Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Waiting For You - @ HMV AND YesAsia Links


Waiting For You

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New F4 Album "Waiting For You"

New F4 Album "Waiting For You"
release date is 19 Dec 2007
1. Goodbye / F4
2. No Escape / F4
3. You Are My Only Persistence / Jerry Yan
4. Listen to Your Heart /Vanness Wu
5. Should Not / Vic Zhou
6. Love Non Stop / Ken Zhu
7. 7 Days / Vannes Wu
8. White / Vic Zhou
9. No Matter / Ken Zhu
10. I Love You / Jerry Yan

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NEWS BITS:F4 will present to the public the songs of "Wish You Were Here."

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Next month, F4 will present to the public the songs of "Wish You Were Here." There will also be some solo songs included in the presentation.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Blog Message from Jerry

StarJerry members,
Jerry posted a New Message on his Blog
Please Check it

*same as posted by apple daily but much more detailed report.hehe!!!!

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Nov. 29, 2007 - Liberty Times

Nov. 29, 2007 - Liberty Times

kkla: As this news article was mainly released by Comic on Wu Zun, so only Jerry's part was extracted.


Although Wu Zun was listed as No. 3 in the quantity of his parts in Hot Shot, days ago, he tried to regain his 'face' and attempted to invade Yan Cheng Xu's market in Japan by leading Fareinheit's promotion there.

For the 2 recent years, Yan Cheng Xu's market in Japan has been well developed that he has long been in the No. 1 seat among all the TW male artistes who want to open the Japanese market...

Not long ago, in addition to TH's promotion and broadcast in Japan creating a momentum, he has the selling power of US$30,000 per episode in Japan, Yan Cheng Xu has become A cast among all the artistes who have developed in the Japanese market.

...Being A cast, Yan Cheng Xu is not easy to defeat. Besides having great improvement in his Japanese, numerous movie and idol drama projects have 'waved their hands' at him. Jerry also plans to have concert in Japan in the 2nd half of next year, in order to maintain his 'Yi Ge' status.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nov. 28, 2007 - TW Apple Daily (Comparing Idol Drama Actors)

Nov. 28, 2007 - TW Apple Daily

TW Apple Daily reported when comparing idol drama actors' yearly income, Jerry is no. 1 with app. NT50 millions in 2007, 2nd is ZZ with NT48 millions, and Ken is the 3rd with NT27 millions. The 4th is He Jun Xiang with NT22.5 milliions and no. 5 is Zheng Yuan Chang with NT18.5 millions.

No1. Yan Cheng Xu
endorsement: Mia silver jewelry, Pepsi, and Contact lens in Mainland China, about NT27 millions
DVD photo album 2 pieces: NT10 millions
Endorsing for Tourist Bureau: NT8 millions
Membership fee of his official website: NT5 millions (kkla: Huh? )
Total: NT 50 millions

kkla: If the above information is accurate, Jerry still doesn't make much profit as others, as he has his own company and official website that need a lot of money to maintain.

credits to

Nov. 28, 2007 - TW Apple Daily

Nov. 28, 2007 - TW Apple Daily

kkla: Yesterday, Jerry just updated his blog with pictures of his apartment in Tokyo. Today, TW Apple Daily put the whole story on the front page of entertainment news already.

Yan Cheng Xu's secret location in Tokyo for 3 months has been exposed. Yesterday, his offiicial blog displayed pictures of this '6 Ping' (kkla: about 20 sq. m.) small home with his 'beloved transportation'. Heard that he is 'Yi Ge' in saving money, and he relied on food and drink in the convenient stores in private. His agent, Zhang Mao Liang, indicates, "He is not stingy. He paid for the travel expenses for co-workers' birthdays. He is pretty generous"

The apartment's rent was about NT30,000 per week, and it was paid by the Japanese agency.

In his blog, he wrote, "A while ago, under the agency's arrangement, I went to Tokyo taking some lessions and watching some drama performance. It had been 3 very fulfilling months." In the past, he was a dummie in computer. In order to lower the phone payment, he has great improvement in his computer knowledge, and he started to use Skype for communicating with family and friends in TW. He has also met some local friends in his language class. He adjusted pretty well.

Zhang Mao Liang indicates, "This apartment was found by the agency, about medium price. Buying a bike as he wanted to exercise" As Yan Cheng Xu has popularity in Japan, he is easily recognized when going out for meal. Therefore, due to convenience, he almost relied on food/drink in the convenient stores when needed.

