Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jerry Yan Met with Wen Yong You over Dinner about Possible Producer Deal

From Liberty Times, October 30
photo and translation source

Jerry Yan appeared at a Taipei Japansese Restaurant last October 28 in his usual casual bead look.
He was joined by Wen Yong Hou and other friends for dinner.
According to his friend, Jerry is looking to get into a producer role and is actively searching for good screenplays.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Jerry Yan's Latest Photo with a Mysterious Ring


Fans, beware of Fake Calendars circulating around the net. It was reported that there are unauthorized version of calendars which contains Jerry's Old photos are being marketed online.

As his official website in Japan said, It will be released at the end of the year and Hopefully to organize a fan meet session in Japan in early of 2011.

His fans also hope that he'll be working for a new movie next year.

Regarding that Mysterious Ring, his agency said it was just part of the costume ensemble

Thursday, October 28, 2010

DWL Photo Gallery Story 2

Credit & Source:

Translated by shyun_y of


(Pic of YG, slapping her hand on her forehead)
“My goodness! Why must it be Him?”
She rushed all the way here for a job interview, shortly after receiving her sister’s phone call.
Never did she expect to see him. The guy who caused her to lose her job earlier, is ironically, offering her a job now.

The pay’s good, the boss’s good-looking. The magic crystal ball seemed to have made her wishes come true, one after another. But can it be someone else rather than this mean, lethal-tongued man?

With piercing stares from her sister, which could even slice through diamonds, she decided her neck’s not as resilient. Thus if she is to bypass this job opportunity, the consequences would be…

She swallowed hard to tell him, as if also trying to convince herself, she is definitely capable for the job!

(Pic of XYP, in grey suit)
“I can definitely hire you! Although I think you are very blur!” He moved up-close to tell Her.
Being up-close to scrutinise her, her childlike face suddenly gave him an impulse to pinch her.
Reading through her resume, she seemed to have been through all the tough jobs. Her stamina and physique should be able to handle those two little rascals at home. In addition, his secretary added that this girl prefers girls only. This is very fine with him too, at least, he does not need to worry about someone giving him a birthday party at home each day.

“$150,000 monthly. No annual leave and you have to be on-call every moment!”

Very enticing terms, or perhaps it was the one who was speaking that was “enticing”. “BUT if you breach any terms within the first year, you would have to compensate me 10 times the contractual amount!”

After he said that, he felt a sigh of relief. But he still could not explain the urge why he felt so strongly to pinch her cheeks?

Resolution’s made…

(Pic of YG & XYP beside each other)
“I must never fall for him!”
Faced with such a handsome boss, any girls would find it hard to resist his charms. Of course, she is no exception too.

Thus, even if they are less than 30 centimetres apart, her pulse rate would be in synch with his breathing. His breathe has grown to be the rhythm and motivation of her heart beats.

But if there is any breach of contract, there would be the penalty of 10 times the contractual amount. It might be negligible to lose her job, but the compensation of the penalty is a big issue. If she lose this job and needs to pay the penalty, she would never see and hear the last from her sister.
Furthermore in his eyes, she is supposed to be a lesbian who prefers girls. Gradually, she has accepted that she is a girl lacking in femininity, thus, how could she ever fall in love with him?
“I had better just do my job properly!” She made a resolution.

A Multi-Tasker…

(Pic of YG & the children. YG’s thoughts: Being a nanny is really exciting…)
Her job as a nanny is really exciting.
She has to fetch the kids to and fro school everyday and carry all the big and small bags.

(Pic of YG drying YT’s hair)
She has to bathe the children after playing with them.

(Pic of YG keeping the messy toys)
When the children have fallen asleep, she has to tidy the messy house, with items strewn all around.

(Pic of YG fixing stuff)
Sometimes, she would even need to repair of spoilt furniture and equipment.

(Pic YG at meal with XYP)
Occasionally, she would whip up a feast for the guy who was used to “microwave food”.


(Pic of XYP at breakfast)
He enjoys the breakfast she prepares for him every bright morning. The days with her around always fill his heart with Warmth, as if his heart is open to the sun like photosynthesis.

