Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jerry's Fan Meeting - October 27, 2007

Hi Everyone,
Am reporting the events took place last Saturday, Jerry's Fan Meeting in Nangang Sports Center.
As early as 9:am registration started for those names were drawn. Those members whose names were not drawn still went there and finally allowed entry to venue.
Lot's of MIA jewelry were on sale and the Jerry's Story Package topped the sales, its being sold for NT5,400.00. Some Jerry shirts were being sold also for about NT1,000.00
The event started at 3:30pm. Jerry was wearing white sleeveless shirt and black best on top, so shuaii. He is more handsome and gained a few pounds. His build is really nice which makes him looks so shuaii (Handsome).
the first game was basketball. Nest is Jerry appeared to be a hotdog vendor and he wore thick eyeglasses and appeared toothless in front, Jerry looked really funny, and those luicky sj member names drawn were given hotdog which Jerry prepared, this was really funny i was able to document it using my handycam and the next all sj member b-days celebrants were called to stage and Jerry came with a big birthday cake and each celebrant told her birthday wishes to Jerry.
The event ended around 4:40pm.
Detailed report will be shared once i return to Manila.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Updates, October 30

Updates, October 30

Today, TW Apple Daily reported about Jerry's newest contact lenses commercial (the one made in Shanghai). The commercial is directed by Guan Jing Peng (Stanley Kwan), the image designer is Zhang Shu Ping, and Jerry's talent fee is over NT$10 millions. The commercial will only be broadcasted in Mainland China. In the commercial, he is a hitman.

Apple also reported when Jerry was followed by paparazzi after showing up at ZZ's autograph session two nights ago, he shifted seat with his co-worker being the driver trying to get rid of the paparazzi. When it was not successful, he called back up and tried to get away by driving in the alley. Unfortunately, his car is too long and when he tried to back up, the bumper of his car lightly scratched the front of his friend's car. Oh well!

Liberty Times reported that the production team of Golden Bell Award has invited Jerry to be an award presenter. Mao Liang said that Jerry was planned to work in Japan on that day, but they would try their best to attend the award show.

Lian He Bao reported that the filming of the commercial took 3 days and Jerry earned NT$12 millions. After Tourist Bureau's event, he will go back to Japan for special training, and technically he won't be back to TW until the filming of BOF starts. The commercial will have 2 versions: 30 and 45 seconds. It will be broadcasted in Mainland China starting in December. Mao Liang indicates that the manufacturer plans to spend NT$320 millions for promotion. It was also reported when the media were not present during the filming, Jerry was very relaxed and he fooled around with the staff. Even Director Guan/Kwan couldn't help but saying, "He really likes a kid."

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

SJ Gathering Updates

According to fans, when interviewed, Jerry confirmed that he is working on his solo album and then he will start filming a drama. In the fans gathering, firstly, fans were chosen to shoot the basketball with him. Then with a big mole on his cheek and a black sticker on his tooth, Jerry pretended to be a hawker who sells sausage. 4 lucky fans were chosen to taste the sausages grilled by him. In the process, it was hilarious that Jerry made tons of Mr. Fitness poses on the stage. Then 10 fans who have Oct. birthdays were chosen. Jerry brought out a cake and everyone sang happy birthday to them. Then Jerry fed the fans with the fruits on the cake. He asked each lucky fan to make a wish. One wished Jerry would give her a hug and her wish was fulfilled. Then, a HK fan wished to have a ticket for tomorrow's event and her wish was fulfilled as well. Lastly, a draw to decide the location of next year's SJ fans gathering, and it will be in HK.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Translated News 10/22

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Oct. 22, 2007

Today in Huang Yun Ling's news, it was mentioned that "due to Yan Cheng Xu's nature of being a perfectionist, He spent almost all his time on his solo album in the first half of the year, and each song required one week to finish recording."

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

NHK The Hospital Website

credit axuaya of www.nbbbs.comthe newly opened NHK The Hospital Website

Please visit whenever you have time and spread out the link.