Yan Cheng Xu's thrifty is well known. For some time, he travelled by motorcycle. Even he lived in Japan for a short period of time, he didn't shown any superstar's ostentation. Fans even found him wearing old shoes a lot. His agent stated, "He doesn't have high requirement in material prosperity. He likes to wear his preferred clothes repeatedly, but he is very generous in work related investment." His friend revealed after returning to ordinary life in Japan, he has realized from experiences that he needs to treasure what he is having now.

Jerry's apartment in Tokyo
rent: NT30,000 per week
food: Mainly sandwiches and lunch boxes from convenient stores
Clothing: Jeans and tees. Wore cap when going out to hide his face
Living: 6 Ping
Transportation: Bike, tram, and bus sometimes
source of information: Dramadream

Credits to KKLA @

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yan Cheng Xu And Wu Zun Have Faces, The Copyright Was All Sold Out

kkla: I think although Jerry doesn't want to compete with others, Mao Liang and SJ still need to protect him and to make sure that he won't be underestimated or belitted by others whenever necessary.

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Nov. 25, 2007
Lian He Bao - By Yang Qi Feng
Yan Cheng Xu And Wu Zun Have Faces, The Copyright Was All Sold Out

The fight between the two "Yi Ge"(No. 1 guy) has extended from TW to overseas. Hot Shot's overseas broadcast copyright in different locations/countries has been sold. Because of Yan Cheng Xu, the broadcast copyright in Japan has been sold for NT1 million per episode, and Wu Zun is even better, as HK, Korea, and Southeast Asia countires all specified that he is the one they want. Therefore, it is for sure that Hot Shot will make profits, instead of losing money.

Hot Shot which casts Yan Cheng Xu, Wu Zun, and Xiao Zhu has just started filming. With this cast, the overseas broadcast copyright has been sold wonderfully. GTV's General Manager, Lin Bai Chuan, confirmed yesterday that Hot Shot's NT60 million production fee has been covered by the selling of its overseas broadcast copyright. It all relies on the 2 'spade A cards', Yan Cheng Xu and Wu Zun.

According to information, both Yan Cheng Xu and Wu have high popularity in different areas overseas. Because of Yan Cheng Xu's high popularity in Japan, Japanese company initiated the copyright fee of US$30,000 (around NT$1 million. kkla: Please note that The Hospital's copyright was sold in Japan with around US$20,000 per episode, which was record high among TW's dramas.) per episode. On the other hand, the copyright of Hot Shot in Southeast Asia areas, such as Korea, HK, etc..., was sold solely because of Wu Zun. Lin Bai Chuan said, "Korea is the most difficult place to sell tv dramas, but the ratings of Hana. Kimi. in Korea played by Wu Zun were not bad, and he was even included in the nomination of the Best Newcomer Award, so he has popularity in Korea. This time, Hot Shot's broadcast copyright in Korea was sold solely because of him."

Lin Bai Chuan indicates, at the beginning, when GTV wanted to develop the Korean market, it was a bloody war, as GTV reduced and offered the price of about US$2,000(about NT66,000) per episode to the Korean buyers, which was half of the original amount. Later, Hana. Kimi. was being sold for US$5000 (NT170,000) per episode. Now, relying on Wu Zun's popularity, Hot Shot's copyright in Korea was sold at the price of US$8,000 (NT260,000) per episode. It was 4x of the beginning. Yan Cheng Xu's popularity in Japan is very stable, but Wu Zun has invaded all his(Jerry's) southeast markets except Japan, and Wu has become TW's newest "Yi Ge"(No. 1 guy). General Manager of Xin Shi Xian (the company which manages HK ATV at this time), Qi Jia Ji, said, "Yan Cheng Xu hasn't had too many productions recently. He may film just 1 drama per year. However, Wu Zun is younger, and the price is reasonable. Therefore, drama buyers incline to work with Wu Zun instead."


kkla: How come I got the feeling that Jerry was belittled again after being used?

1. The Hospital's copyright has been sold for more than NT100 millions throughout the world, including Southeast Asia, Europe, US, and even Australia, except Korea. Why? May be because Korea is very protective of its own dramas, may be Koreans think that TH is too expensive, and/or may be because Koreans planned to film its own version of White Tower at that time. Regardless, it is for sure not because of Yan Cheng Xu's selling power.

