmed whether he will join the cast of Money Worshiping Queen, through the introduction of the famous cellist, Fan Zong Pei, he started the practise on the basic violin playing skills.  Yesterday, he honestly admitted that both sides had contacted already, but it's still under consideration. 

On the other hand, Shu Qi said, "Have to film 2 movies in the 2nd half of the year.  My schedule is full, so there is really no time."  In the drama, there is a magician role, and an A-cast male host will be invited to make guest appearances. 

The production team of Money Worshiping Queen is super.  Other than Golden Bell winning director, Chen Hui Ling, who directed Autumn Concerto, Sex And The City's image stylist, Patricia Field, was also invited to join the team with high fee.  She is going to team with Charles E. McCarry, the Art Director, for producing an international class of idol drama.  In order to fully display the queen's trendy and costly image, the costume budget is estimated to be over NT10 millions.  The Art Director will come to TW for checking out the right locations for filming. 

After reading all the news today, it is so conflicting.

Liberty Times/Singpao:  The female lead will be Shu Qi and her talent fee will be slightly lower than Jerry's, about NT$250,000 per episode.  Chen Yu Shan didn't review the female lead, only said that she filmed movies.  When Yan Cheng Xu heard about the female lead's name, he gasped. 

Lian He Bao:  The female lead should be Shu Qi, but Chen Yu Shan didn't review the name.  Yan Cheng Xu is still considering whether to pick up the role, as he concerns about language barriers, as the male lead knows 6 different languages. 

China Times:  Although the female lead was once rumored to be Gigi Leung or Shu Qi, it appears that Lynn Xiong (kkla:  Aaron Kwok's girlfriend) took the role.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 19, 2010 - Nikkan Sports

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June 19, 2010 - Nikkan Sports

(the following translation was based on Cancankasumi's translation from Japanese to Chinese)

On the 19th, Jerry Yan (33 yrs. old) from F4, a popular group in Taiwan, held a High Five Session at the bookstore in Ginza, Tokyo, for promoting his photobook, 9314 Man And Boy.  F4's 4 members, who played the Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden, develop their career seperately at this time. 

This photobook's Japansese version is based on the Taiwanese version published in April, and it includes the Japanese translation and new editing.   For this new photobook published after 9 years, Jerry indicated with a smile, "To me, it is a very important photobook.  Hope you can see my growth."  For the reason why he likes the cover picture a lot, it's because he felt that "his ordinary self looked old, but in the cover picture, he looked very young." 

Today, 5000 fans attended this High Five Session, which has been the largest scale among the Chinese artistes.  Females, who were holding the photobooks, queued excitedly. 

Asahi TV News also reported yesterday's High Five Session.  However, other than 9314, as what Liberty Times reported, Asahi News also reported the part about LZL, such as "Whether to meet with LZL?", "Whether to watch her Japanese drama?", etc...  Same as NikkanSports' news on Jun 20.  Agree with some sisters that Japanese news' focusing on Jerry's gossips is like the last piece of peaceful land has been polluted.

Yan Cheng Xu Doesn't Like?

Jun 23, 2010
Lian He Bao

Yan Cheng Xu Doesn't Like?

Gigi Lost [My Queen]

Chen Yu Shan, the producer who made Ruan Jing Tian and Yang Jin Hua popular, will change her batterfield to Next TV (kkla: not offiical name and a new tv channel/station.  Read that Next/One TV is under the same corporation as Apple Daily and Next Magazine) organizing the filming of a new drama, Queen Of Excessive Spending.  It was supposed to pair Yan Cheng Xu with Gigi Liang Yong Qi, but it was rumored that Yan Cheng Xu didn't like this pairing. 

Coincidently, Liang was out at the end, and it is unavoidable for others to suspect whether there is any connection.  However, through his agent, Ying Chun, Yan Cheng Xu responded, "The discussion was just started.  It is still at the very beginning stage.  Why would we have any comments on the cast?" 

Chen Yu Shan was previously Sanli's Settv Director.  The dramas produced by her, such as Post-it Girl, My Queen, Autumn Concerto, etc..., all quaranteed to have good ratings, and she even made Ruan Jing Tian, Yang Jin Hua, Wu Jian Hao, and Ady An to reach the height of their career.  Queen Of Excessive Spending is the 2nd sequel of My Queen series, about a story of a top class caviar girl. 

According to source, last month, Chen Yu Shan and the drama's Director, Chen Hui Ling, especially flied to HK to discuss the details with Liang Yong Qi, and even the schedule and talent fee were agreed, only left the contract to be signed.  During the discussion with Liang, it was stated that the male lead would be Yan Cheng Xu.  After Liang Yong Qi left her schedule open, things had changed.  Liang's side received the message of working together some other time.  Furthermore, information also indicates that as Yan Cheng Xu is very careful, so regarding who is the female lead, and whether she is suitable for him, he cares a lot. 