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Some pics from HMV JapanDVD part1 - Kyoto

DVD part2 - Wakayama

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Friday, October 19, 2007



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Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Fire Basketball" Dream Team - Team Set! Basketball Battle with Jerry Yan, Show Luo, and Wu Zun, 10/18/2007

Idol Drama "Fire Basketball" is finally on deck to film as Jerry Yan, Show Luo, and Wu Zun set out for a battle on the basketball court. Filming for this new drama is starting at the end of November, with a cost of about $60 Million.

Jerry Yan's Discounted Appearance

Having not even started the filming process, "Fire Basketball" with Jerry, Show, and Zun has already started a commotion in Asia. Before Jerry had accepted the offer, at one time he had declined the offer due to the character role. It's because he feels that he cannot play a humorous role. Jerry is currently residing in Japan and the producer Fen Jia Rui sincerely flew to Japan a few times and offered to adjust his character to please Jerry in order to have him agree to do the drama.

Show Luo Anticipates"Acting Cool"

Jerry has already met with director, Lin He Long, and had given Jerry many suggestions, including improvements on his acting. In the drama, Jerry is a basketball master and Show Luo is his agile, spring-legged teammate, Show Luo says, "[This drama] allows me to act cool/handsome, so I'm looking forward to it." Show and Zun had met each other before on "100% Entertainment" (Yu Le Bai Fen Bai), at that time Zun had presented him with gym gloves. They not only exchanged phone numbers, but they would also play basketball together.

Wu Zun Doesn't Care about Ranking

These three handsome guys have a love for basketball and will soon set out a battle on the basketball court. How the 3 guy's roles are going to be set and how their rankings will is a major discussion topic. The most recently debuted of the 3 guys, Zun, says, "This isn't the main point. Show and Jerry are both my basketball friends. So it will be fascinating to work with them.

Leading Female Role Undecided and Still Vacant

It's understood that they had considered many female actors to fill the leading female role, from Barbie Xu, Rainie Yang, Angela Zhang to Gui Lun Mei, but as of now, the female leading role is still vacant. Comic-Ritz Company expressed, not only is "Basketball" having a hard time finding the leading female role actress, but the original female lead for a new drama "Fried Rice," Ren Xuan Rong (Kristen Ren, Selina's little sister) is also being replaced also due to the role of the character, so they also face the problem of finding a new female lead.

Translated by: o_ost1nao_o

Announcement from Starjerry

Starjerry opens the registration for 10/28 Event
Visit for more details

Oct. 17, 2007 Liberty Times

Oct. 17, 2007 Liberty Times

Yi Wei Chi reported that according to exclusive news, Jerry will rejoin the BOF cast with US$15000 per episode. Jerry will play a cool character, Xiao Zhu will play the funny character, and Wu Zun will play their rival.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

MIA - Jerry Design Collection

MIA - Jerry Design Collection


Jerry design collection


Everyone has his/her own story
I wish to make mine into markings in a book
Every page in the book records laughter and tears
I¡¦ll share with you when I am happy
I¡¦ll be with you when you are sad
Save every piece of the wonderful memories in ¡§Jerry Story¡¨
In the journey of life, let me hold your hand every step of the way
Please read carefully this story that brings you fortune
Let this story of fortune go on

You are the angels in my heart
Angels with innocent smiles and tender hearts
Because you are truly with me
I feel so touched by fortune
This feeling will stay with me forever
It will travel with me to the end of earth
When I am working toward my goals, I will not forget your silent support
Wish to become the necklace that represents ¡§Jerry¡¨, to be with you all the time
No matter wherever you are, I will be here
Be with you till the end of time
If there is ¡§forever¡¨, it will be my promise to you
Wish you would never be lonely.

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NO-1(Jerry design collection)

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Jerry design 2 * J FOR YOU *

J For You 1

J For You 2

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Yearly Great Work ~ First Showing of Jerry Yan’s Design NO-2(Jerry design collection)

Jerry’s second design idea:

This is the picture from the last Valentine’s Day promotion shoots. I really like it.
Very cool… So I saved it.