2. If I remember right, a while ago, it was reported after Jerry indicates his desire to quit BOF, investment from Mainland China and other locations was withdrawn, and the project was almost aborted. That's why the producer visited Jerry in Japan three times and persuaded to reconsider. If the credit of the good sales of Hot Shot's copyright in overseas except Japan should be given to Wu, then wait for so long until his parts need to be cut, as his schedule is delayed and it will be interfered with the filming of his next drama? If Hot Shot's copyright can be sold with a higher price solely with Wu, who will even have fewer parts in the drama, why needs Yan Cheng Xu? If Yan Cheng Xu is needed by GTV and the production team for his market value, why reject his market value immediately after the copyright was sold?

3. NT1 million vs NT260,000 per episode. Like Mao Liang said, the quality of the drama and his acting are Jerry's most concerned. If the production team/Wu's agency, and GTV wants to promote new popular idols to overseas markets by matching others to Jerry's level. I think Jerry won't mind at all, as he clearly indicated in the past that he wanted more actors/actresses can be successful beyond the TW market. However, in order to promote others, is it necessary to totally deny Jerry's credits? If Jerry is underestimated/belittled, even Jerry and SJ are generous not to get into this kind of publicity-gaining fight, Jerry fans won't let it be.

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Nov. 22, 2007 -Liberty Times

Nov. 22, 2007 -Liberty Times

The filming of GTV's Hot Shot has started. In the press conference, the eldest Yan Cheng Xu gave up the middle position to the 2nd eldest Luo Zhi Xiang when taking pictures, and it created a balanced image with 3 first-class idols.

The press conference of Hot Shot was finally held regardless of all the obstacles. Yan Cheng Xu, Luo, and Wu were finally on the same stage with their fans trying to show their greatest support in behind. Yan Cheng Xu's fans mostly came from Japan and Korea. Their faces look familiar as they just attended the Tourist Bureau gathering last month. Because of Hot Shot's press conference, they are not afraid of all the hardship and they came to TW again to support Yan Cheng Xu, even their hearts won't ache when spending the money on air tickets, hotels, those creative basketball-look-alike balloons, and flower baskets.

The press conference was held in NanKang Sports center. As it was a weekday yesterday, the venue, which can hold more than 1000 people, was filled with about 500 fans only. Among them, Yan Cheng Xu had the most number of fans, when Wu had the most number of flower baskets and Luo's fans had very high spirit.

On the stage, Yan Cheng Xu teased Wu for playing hard when girls were present, and Luo teased Wu for wanting to eat all the time. The filming has not started but they already have very good interaction.


China Times' report was similar to the above, except that "The grouping of Yan Cheng Xu, Xiao Zhu, and Wu Zun in Hot Shot was considered as the Super AAA cast. Yan Cheng Xu's fans are mostly from Japan and HK, with powerful presentation. Xiao Zhu's are with highest spirit and the most screaming. Wu's fans had shown their effort by wearing yellow sports tees/uniforms."

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Nov. 22, 2007 - Lian He Bao

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Nov. 22, 2007 - Lian He Bao

Hot Shot, which has been prepared for 3 years and its production fee will be NT60 million, had a press conference yesterday for announcing the start of its filming yesterday. With the 3 major idols on the same stage, it attracted about 500 fans to attend.

In the 35-minute press conference, it was clear that they interacted like they were not very familiar with each other, but competition among rivals was not seen.

Yan Cheng Xu has been taking lessons in Japan for 2 months. After pretending to be ugly in his fans gathering, he spontaneously told jokes in the press conference, which was very different from his usual having straight face. (kkla: Sighing! I can't remember when was the last time Jerry had a straight face in public) Although he was arranged to be the first on the listing and when giving speech, even standing in the middle when taking pictures, he independently gave out his middle position to Xiao Chu (Luo), and it clearly shows his intention of not wanting to fight for the "No 1" title.

Then it was reported that Jerry talked about his experences with Wu and how they first met. Then, it was also reported that all 3's idol is Michael Jordon, and Luo's encounter with him when he went to TW last time.

In order to fulfill the dream of having the dreamteam with Yan Cheng Xu, Luo Zhi Xiang, and Wu Zun, the script of Hot Shot has been revised for over 10 times, and even the original name 'Basketfireball' was just changed to 'Hot Shot' by the producer, Feng Jia Rui, in the morning. Before the press conference, GTV's administers were so nervous that he kept running to the restroom. The production team is under a lot of pressure, as the three big idols have only limited time for the filming that the filming will focus on Yan and Wu in December, and Luo in January. The real challenge has just started.


