Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ella’s On-Screen Kiss with Jerry Has Most “Feel”, I’ve Really Gotten A Big Advantage

Source: China Times
Translation by: shyun_y @

CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love] will be telecast this evening at 10 pm. Accordingly to [Shi Bao Magazine Vol 1667], Ella is most proud of her on-screen kiss with Jerry Yan, despite having kissed many male idols in her past serials and joked, “To have kissed such a big handsome idol, I’ve really gotten a big advantage!” Since starring in idol drama serials, she has on-screen kisses with Blue Lan, Jerry Huang, Wu Chun etc. However it was the on-screen kiss with Jerry that she felt was the most real, with emotions, natural and at ease.

Funny-Effect Kiss with Wu Chun, Nerve-Racking Kiss with Blue Lan

She shared on her past kissing scenes, “The kiss with Wu Chun in [Hana Kimi] was one for funny effects. The kiss with Jerry (Huang) in [The Rose] felt dreamy and unreal. My first on-screen kiss was in [Magical Love] with Blue Lan. During then, I was a pack of nerves.” She was also in the disguise of a boy in her on-screen kiss with Wu Chun, hence it was like a “boy-boy-kiss”.

Having filmed in a few drama serials and been through a few love relationships respectively, Ella has derived her very own “Love Evolution Theory”. She said, “In my past love relationships, I was indulged in the feeling of romance. And when this feeling has faded gradually, I ended up breaking off, thus, hurting the other parties in my younger days. Now, I’ve learnt for a love relationship to foster, both parties have to understand each other well. If you feel that the person is the right one for you after being together for some time, then you need not set requirements upon him such as occupation, appearances etc. What is most important is for both parties to really love each other.”

Hardships or Ugly Duckling, She Does it in a Breeze to Successfully Own Her Stage in Idol Drama Arena

In her drama serials over the years, Ella had attempts to disguise as a boy, braved the rain for kissing scenes, and carried a prop fridge of over ten kilograms along a bustling street. Given her high endurance and resilience, not minding less than pretty disguises, and good health condition, everyone has given her the tile of “Oshin”. Relative to Selina and Hebe, Ella is better able to adapt to exposure of harsh weather conditions while filming outdoors, hence, Ella is the most successful amongst S.H.E members to have developed her career beyond singing, and into the acting arena.

Ferrying First Love Girlfriend on Bicycle, Ended Up with Sore Leg Muscles

Jerry and Ella are acting as bickering couple who turned into lovers eventually in [DWL]. Off-screen Jerry and Ella are great Machi and Ella shared, “He would even take my shoe off to do foot massage for me.” Meanwhile Jerry shared, “In the past, I assumed I was being thoughtful when I was riding a bicycle with my ex-girlfriend sitting behind me, and singing for her. But in the end, I ended up with very sore muscles for my legs.” As to what songs did he sing then, he joked, “It’s [Meteor Rain]!” Meanwhile Judy Zhou Ding Wei is acting as the boyfriend who has forsaken Ella in the debut episode and she has a scene whereby she was drowning her sorrows in drinks and cried very bitterly. Ella shared that she had looked very ugly in that particular crying scene.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jerry Yan proposes to Ella with 12-carat diamond ring

Before your hearts break, it was all in the name of their new idol drama Down With Love, in which hunk Jerry Yan and singer-actress Ella Chen play lovers.

At Wednesday's gala premiere, producers of the show were not ready to hold back their expenses. They designed a mock marriage for the screen couple.

The run-down of the event mirrored that of an actual wedding down to every detail, including the ring-exchange, certification and the stars' get-up. Jerry donned a NT$150,000 (S$6,600) suit, while both their 12-carat rings were worth between NT$30 million and NT$32 million (S$1.3 million - S$1.4 million).

Both Jerry and Ella are known to adore children. When asked, the 28-year-old actress said she hopes to have a kid before she turns 35.

Asked when he planned to marry, Jerry said, "I'll marry when I've the urge. Before serving army I did think of marriage, though it was purely to keep my girlfriend."

And when he gave a "Still waiting" reply when asked if he has met The One, the member of F4 has seemingly dismissed rumours of him and actress-model Terri Kwan.

In a first-ever collaboration, the media was keen to find out if sparks flew between Jerry and Ella.

The member of S.H.E. said she's happy to know Jerry and called him "caring and cute", while the latter returned the compliments, calling her "kind and loveable".

The media then tried playing matchmaker, to which Ella gushed, "I haven't even met his mum!"

The special night attracted reporters from around 50 news agencies. Although it was originally a by-invitation-only event, about 100 fans of Jerry had specially made the trip from overseas and the organizers made an exception for them.