I thought about you who are always behind me. Yet we are seldom together. How could I convey through my design the desire to accompany you often? So I used the shadow that I like (Can you recognize me?) and added it to the word JERRY. I thought about you moving to tears, so I added a little jewel as an accessory especially. This says my thoughts are with you. They are sparkling in yours and my hearts. Let me reincarnate as the necklace and the bracelet to accompany you everyday.

Jerry’s design epilogue:

During the design of this product, I made many revisions. Sometimes the simpler the design, the harder it is to make it perfect. After repeated communications with the Mia Mold Master, happily I was finally able to finish it by the deadline. Hope you can feel my attentiveness and efforts. My being the first time designer, your comments are greatly appreciated.

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Jerry Story 1

Jerry Story 2

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Yearly Great Work ~ First Showing of Jerry Yan¡¦s Design
NO-1(Jerry design collection)


Mia Jewelry presents the complete design work of Jerry~
During a casual conversation more than a year ago, the fate and opportunity for a joint product design between Mia and Jerry was planted. Today, more than a year later, Mia and Jerry¡¦s dream finally comes true.

Jerry has represented Mia close to a thousand days. In addition to his fondness for the brand and products, he slowly developed the enthusiasm and interest in product design. Even though Jerry is not a professional designer, but he felt excited to express his dreams and favorite things in the design of silver jewelry. He also hopes to allow people to know him better and to get closer to him through his product design.

In October, the first phase comes to fruition as a result of the joint efforts of Mia and Jerry

There are four products from two design ideas. Following is the efforts of the last three months to share with you.

Jerry's first design idea:

This idea is based on my favorite things and dreams. It includes the following

Basketball ~My favorite exercise

Everytime when I play basketball, I can concentrate on the present. I can also forget unpleasant things. After a sweaty exercise, all my troubles get cleared away.

Cargo pants are part of my important ensemble. No matter whether I¡¦m in a photo shoot or acting, they accompany me all over the world. I like to be natural, casual and relaxed. Just like the cargo pants that give the impression of intimacy and closeness.

Books~My best friend to spend time

Reading a book is like making a new friend.
Reading a book is like walking into a story. Wish that I were like a good book to you. Doesn¡¦t matter whether happy or sad, let us share. Read me. listen to me. Understand me¡K

Cowboy boots~the extension of my dream

Owning a ranch has been the dream deep in my heart. White clouds like cotton candies hanging in the blue skies, horses running happily¡Kendless green grass. These are the sceneries that I dream about. Cowboy boots are necessary items for a rancher like me!

Jerry's design epilogue:

Used the combination of basketball, cargo pants, book and cowboy boots to form a product design. Expressed the design in necklaces and bracelets. The book can be opened. I was very diligent, wasn't I!

Bracelets have four of my favorite things also. Hope you'll like them


News, October 6


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Apple article today wrote abt TH broadcasting in Japan & his products available in Japan such as calender & DVD. the article wrote abt Jerry's DVD being ranked no. 1 on HMV & that Jerry's related products are selling very well in Japan.

according to Matt Cheng, even though the products produced in Japan are costlier but its of good quality & Jerry spend a lot of time on it, definitely worth the buy. the newsarticle also wrote that Jerry is still in Japan & wont make a public appearance until 10/28 tourism event. (fatty2: they overlooked the 10/27 SJ fan session).

Thanks to Joan Viernes @ JVKV

Mia Jewelry

A big massage on Xumi2004's hands

"The book can be opened. I was very diligent, wasn't I!"

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Inside the book, there are 5 symbols: innocence, felicity, enthusiasm, share, and honesty
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"This is the picture from the last Valentine’s Day promotion shoots. I really like it. Very cool… So I saved it."
Free Image Hosting at

"So I used the shadow that I like (Can you recognize me?) and added it to the word JERRY."
Free Image Hosting at

"During the design of this product, I made many revisions."
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

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Friday, October 12, 2007


Following in the footsteps of his very "close friend" Lin Chi-ling, Jerry Yan is eyeing the silver screen again. The first time around, he starred in an obscure romantic comedy Magic Kitchen. That was three years ago. Yan's reentry into the coveted movie biz is most likely to be grand and in style as the star was last week caught by paparazzi attending a dinner meeting with not one but three doyens of Hong Kong's cinema industry: Stanley Kwan; Wong Kar-wai; and William Chang.Gossip hounds staking out the joint caught the heartthrob off guard as he walked out of the restaurant after six hours of eating, drinking and getting acquainted with the showbiz movers and shakers. Swiftly escorted and pushed into a car by his escort/agent, Yan disappeared into the night, leaving pundits to ponder the star's next move.