Another article by Lian He Bao also reported after having the 3 big idols in the dreamteam, many manufacturers initated sponsorship in the drama, and the amount has exceeded NT10 millions. For instance, the sports goods and equipment will be sponsored by Adidas, drink by Hey Song, cellphone by LG, etc...

However, the quality of the drama is still considered to be the No. 1 priority by the producer, Feng Jia Riu, and he won't compromise just because the sponsored products are available.

The female lead of Hot Shot has yet to be determined. In the drama, Jiang Yi will play a coach.

credits to

Nov. 21, 207 - Liberty Times

Nov. 21, 207 - Liberty Times

According to the reporter, Yi Wei Chi, with the talk of whether Yan Cheng Xu or Luo is "Yi Ge" (meaning like No. 1 guy) has been around for days, in the press conference, GTV listed out Yan Cheng Xu first, then Luo, and Wu on invitation cards. GTV explained that this arrangement is based on the time they have participated in dramas. With all the obstacles, it was not easy for GTV to group all 3 "Yi Ge"s together, and GTV didn't clearly indicate who is the real "Yi Ge".

Regarding who would speak first in the press conference, it would be the director. After that, the director would decide who to follow.

As the press conference was open for fans to attend, all three artistes' fans have started their master-supporting projects. Not just the fans in TW need to skip work/school, fans from overseas will come to TW from different locations, such as HK, Japan, etc...

Although Wu will have fewer parts in Hot Shot, his fans have planned to show his popularity in public.

kkla: The tone of GTV and Liberty Times' news was ok on Nov. 21.
credits to

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pop Stop, Friday, Nov 23, 2007, Page 14

Pop Stop

Compiled By Ho Yi
Friday, Nov 23, 2007, Page 14

Veteran actor Chang Kuo-chu went from being a winner to a loser in one fell swoop.
The most embarrassing moment in the Golden Bell Awards' (金鐘獎) 42-year history came to light on Monday when the jury panel confessed that a top honor, the Best Supporting Actor accolade, was awarded to the wrong person at the ceremony on Saturday. The real winner was Hong Kong-based Chang Chia-nien (張嘉年), also known as Tai Pao (太保), not veteran actor Chang Kuo-chu (張國柱).

Jury committee convener Wang Chang-an (王長安) explained that the two nominees' similar-sounding names confused the awards ceremony presenter, which is the same as saying, "Oops, we handed the envelope to the wrong person."

What showbiz pundits are wondering is how badly the jury members squirmed on the night of the awards ceremony, which was televised live.

An anonymous source, quoted in the Chinese-language press, claims jury members were called back for an emergency meeting during the ceremony. Official statements indicate the jury assembled on Sunday to formulate a damage-control policy and came up with a solution that was supposed to make everyone happy: the award goes to both Changs.

Gracefully accepting the trophy that didn't actually belong to him, Chang Kuo-chu couldn't help but voice his discontent by saying to the local press: "Rather than a celebration party, I'll just treat everyone to a bowl of Udon noodles [Udon is written as 烏龍 in Chinese, a term that means 'daft mistake']."

(Veteran actor Chang Kuo-chu, Nominated for Best Supporting Actor for THE HOSPITAL)


BOF Presscon Photos by Joyce@Jerry-ilya

Go to this album

Jerry Yan - Real Film Collection Part 1 -SNAPSHOTS

Jerry Yan - F4 Real Film Collection Part 1

credits as tagged

Please go to this album for more photos
Jerry Yan - F4 Real Film Collection Part 1

More Photos - BOF Presscon

Thursday, November 22, 2007

“Basketball of Fire” Begins Filming, “Fans Support” Competition

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 Taiwan

Submitted by o_ost1nao_o

“Basketball of Fire” Begins Filming, “Fans Support” Competition


The country’s 3 biggest male idols, Jerry Yan, Show Luo, and Wu Zun are filming a new drama “Basketball of Fire.” Today, November 21st, they held an open press conference, which not only attracted tons of fans, but ever since the preparation of filming, there has been a constant “battle” of pay, rank, and role. It was thought that during the press conference, they’d officially talk about this “battle,” but it turned out that none of the three actors had any sort of resentment towards each other, “no smell of gun powder.” Turns out that Jerry and Wu Zun had known each other before, and had been good friends with Show, so the three just expressed that the ranking “battle” is all works of the media, and that they hope everyone will put their focus on the drama performances. At the press conference, they officially announced the commencement of the filming of “Basketball of Fire.”