Catch Down With Love exclusively on Channel U from 6 Feb, every Saturday, 9pm.

Jerry Yan finds Ella "very sexy"

The most androgynous member of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E. is sexy enough to make heartthrob Jerry Yan blush.

Appearing together with his co-star Ella Chen on Variety Big Brother last Tuesday to promote their new idol drama Down With Love, Jerry, who seldom guests on variety shows, seemed keen to shed his aloof image, laughing along with Ella and host Chang Fei. The two actors brought a wedding cake on the show and joked that they're getting married. To which Ella later cracked, "We'll divorce the day after tomorrow."

In a rare appearance, Ella, who's known for her tomboyish mannerisms, wore three-inch-high heels, but the media noticed she was moving warily. She laughed, "I'm not used to being feminine, but in order to not make Jerry feel like he's marrying a man, I specially wore these."

Her male co-star, however, complimented her beautiful legs, in a scene in the drama which she had to wear a tight mini skirt. He described her as being "very sexy" and that her good figure made him feel awkward.

Although speculations were flying that host Chang Fei was specifically requested by Jerry's management company to avoid speaking about the dating rumours of Jerry's ex, Lin Chiling and Jay Chou, the media still had a field day with the member of F4 after the studio recording.

Jerry avoided answering any questions about the gossip, but graciously said he heard that The Treasure Hunter (which stars Chiling and Jay) is quite good.

CTV will Air Ella’s Scene of Spitting at Jerry in [Down With Love] in Full

Ella (front) and Jerry share a good relationship and look very compatible.
Jerry pretended to want to bite her in the photo.
Both artistes could hardly believe that the rings on their fingers cost NT$62,000,000

Source: China Times
Translation by: shyun_y @

CTV and GTV’s idol drama serial – [Down With Love] will be on air on 31 Jan 2010. On 20 Jan during the [DWL] Premiere and press conference, Ella showcased her No.1 Female Idol capability in the serial via the crying scene of reunion with her father, and the funny scenes of [DWL]. One of the scene included her “spitting” in anger at Jerry’s character, followed by Jerry “spitting” back at her. When viewers first see the snapshot via the serial publicity clips, they felt that the action was uncouth. However CTV felt that the acting was natural and decided to still air the scene without a cut.

He Learnt to Relax, while She was Excited the Night Before

The premiere held yesterday was in the form of a million dollar wedding party, Ella, Jerry and the rest of the cast were all donned in spectacular fashion. The “newly weds” rings cost nearly NT$62,000,000. When sharing on her “hubby”, Ella said, “If I needed to film with him the following day, I would be very excited the night before. During filming, I would be really into the role and like him. But now that filming has wrapped up, we feel like good friends.” With Ella’s “confession”, Jerry also thanked Ella for making him feel very relaxed during filming. In [DWL], his character does not believe in true love. In real life, he shared that he likes girls who are kind-hearted and feels that the quality of interaction between a couple is very important.

Rumoured Girlfriend, Terri Kwan, is Not Miss Right

Over 100 Jerry fans showed up at the ballroom yesterday and they treated Jerry like their own child, by preparing 12 betrothal gifts, including a NT$36,000 red packet donated to the Haiti victims through World Vision. When asked if he would really contemplate marriage after playing the groom, Jerry responded, “Not before. But during the time when I was doing national service in the army, I really felt like getting married because of my girlfriend then. If I should feel the impulse now, I think I will get married too. But for the moment, I am still waiting.” This seemed to suggest that his rumoured girlfriend, Terri Kwan, is not his Miss Right. Next week, [Down With Love] will be directly competing with [Autumn Concerto] for viewership ratings. To this, Jerry said, “We are just working hard for our own serials.”

After the premiere yesterday, the “newly weds” went to CtiTV to record an episode for [Here Comes KangXi] as scheduled. However as there was a delay in the earlier studio filming, and in addition to Ella being unwell, the recording was cancelled. Hence the “newly wed” managed to tentatively escape from Xiao S (Dee Hsu)’s “trap party”.

Jerry Forsakes Idol Burden to Spit Along with Ella

Source: UDN
Translation by: shyun_y @

Jerry Yan and Blue Lan are two suave, cool guys of the entertainment industry. Recently both of them have been “melted” into warm guys by the pretty girls around them. Jerry and Ella had collaborated in CTV and GTV’s [Down With Love] and under Ella’s influence, Jerry had spitted on camera for the very first time. Meanwhile Blue, known to warm up slowly, has also become closer and took more initiative in interacting with his female leads, Sonia Sui and Bianca Bai since working with them for SET’s idol drama.