The Urge…

(YG & XYP at grass field)
When the afternoon sun is shining bright, they would go to the nearby park to chat.
He likes watching the profile of her face, to admire the innocence and pureness of her smiling face.
He could always forget about the hardships of guarding the love which could not be told.

She feels that he is not as unfeeling and aloof as she imagined.
He would invite her to supper, and accompany her to play with the children;
Most importantly, she discovers that he is always willing to listen.
By his side, she always feels an unimaginable sense of carefree-ness.
By her side, he always feels ease at heart and a sense of stability.

He would still feel like pinching her cheeks. She would still feel like staying by him.
Both of them, feel an urge, to just “always stick with each other”…

My defence, because of your proximity…
Has totally disintegrated…

My fear, because of your hug…
Has slowly dissipated…

Can Time come to a standstill…
Just for me to hold onto you tightly…
To always stay by your side…

~~~ THE END ~~~

DWL Photo Gallery Story

credits to

 DWL Photo Gallery Story Part 2


The distance is further and further apart.
This is his desk.  On his desk, there is a photo of him with her. 
The happiest time was when they were still students.  He studied law when she aimed her goal joining the show business.
Constitutional Law #1 is "He loves her".  Constitutional Law #2 and #3...also are "He loves her".
Then he became a famous lawyer and she a popular artiste.
She concerns about her image.  Their love quietly turned underground. 
Their distance has become further and further apart.  The two smiling faces in the picture have become one piece of evidence for reference only. 


He said that he loved her personality of being independent and natural. 
She handmade a sweater for him.  Afterall, she doesn't have much money.  All she has is her warmth and also her heart. 
To her magic crystal ball, she made a wish for him to really treasure her.
However, as time goes by, the blue green color on the sweater hasn't diminished much, but his heart has changed quite a bit. 
She hasn't noticed, until that message on the answering machine.  It's an unknown woman's voice, with a flirtatious invitation. 
May be...the magic crystal ball didn't hear her wish. 


This is the first time he wants to run away from this relationship,
as through the love hidden underground, he can't breathe.

This is the first time she feels depressed.  She doubts whether it is she who is not good enough, not feminine enough. 


It's that simple.
All she wants is the magic crystal ball to give her a simple love relationship.  There is no need for extravagance.  Only two people walk side by side happily.  Eating ice-cream with big bites, she will wipe clean the ice-cream left at the corner of his mouth with her hand...

The love he wants is only as simple as being able to walk holding hands in the street.  If it is windy, he will thoughtfully fix her long, windy hair a little bit...


For the kind of lovers who can't be revealed publicly and who don't know how to treasure,
they can only be labelled as "Strangers".

He hopes that there is a smile which can melt his coldheartedness.
And she hopes to meet a person who likes her smile wholeheartedly. 

Same time slot, different dimensions.  Both have a desire for complement. 
Life...continue...both persons' stories...getting closer and closer


"Happy Birthday!"  She wished him happy birthday holding a cake with a short skirt. 
This is not the love he wants.  She is the No. 16 nanny he hired for his niece and nephew. 
What a trick with motive!

He doesn't understand why all the nannies he hired can't focus on their work, instead of trying their best to please him. 
This makes him uncomfortable.  After all, he has seen too many cases of pleasing each other with all kinds of tricks when being in love, but becoming enemies with bad words against each other after they break up. 
Furthermore, today is not his birthday!

May be he should have a drink with his friend, in order to forget all these behaviors by the nannies which leave him speechless.
Then next day, ask the secretary to find a nanny who won't fall for him, and who will take good care of the 2 little ones at home. 