This is unlike any other drama, “Basketball of Fire” has very high production cost. They plan to film 90 minute episodes, 13 in total, $60 Million TWD. They’re planning to release this drama in the summer of 2008 in complement with the Olympics fever. And at the end of next year, overseas countries that include: Japan, Korean, South Eastern Asia, Hong Kong, and more will also begin to air the drama. This will definitely trigger an unprecedented wave in the Asia.

In the drama, Coco Chiang (Jiang Yi) will be playing the role of a basketball coach; she also attended the press conference as well. Since, “Angel Lover,” she will re-enter idol drama acting. This time she will not only have to keep her picturesque image on screen, but she will have to study basketball moves and reinforce the character’s personality. This is going to be a breakthrough for Coco.

Show Luo’s Love for basketball is renowned in the entertainment industry. The role he’ll be playing, “Yuan Da Ying,” made a big impression on him. He [Yuan Da Ying] has an extremely friendly personality, agility and potential unbounded, with a basketball dream to acheieve; he’ll be a vibrant character in Basketball of Fire. As for Jerry, he’ll be playing the role of the wealthy, basketball prodigy star, Dong Fang Xiang. Not only did he [Dong Fang Xiang] establish an undefeated record, he’s also a very welcomed basketball player. For this drama, Jerry had specially made time to film it, in hopes that everyone will be able to see a different him. Wu Zun’s character “Wu Ji Zun,” is on the enemy team against Jerry and Show, he [Wu Ji Zun] has held 3 consecutive high school records as MVP, and has been imaginary enemy of many basketball players. In the drama, there will be amazing basketball sequences between Dong Fang Xiang and Yuan Da Ying and Wu Ji Zun.

At the press conference, there was absolutely no sign of rivalry amongst the three actors, but the fans off stage were fighting amongst themselves. They all really cared about their favorite idols’ ranking and roles - the scene it was like a competition between fans of the actors. This drama, “Basketball of Fire” with the collaboration of 3 big idols will definitely break a record of idol drama TV ratings.

Translated by o_ost1nao_o

asian entertainment news

Basketball fire: a drama comprising of sports, dreams, love and friendship

Basketball fire: a drama comprising of sports, dreams, love and friendship

Scheduled to be shown in 2008 summer
13 episodes of 90mins each.



Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fan Report From

According to LuWell's friend, there were quite a number of big banners by Jerry fans.

According to tttt1975 and JJ of, Jerry's look was the most handsome. He wore his tie just like at the APFF show, with new boots, shorter hair, and wonderful mood.

The director came out first, and then Jerry, Luo, and Wu. Due to too much echo at the site, the sound couldn't be heard clearly. Jerry mentioned something like playing better when girls are around. Also, when asked whether he would be scared when the director scolded people, he answered that he had got used to it.

When taking group picture with the whole crew and cast, Jerry stood in the middle. When taking pictures with Luo and Wu, Jerry let Luo stand in the middle, and Luo was a little bit shy about it.

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Basketball of Fire - Presscon - Photos from Soostar

Basketball of Fire - Presscon - Photos

thank you and credits to

short video clip
thanks to yami

*will try to post more photos soon ...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wu Chun vs Jerry Yan

Wu Chun vs Jerry Yan
Both Wu Chun and Jerry Yan are from Taiwanese boy bands. Wu Chun is Fahrenheit member while Jerry Yan is a member of the most popular boy band ever in Taiwan-JVKV (formerly F4). Both Wu Chun and Jerry Yan are very popular in Asia. Some consider them as the most popular members among their groups. The immensely popular Taiwanese drama ‘Meteor Garden’ has brought Jerry Yan a shot into ultimate stardom while Wu Chun’s manga-based drama ‘Hanazakarino Kimitachihe’ sweeps over Asia. Both of them are great models, singers, and actors. Who do you think is hotter? And who is the best Taiwanese idol actor?


Snapshot -FullScreen GTV's Basketball of Fire

Today, Lian He Bao indicates that BOF will be led by Yan Cheng Xu and Wu will only be in the supporting role, as Wu needs to have his solo album released early next year and leave for the next drama. Lian He Bao sounded like Jerry and Luo will have equal parts and Wu's will be a little less.