By Ho YiSTAFF REPORTER Friday, 2007 October 12, Page 14

Oct 11, 2007 - China Times

Oct 11, 2007 - China Times

The ratings of TH in Shanghai were not outstanding due to lack of promotion and poor broadcast time (kkla: and also due to piracy, a lot of people have watcched it online, and the long holidays this month). It is so very different from the ratings in Japan. After TH has been broadcasted on the BS Channel, wonderful reviews were received. In addition to the hot sales of his DVD photo albums and official mechandise, it is rumored that Jerry will rent a place in Japan, continue improving his Japanese, and focus his career on the Japanese market.

Regarding renting a place in Japan, his agent denied and indicates that there is no such plan at this point, but Jerry will surely continue learning Japanese. Yan Cheng Xu, who is in TW at this time, just finished taking the advertising photos for the silver jewelry (Jerry design collection) that he endorses. More series of products will be out in Christmas.

On the 28th, F4 will meet with fans again for the Tourism Bureau and the day before Jerry will have a fans gathering with 1500 fans by lucky draw. It was rumor that Jerry will accept the role in BOF and film it with Wu Zun, and his role will be revised. On the other hand, his agency indicates that nothing has been decided yet.

kkla: Based on the content of tons of blog articles about TH collected by fans, TH's impact on the audiences is way way beyond what the ratings represent.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007


According to Liberty Times, after Jerry rejected BOF last month, BOF's producer Feng Jia Rei continues persuading him with sincerty that there may be a chance for Jerry to play basketball with Wu Zun. For the last 6 months, after Jerry and Wu Zun were appointed as the main leads, disturbing rumors/news have never stopped. After Jerry formally rejected the project in September, he promoted TH in Japan right after. However, BOF's producer didn't give up. He followed Jerry to Japan and hopes to persuade him with sincerty. Originally, Jerry plays a funny/silly role when Wu Zun plays the cool character. As a funny/silly role doesn't match Jerry's image, the production team is willing to allow Jerry to play the cool character and Wu Zun will play another newly created role. Even if Jerry can't take the role, the production team is willing to change the script, and to allow Jerry to make guest appearances only. As Jerry met with Wang Jia Wei and Guan Jin Peng in HK days ago, the main focus of his career will be on movies next year that he may not have time to film idol dramas at the same time. However, with the high sincerty from the production team of BOF, according to source, Jerry is seriously considering to go back to the "basketball court". On the other hand, Jerry's agent Chang Mao Liang indicates in a low profile, "Never heard of it. No answer."

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Oct 10, 2007
Liberty Times

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jerry went HK to meet Director Wang Kai Wei & Director Kwan Jin Peng

Liberty Times reported, per Singtao of HK, Jerry was in HK last Wednesday, and his agent, Mao Liang, and he met with famous HK directors Wang Jia Wei and Guan Jin Peng, and art director/editor/director Zhang Shu Ping. They met in a hotpot restaurant and had dinner for 6 hours.The dinner didn't finish until 2am. When Jerry came out, the front door of the restaurant was closed already. Therefore, Jerry left at the back door. Once the related personnels found the reporters, Jerry was rushed onto the transportation, like a criminal. The scene was so funny that even Jerry tittled.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pre-order tickets for Jerry's upcoming DVD/photo album

Pre-order tickets for Jerry's upcoming DVD/photo album

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According to Yan Xiao Yu, on the pre-order tickets, it was written that there will be an interview of Jerry revealing his true feelings in the "Kyoto" DVD/photo album and clip(s) of Jerry playing with animals like penguin, dolphins, etc..., in the "Wakayama" DVD/photo album