After all, a nanny should be someone who helps lessen his burden, but not increase trouble. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pilot Ratings: Which program made an impressive debut?

Pilot Ratings: Mara Clara, Willing-Willie, Down With Love, Little Star & Juanita Banana | Which program made an impressive debut?

Of the 5 new shows which aired their respective pilot episode last Monday (October 25), it was ABS-CBN's "Down With Love" which drew the most impressive ratings both in AGB Mega Manila and Kantar Media Nationwide ratings survey.

"Down With Love", the Taiwanese drama dubbed into Tagalog and stars Jerry Yan and Ella Chen, garnered 6.2% rating in Mega Manila for its first episode, 5:30pm last Monday, to rank as the 3rd highest daytime rating for the day.

Monday, October 25, 2010

First Episode - Down With Love (ABS-CBN)

So, How's the first episode of Down with Love? Let's share all our comments here on my thread below.

Many of you are thinking why the original opening theme was not used? Maybe, because of royalties. I don't know. Hope ABS-CBN or someone who's expert in franchising the series can answer. It would be better if we hear JERRY, SINGING THE OPENIING THEME. Well, am posting the original opening theme used in other countries.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

'Down with Love' premieres on Oct. 25 on ABS-CBN

MANILA, Philippines – After the hit series “Meteor Garden” and “Hotshot,” Asian superstar Jerry Yan is back to making every girl fall in love with him all over again in his much-awaited romantic comedy “Down with Love” which will premiere on Monday, October 25 on ABS-CBN.

Yan, playing the role of Elvin, is paired with charming sweetheart from "Hana Kimi," Ella Chen who will play the lesbian-in-disguise Malou.

After the death of his father, Elvin takes the responsibility of taking care of his nephew and niece. Being the top lawyer that he is, he can’t give full attention to them thus, he decides to rely on a nanny.

However, there is a problem as all the nannies hired fall in love with him.

Because of this, Elvin searched for a nanny whose heart won’t beat for him. This is where Malou enters. Desperate to get a job, Malou pretends to be a lesbian so that she will be able to pay the debts her father has left them.

"Down with Love" is touted to offer laughter and romance to viewers as the two main characters discover their true feelings for each other.

Jerry Yan is Officially ‘Down with Love’

After his hit series “Meteor Garden” and “Hotshot,” Asian superstar Jerry Yan seems to be making the headlines once more as he is reportedly ready to fall in love and has developed feelings for his co-star.

But before his fans react, this new and rather ‘unlikely’ flame Jerry is talking about is actually the love interest of Elvin, the role he is playing in the much-awaited romantic comedy “Down with Love” premiering Monday (Oct 25) on ABS-CBN.

Read More Here

Sunday, October 17, 2010

No. 1 Homebody {zhai nan} : Jerry Yan ~ Walks out of his place in silly way

translated by kym @

Number 1 Homebody {zhai nan} : Jerry Yan ~ Walks out of his place in silly way

极品宅男亮相女性时尚杂志 The Best of Homebody appears in a trendy women’s magazine
宅男独白私房话 He talks candidly about his private life

‘zhai nan’ is a version of the term derived from Japanese “otaku”. It refers to guys who obsessed with manga or computer games of pretty, young girls. Later on, it referred to “people who stay at home, avoid contact with others because of their obsessive hobby of a certain nature.” In Jan 2010, the term has been included in the latest edition of the {English-Chinese Dictionary}.

由权威机构发布的“中国宅男宅女研究报告”显示:30个中国内陆城市的调查数据表明,2005-2007三年来,15-35岁之间的内地宅人数量呈逐年上 升趋势,2007年已达到647.8万人的高峰,占同龄人比例的21%。80%的宅人在29岁以下,是一个庞大的独生子女群体。每10个人中,就有2个宅 人“潜伏”。
“China’s zhai nan and zhai nu research report” was carried out in 30 mainland cities. The report indicated that from 2005 to 2007, mainlanders aged 15 to 35 years old were homebodies. The figure was rising annually. In 2007, it peaked at 6.478 million, making up 21% of the similar age group. 80% of them are 29 years old and below, the majority is from single-child families. In every 10 persons, 2 have the potential to be homebodies.   