Chen Yu Shan said, "Gigi is always one of the candidates on my list, but now the female lead will be another person.  Also, Yan Cheng Xu is not confirmed yet.  This news is just too outrageous."  Liang Yong Qi's agent, Ah Shi, confirmed having discussion with Chen Yu Shan, but she said, "Gigi has to release her album.  She also has 3 movies in the 2nd half of the year.  Actually, our schedule is full." 

For Yan Cheng Xu, he indicated that Chen Yu Shan and he are good friends, but when the discussion for the drama has just started, negative news like this came out already.  It is really hard to understand.  Like there's news before reporting that he would film Prince of Taipei Coffee Shop, actually he didn't accept the invitation.

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Yan Cheng Xu Released Electricity 5000 Fans Paralyzed Ginza

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June 20, 2010
Liberty Times

Yan Cheng Xu Released Electricity 5000 Fans Paralyzed Ginza

Yesterday, Jerry Yan Cheng Xu held a High Five Session in Tokyo. 5000 passionate Sakura fans attended and paralyzed Ginza, and even police were requested to maintain the order. During interviews, it gave him headache when the media was too interested in the topics about his ex-love, LZL.

Questioned about his love life, Yan Cheng Xu asked for a break

In the interview before the session, when the media asked the sensitive questions about his love life, Jerry asked for a break quietly, "Is it ok not to ask too many questions?" When asked "LZL is also in Tokyo now for filming the Japanese drama, is there a chance to meet?", he reluctantly answered, "We haven't contacted for quite sometime already." The media asked again, "Will you send her a copy of your photobook?" and he answered, "Haven't thought about this." When asked "Have you watched LZL's Japanese drama?", Jerry indicated, "Have watched the drama on tv, but didn't wait for her appearance and I was called to work already." He seemed to avoid the topic intentionally.

Lastly, when he was asked "Do you want to court a Japanese girlfriend?", Jerry thought for a while and chose to answer without pleasing anyone "Well, let me think about it."

Japanese version of photobook
5x the price

Don't let LZL have all the glory, Yan Cheng Xu was labelled by Japanese media as "Lover In Asia", and he actively invades the Japanese market, promoting his newest photobook, Japanese version of 9314 Man And Boy. The photobook's price was set at NT$499 in Taiwan and its price has become 5x in Japan (6800 yen = NT$2400). Regardless, fans didn't hold back when supporting their idol. Some even bought three at one time.

Yesterday, Jerry went to Ginza for having close contact with fans who have bought the photobook. Jerry fans from all over Japan gathered at a bookstore in Ginza, crowding the whole pedestrian area in front. 5000 queued to get in having Hi Five and it lasted for 5 hours. As long as fans can have the chance to interact with idol, it doesn't matter how long they waited, they didn't feel tired. Instead, they felt satisfied and excited.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jerry's promoting 9314 in Beijing

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Here are the related links of photos and videos of Jerry's promoting his photobook 9314 in Beijing.

Arrival (Slideshow)

Video by

Jerry is having the autograph session now in Beijing, and he promised to sign for all the ones who have got the number tickets. So far, more than 2000 number tickets were given out.

Pictures from Baidu (thanks to carefree)

Before Jerry attended the autograph session, he was interviewed on Sina


Starlit on Philippine Television

Filipino fans,
If you have time, yes, If you are at home by 3:30pm hahaha. Don't forget to watch Starlit on QTV.
 "Love City" aka Starlit on QTV - starting on June 21, 2010 at 3:30pm

Here is the Music Video of the series:

Jerry Yan Japanese costumes to donate auction to admit there was a bus of children injured

BEIJING, June 7 call Jerry for “Meteor Garden” and very popular in Japan, recently, Jerry Yan to beard shape appeared in the Sun Plaza Nakano of Japan held two meetings will attract 8,000 fans Xu and dozens of Japanese journalists to the scene. He did not forget to do good to shoot “center star” fund-raising auction when the costumes, nine auction raised a total of 3,410,500 yen, the proceeds will be donated to sick children in Japan ALS Association.

According to Hong Kong, “Wen Wei Po” message, two meetings will be issued by the Jerry autographed auction items, donations were handed over to the hands Association. He said a number of auction items, the most significant Midazolam T-shirt, because a child has seen the cartoons. Jerry Yan also disclosed that Japan hopes to develop, “I will go out filming, also hope that Japan’s development in the future I hope more time to go to Japan, and more listening, more progress should have said.” Frequently asked him to help children, whether child get help from others? He admitted: “Yes! Since childhood home poorer, someone to help, so we are very happy, so now they have the power, but also hope to help people in need.”