China Times' reporter, Liu Yi, indicated that the press conference will be open for any fans to attend, and the hree handsome guys will compete on their handsomeness, market value, and popularity.

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Basketball of Fire - Presscon


GTV announced that the venue for the presscon on Nov 21 will be at the Nangang Sports Center (where Oct27 SJ event was held) instead of holding it in the network's premises.

thanks to yami

Monday, November 19, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007

Wu Zun willing to be 3rd, Show and Jerry fight for 1st, Wednesday November 14, 2007 Taiwan

Having a strong cast will make people envious. The new GTV drama series Basketball Fire got Jerry Yan, Show Luo and Wu Zun together to make up a strong cast, but before the 3 of them get to compete their basketball skills, they are already competing for the no.1 actor position.
Wu Zun decided to take up no.3 position on his own accord while neither of the two experienced actors Jerry and Show is willing to be no.2.

two months ago, Basketball fire had a difficult time persuading Jerry to act in this series. Just when Jerry had agreed, Show became undecided and again GTV's big shots had to persuade Show to act in this show. In addition to the earlier confirmed Wu Zun, they finally managed to get the three actors to work together for this series, yet now they are faced with ranking problems, as all three of them are very popular.

For next wednesday's press conference (21st Nov), the poster designer had a hard time deciding how to put the three of them on the poster. As Wu Zun will be acting in another series Er Bi Jian at the beginning of next year, his role in Basketball Fire will not be as major as Show and Jerry, hence he willingly took up the last rank. As for Show and Jerry, after looking at the script, both their artiste management companies feel that their roles are equally important and both have the qualities to be the no.1 actor in Basketball Fire.

GTV and both actors' management companies had a meeting this week and they had discussed about the ranking problems, but GTV is not willing to give any information. But they said they will make it such a way that everyone will be happy.

Show's manager had expressed yesterday that the ranking isn't important. What's most important is to be able to work with good actors and crew. Jerry's manager also expressed they had no comments regarding the ranking and that they will respect GTV's decision. As for GTV, they said they will design a poster which shows that all three actors have equal importance. As for other matters, they have yet to come up with a conclusion.

Translated by NicoleYBJ

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Info from Ciciny regarding 11.21 BOF press conference

Info from Ciciny regarding 11.21 BOF press conference

GTV is allowing 400 fans to enter the venue. To JMs who are planning to attend, you have to go early and fall in line. Can bring props (banners, handsigns) but there's no guarantee these can be brought inside. Pls wear SJ shirt.

Translated by

Translated News - On Basketball of fire

According to news, GTV tries to make all 3 male leads, but Jerry's talent fee is NT$480,000 per episode, when Luo's is NT$200,000, and Wu's is NT$120,000. However, Luo is GTV's artiste, and Wu will have fewer parts as he needs to leave earlier for another drama. Jerry's role will be a cool and gifted player, when Luo's is the funny one who has extraordinary jumping power, and Wu's is Jerry's rival.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jerry Yan - Basketball of Fire Presscon

Jerry Yan - Basketball of Fire Presscon

November 21, 1pm - GTV

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Taiwan - Tourist Pass

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New JVKV Fan Forum =p

Finally, a perfect home for US.
Definitely the one WE OWN AND CONTROL (thanks to multiply, bwahahaha!!!)

I would like to thank my sisters for insisting me to create this another new home. Actually, i am so busy right now with my so-called new life but still I want to be updated with the latest happenings on our beloved four gorgeous guys - F4, and also to my fellow F4 sisters out there!

All of YOU are welcome. Feel free to join.

Party has just started. Come and Join the Fun.

Let's all get RETARDED!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nov. 3, 2007 - Liberty Times

Disclaimer: I know this is ONLY a JOKE. Feel free to react - violent or whatsoever. It's your OPINION. and I WILL RESPECT IT. Thanks!

Nov. 3, 2007 - Liberty Times

Liberty Times reported when ZZ promoted his solo album "I Am Not F4" in a concert, he spoke some cold jokes in the program. For instance, as he doesn't speak clearly, he can group with Vanness to be standup comedians. With Ken who is not good at dancing, he can perform breakdance? with him. With Jerry, he can pretend to be sissy and play 'brokeback' couple with him. Some newspapers also reported that he even suggested that Jerry and he could challenge the sex positions showed in the movie "Lust Caution" by the male and female leads.