Internationally renowned women’s magazine in its October issue of {Cosmo} has its readers select many of the best of zhai nan in the Entertainment Industry. What their mysterious home lives and exclusive reveal about them. This will definitely start a wave of discussion about “The Good zhai nan”.

No. 1 zhai nan : Jerry Yan ~ Walks out of his place in a silly way

在娱乐圈,我—直在以自己的方式,甚至是比较笨的方式往前走。可能很多人因为知名度的变化、见识的人越来越多,会与以前不一样。我却一直告诉自己,还是要 跟之前一样。现在的我虽然赚了钱,但并不想要住很大的房子,开很多的跑车。我希望自己传达给人们的印象是,言承旭虽然在变得成熟,但没有改变。
In the Entertainment Circle, I’ve always been used my own way doing things even though it may not be an intelligent way of moving ahead. Perhaps many have changed themselves and their perspectives due to fame and are totally different from before. But I’ve always told myself that I must be the same as before. Even though I’ve made money but I don’t want to live in a very big house or get a fast car. I hope that the impression that I give others is that Jerry Yan has matured but he hasn’t changed at all.

私下里的我,其实是那种蛮自闭,要求很简单的人。舞厅、夜店那样的地方基本不会去,就喜欢一个人安安静静待在家里,做些自己的事—一洗衣服、打扫,我喜欢 家里超整齐,这样会很舒服,如果很乱,看起来会没有精神。我也会做东西给自己吃。以前我可是做过一小段厨房工作的,所以简单的炒菜都会。
In private, I’m kind of ‘autistic’ actually. My wants are very simple. I don’t frequent night spots and like to stay quietly at home doing my own stuff – washing clothes and tidying up. I like my place to be spick and span as it feels very comfortable. If it gets very messy, it feels lethargic. I like to cook things for myself too. Did work in a kitchen before so I can do simple stir-fries.

When I’m alone at home, I would wake up naturally then I’ll go for exercise – swimming, running and playing basketball. I also read, watch TV, DVDs and listen to instrumental music like the piano. The instrument of choice depends on how my mood was.

我跟很多人不太一样,到现在还是像个男孩——很单纯,会傻傻地相信这个世界。我想男人与男孩的最大区别是,男人会更有责任感一些,懂得对周围的人多一点关 心,体贴。这一点,我到现在还在学习。我自己现在依然不能算是男人。如果要说我身上男人与男孩的比例的话,大概是0.01比9.99。但是,最近我看了一 部内地的电影《集结号》,真的很男人很棒。我开始非常想尝试谷子地那样的角色——希望—个比较Man、比较原始、留胡子、剃平头、没有化妆的言承旭。
Compared to many others, I’m quite different. Up till now, I’m still very much like a boy – very innocent and I believe what the world holds. The biggest difference I think between a man and a boy is that a man is more responsible. He shows more concern and understanding to those around him. This is an area that I’m working on right now. I myself feel that I’m still not yet a man. If I were to put the man and boy in me as a ratio, it would likely be 0.01 to 9.99. But I saw a mainland movie, {The Assembly} recently and I thought the actors were so macho, so great. I really hope that I can try my hand at the character, gu zi. I hope to become Jerry Yan who is more ‘man’, more primeval with a beard, shaven head and no make-up.

One day, I hope that I can own a huge ranch. My mother will definitely be there and the woman who stayed with me till the very end. I will sit with her at the front porch and watch the sun slowly setting together.


the new

to all jerry fans, kindly check the new

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jerry Yan Took a Half Year Break due to Gastritis Estimated Financial Loss Up to NT$4.7 billions

October 13 2010 Apple Daily, Taipei–
Jerry Yan Took a Half Year Break due to Gastritis Estimated Financial Loss Up to NT$4.7 billions


Jerry Yan has been recovering from Gastritis for the past 6months. He had to turn down a lot of deals including 20 TV dramas, 10 movies,15 events, totaling NT$4.7 bi...llions. He is now fully recovered and was seen preparing to get back to work. He was seen going to a hair stylist for a hair job in preparation of a publicity photo-shoot in Japan.He arrived in his 10 year old car and his face covered by lowered baseball cap.

Jerry Yan has endured huge work load since last year. He finished shooting of [Down with Love], made the album [Freedom], and published his memoir [9314 Man and Boy]. His health condition has been hugely impaired by the heavy work schedule. He reduced his work to promotional tours only in the past few months. He also took the time for other activities, such as visiting the children at the Catholic Children and Juvenile Center. Lately he has started to prepare for his future jobs.