Jerry also blew the usual habits and interesting when filming. Live broadcast, “Stars center tears,” one scene of a crash scene, about his hero to save the United States to actress Janice push, but when he had taken over Roujin to push the other injured. Asked whether he tried to crash the reality, he rarely mentions his father said: “once bought a bicycle, the first day was the bus crashed, home after his father played, but in fact I did not get hurt too serious. ”

The day he left to form said people have become more mature type, but he looks very decadent self-deprecating. Asked why the beard, that is, female fans shouting “good lining you”, “I love you.” In the event the end, Jerry go to the photo of the audience and fans, but also the verge of tears, said: “Recently a lot of things happened at work, feeling stressed, in fact, quite a bad mood, but to see your support in making I want to insist on doing a good job for everyone to see. “For the Japanese fans love the” boss “to call him, Jerry said:” When students can easily impulse to fight. my classmates and I like brothers, sometimes to see the students bullying, on behalf of the other outlet, so I was elected boss. ”


Next Time Dating, Jerry Yan: Would Make It Public

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY

Away from Beijing for 5 years, Jerry Yan held a book signing for his photo album "9314 Man and Boy" in the city. He once dated Chi-ling Lin, a romantic relationship that the two couldn't make it public. Yesterday it was his first time talking about romance in the future: "If it's at a right situation, I would make it public to everyone."

As for qualities of his other half, he said: "Want to find a serious girl, although I got older, but I am not mature enough, need a exquisite girl to take care of me." He stressed relationship depends on fate, if that day really comes, he would tell everyone.

Jerry went to Australia to shoot photos for this photo album, he joked that the media should introduce girlfriends to him: "If I have a girlfriend, maybe I would bring her to Australia, open a farm there, and take care of little animals together. Although I'm not someone who knows how to make girls happy, but I would try to tell jokes everyday to make her laugh."

As for new films, he expressed he's approached by several screen plays, his next film might be filmed in Mainland. He said: "Don't think I'm expensive, welcome everyone to approach to me. If there is a good film that can let me perform well, I'm willing to perform even unconditionally."

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Genuine Smile

I've been super over busy with work and one thing that I missed was to browse for updates. 
Well, I'll promise to update this blog probably next week.
This photo was taken during his online interview in Beijing (am I right?) courtesy of


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jerry in Japan

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Thanks to tina's translation.
It's about Jerry's calling 3 participants in the session. In the clip, there were the 2nd and 3rd participants called by Jerry. For the 2nd participant, Jerry asked her what she was doing. She answered that she was attending Jerry's session. Then Jerry joked, "Oh, Jerry? He is famous." As for the 3rd participant, she didn't pick up the phone the first time, and Jerry was afraid that a wrong number was called, so he hung up and called again. When the 3rd participant picked up, Jerry joked with her and asked her to eat out with him. Tina also commented that Jerry's Japanese and pronounciation has improved quite a bit.

Other information from okarei who attended the session(s). In the sessions, Jerry has confirmed that he will film a drama next outside of Taiwan and not in Japan, he didn't specify whether it's a movie or tv drama. He did clarify that his stubble look does not concern with any future projects. He only felt that he wanted to look more mature as he has aged.

In the 2nd session, Jerry asked the participants which look they liked more, indicating by clapping hands. The applause for the clean look was much longer than the stubble look's.

In the 1st session, when the Assistant Chairman of Japan ALS Association accepted the donation from Jerry and sent him flowers, all the media came out to take pictures. Read that media was only invited for the 1st session. Besides, in the 1st session, there was a section introducing Jerry's daily life by showing pictures. Firstly, a picture of grass/fruit juice was shown and it's called Xiao Pang Pang. Actually, Xiao Pang Pang is a name of a store which sells healthy juices and sandwiches. Then, a picture of something in the kitchen was shown. At first, fans didn't realize what that was, but after it was introduced to squeeze out the juice, then they realized that it was a manual juicer. Lastly, a picture of electric juicer was shown. Jerry introduced it as something he carries with him wherever he goes. Fans were amazed how he could carry it with him, as it's big. Then Jerry clarified that he carries it every time when he works overseas.
Xiukou located Xiao Pang Pang's website
Address: No. 51, Lane 216, Section 4, Zhong Xiao East Rd., Da An District, Taipei
Phone: 02-87714390

Furthermore, when introducing Starlit in the first session, the scene of Cheng Yue's having the accident was shown. He said that he and Guan Ying did many takes for the scene. When the host asked Jerry whether he was afraid of getting hurt, Jerry answered that he was not afraid of him getting hurt, but he was afraid that GY might get hurt. In the 2nd session, the host asked him how was GY? Jerry said that GY performed naturally when she acted, and she has a nice personality, so she does good with everyone.

Okarei also mentioned that in the 1st session, clips of Jerry's previous dramas, such as The Hospital, Hot Shot, and Starlit. The host said that there were a lot of arguing scenes in Jerry's dramas, and Jerry was always the one who got lectured. Jerry answered yes, and said that that's why he wanted to play someone who scolds others next time, like the head of the gang. Then the host asked Jerry whether he's someone who is good at arguing in real life, and Jerry said that he's pretty good at that in real life, but he hasn't done it recently. Then, they talked about crying. Jerry said that the last time he cried was in a car. Jerry also mentioned that when he was young, he was very hot blooded that he was very loyal to his friends. Once as he helped his friend(s), he ended up being kicked out by his school.


June 5,2010 2nd round Starlit Event in Tokyo Jerry courted 3 fans on phone. :)