Credits to

Nov 6, 2007 - TW Apple Daily

Nov 6, 2007 - TW Apple Daily

TW Apple Daily reported that Jerry is not going to attend Golden Bell Award, as he needs to work in Japan on the 17th, even after Mao Liang flied to Japan last week and tried to fit it in Jerry's schedule. However, Jerry can't go back to TW until the 18th or 19th. Jerry feels that it is a pity that he can't attend the show. Mao Liang indicates that Jerry is taking language and acting lessons, and busy at preparing his solo album in Japan. He plans to go back to TW for the filming of the idol drama before the end of this month. On the 17th, he has an appointment with a super busy 'album teacher' (producer? singing teacher?), that's why he can only reject the invitation.

Regarding "Dream In Beijing", Yan Cheng Xu's name has been used as male lead during its casting throughout the whole Mainland China. When asked about this drama, Mao Liang claimed that he knows nothing about this drama and he has never read its script at all.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

F4 Holds Fan Meeting in Taiwan

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Taiwan on Sunday held the second fans meeting for its F4 boy band, hoping to attract tourists and boost Taiwan's slow-growing tourism. Some 5,000 Asian fans, mostly young and middle-aged women from Japan and South Korea, flew to Taipei to meet the F4 members, visit the locations of F4's TV drama the Meteor Garden and to buy F4 T-shirts, posters and CDs.

The fans' meeting, the second after one held last April, was staged by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau at the National Taiwan University Gymnasium. The fans snapped up F4 goods before marching into the gymnasium to meet the F4 stars - Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Wanness Wu, Ken Chu - all handsome boys in their 20s.

The F4 members, Taiwan's tourism ambassadors, introduced Taiwan's scenic spots and food, posed photos and played games with selected fans before ending the hour-long meetings by singing together a song and shaking hands with the fans sitting near the stage.

F4's fans arrived in Taiwan early this week and have already attended separate fans meetings with their favorite F4 member.

The F4 became famous throughout Asia after its TV drama Meteor Garden was shown in Taiwan and Southeast Asia in 2001. Their Asian fans, from teenage girls to grannies, like the four boys mainly because of their good looks.

Motomi Unmeki, 30, an office worker from Osaka, Japan, said she has been a fan of Jerry Yan for five years and has attended Jerry's fans meeting in Hong Kong and South Korea.

When asked why she likes Jerry, she covered her mouth and whispered through giggles: "His face. He is handsome and cool."

An 18-member fans group from the Philippines gave the same answer. The groups members, also fans of Jerry, range in age from 10 to 52, and the youngest is Christian Louis Abrigo, a fourth-grade boy from Manila who came with his mother.

"I like Jerry because he sings well and he is good-looking," he said.

Taiwan, encouraged by Japan and South Korea's success in drawing foreign tourists by promoting local film or television stars, appointed the F4 members as tourism ambassadors, using them to make TV ads, sending them abroad to promote Taiwan's tourism and holding the first overseas fans meeting in Taipei in April.

Taiwan press said the two fans meetings have brought Taiwan millions of US dollars. The week-long F4 package tours have not only brought in foreign currency but also promoted Taiwan's tourist spots.

Source: Earthtimes

10/27 StarJerry Event Photos by F4 Korean Fans

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10/27 StarJerry Event Photos by Jerry-ilya

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Massive Re-Layout!

Massive Re-Layout!

Hello friends,

I am currently thinking of how am i going to improve this blog, so i decided to post an announcement tonight:

Bear with me if there'll be some changes here. I will try my best to give you the latest updates (news, photos, videos). Been busy for months right now (I have a NEW LIFE, YEY!) but it doesn't meant that i would NO longer updating this site (haha, i won't leave you, my KUYA! [big bro]).hehehe!

Sorry for not updating. As i've said, am so DAMN BUSY (hehehe) how i wish i have a super fast computer at home so that i can browse when i got home (hehehe) ...

I am thinking of new strategies ... hmmm ... right now i am still working on the pages. Hopefully to finish re-layouting and transferring within the week (Good Luck for me). I'll be busy this coming weekend (downloading time!!!), "I miss netopia so much! haha" I still don't have money to buy a new pc...hay i hope 2008 will be a better year for me.

Anyways, Thank You for Continuing patronizing this blog. I really appreciate it. According to our statistics, visitors are coming in and give me a good traffic (estimated 25,000 hits) i still have to figure out if there are some regular visitors(???).

Till here and More power!

God Bless Everybody

JYP Blog WebMaster (hehe)