In the evening of October 12, Jerry drove his precious old car Cefiro to [Hair Culture], a hair stylist in Northeast Taipei,for a hair cut. He appeared very casual with long hair touching his shoulders. His face was covered by lowered baseball cap but his beard was still noticeable. His agency explained that he was there to get the hair done for his publicity photo-shoot in Japan.

According to research, Jerry has turned down quite a few jobs including idol drama [Material Queen] and 20 other TV dramas each could have earned him NT$17 millions. He has also turned down 10 movie deals priced at NT$50 millions and 15 events for NT$80 millions. The total estimate is about NT$4.7 billions. If he has worked during this time, he could have already earned NT$50 millions. His agency commented that Jerry’s health is the most important consideration and they want to focus on the quality of the work.

During the downtime, Jerry has been taking English andJapanese lessens. He shared his favorite English quote with his fans on Sinablog two days ago: “Find out what makes you feel better inside. No matter whatis going on outside. Wish you all find that happiness inside”. The birth of hisnephew has brought him happiness like a new father although he is not veryexperienced at baby-caring.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What is Netiquette?

Am sorry Jerry Yan Friends and Online Readers, This comment I've read caught my attention.

Actually it stands for internet or network etiquette.
Every person who is active online should practice such kind of trait.

Pointers to consider from

Number 6 is the BEST EXAMPLE:

Stick to the topic when posting a message. Don't indiscriminately post unrelated comments, or worse--advertisements. This practice, known as SPAMMING.

:) What about this screencap? Is it related to JERRY YAN Fan Blog?

To the person in charge, am sorry to you. If you would like to promote your activity, YOU SHOULD EMAIL ME.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jerry Updated his Blog

Otc 12. 2010

translation from 小仔的星空  of

言承旭Jerry:大家都好嗎?來上英文課囉! 這是我最近讀到的一段話,我很喜歡,跟大家分享: Find out what makes you feel better inside. No matter what is going on outside. 希望大家都先找到自己內心的快樂歐!

(Translation: Hello, everyone. Let us have an English class. This is a sentence which I have read recently, I like it very much, so I'd like to share it with you: Find out what makes you feel better inside. No matter what is going on outside.  I hope you all find your inner happiness!)

This is also posted on his blog @

Monday, October 11, 2010

Down with Love teaser at ABS-CBN (Philippines)

Finally, I was able to catch this awesome teaser for Down With Love. I am wondering if this series will air first before Autumn's Concerto.

I was surprised on the introduction, in tagalog/filipino - magbabalik ang King of Asianovela! The King of Asianovela is back - JERRY YAN

And, of course, he is to me - the one and only KING of Asianovela! hahaha!

Here's the teaser I've got from PinoyExchange

Friday, October 1, 2010

Jerry Yan reveals almost sordid past

Pop idol says that he "nearly became a gigolo"

----Jerry Yan

If not for his mum, singer Jerry Yan would probably be a gigolo instead of the pop idol he is today.

"Because I'm good at peeling grape skins, I had the potential to be a gigolo," joked Jerry Yan at the recording of Chinese variety show, Fei Chang Jing Ju Li.

"I nearly went astray when I was young. If not for my mum who brought me back to the right path, there wouldn't be me today. "

Currently in China for promotions of his latest pictorial book, which reportedly took five years to produce, Jerry talked at lengths about his family.

As a child from a single-parent family, the pop star felt that he never knew how to love somebody, and also added that he shared a "sibling-like" relationship with his divorcee mum.

"In certain aspects, I'm more like an older brother (to my mum)," he quipped.

The star also revealed that he felt like he has failed in all his relationships.

"Even if I wanted to, I don't know how to express my love sometimes. I only know how to carry all burdens on my shoulder," he said.

To maintain Jerry's idol image, his surprising revelation will not be aired on television. However, raw clips of the recording have since gone viral.