Yesterday, CTV and GTV spent over a million dollars to organize the “Wedding of The Century” for Jerry and Ella. The wedding rings and the NT$150,000-Ferragamo suit totaled up to over NT$70,000,000. What was even surprising was that the initial scene in [DWL] whereby Ella would spit at Jerry in anger, upon being wrongly accused by him, also showed a scene which he spat in retort..

Producer Ke Yi Qin shared that initially she was still deliberating if such a gesture would be appropriate. However she discovered that “Jerry was acting as his real self” then and hence, she decided to preserve this scene.

During the [DWL] Asia Premiere yesterday, some 50 over media representatives from over the world were present. Fans also made a donation of NT$36,000 to Haiti victims as a gift for the occasion. The proceedings of the wedding will be telecast on 24 Jan 2010 at 11 pm. Initially scheduled to record an episode for [Here Comes KangXi] after the “wedding”, it was postponed at the last minute. GTV explained that as Ella’s schedule was fully packed and she was unwell, they would arrange for another schedule for the recording.

Jerry, Ella with a Million-Dollar “Wedding”, “Daughter-in-Law” said: “I’ve Not Even Met Yan-Mama!”

Source: Now News
Translation by: shyun_y @

Have Jerry and Ella hit it off so well to have arranged for a wedding after filming together? CTV and GTV’s latest idol drama – [Down With Love] held a “wedding party” for the couple on 20 Jan 2010. The venue was decorated with their wedding photos and wedding cookies. Under the warm and romantic ambience, Jerry and Ella admitted to having positive feelings toward each other. As the “bride and groom” exchanged their rings and vows, Ella purposely bent her fingers slight, in accordance to wedding custom, so as not to “bow low*” to Jerry.

Although Jerry and Ella got “married” for the sake of their drama serial, the details and proceedings from walking down the aisle, bride give away by the father, exchange of rings and signing on “marriage certificate” are all in accordance to that of a wedding in real life. Prior to the event, Ella was even worried if they would be held accountable subsequently for having “gotten married” before so many witnesses! But Ella admitted that as she was very into her role, she did feel she has grown to like Jerry’s character more and more during filming. When asked if both of them would really get together, Ella joked shyly, “I’ve not even met Yan-Mama!” Jerry, who was beside her, burst out in laughter, hearing her. He shared, “I used to have the impulse to get married. But that was during the time I was doing national service in the army. At the moment, my dream girl has not appeared yet.”

[DWL] will be aired on CTV on 31 Jan 2010 and GTV on 7 Feb. It will be in direct competition with current viewership rating champion, SET’s [Autumn Concerto]. It seemed to be a direct clash between Jerry and Vanness. Coincidentally, both of them are portraying lawyer-roles and acting along with starlet, Xiao Xiao Bin. This caused much speculation on the competition. However Jerry said humbly, “Vanness is very adorable. Everyone likes him. We would go out for meals together. Xiao Xiao Bin is also happy to see him.”

* A wedding custom in Taiwan whereby the party does not let the other put the ring all the way in at first so that the other party will listen to him / her after marriage.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jerry Yan's New Song & MV - Afraid of the Dark

credits to
怕黑 pa hei
Afraid of the Dark

天黑了 tian hei le
It’s getting dark

我還在等着車 wo hai zai deng zhe che
I’m still waiting for the car

孤單的夜晚是什麼顏色﹖gu dan de ye wan shi shen me yan se
What colour is this lonely night?

我還在再想着 wo hai zai zai xiang zhe
I’m still thinking about it

車走了 che zou le
The car went off

我一人在愣着 wo yi ge ren leng zhe
I stood still dumbfounded

繁忙的城市沒什麼規則 mang lu de cheng shi mei you shen me gui ze
There are no rules to be had in this bustling city

我想着想着就笑了 wo xiang zhe xiang zhe jiu xiao le
I thought and thought about it and then I smiled to myself

*愛究竟傷了誰﹖ai jiu jing shang le shei
Who has Love hurt?

救了誰﹖jiu le shei?
Who has it saved?

流淚的流淚 liu lei de liu lei
The ones that cry shall cry

欣慰的欣慰 xin wei de xin wei
The ones that are comforted shall be comforted

愛究竟有多累﹖ai jiu jing you duo lei?
How tiring is Love?

有多美﹖you duo mei?
How beautiful is it?

傷悲的傷悲 shang bei de shang bei
Those who are sad shall be saddened

人卻退 ren que tui
Yet one retreats

我承認我怕黑* wo cheng ren wo pa hei
I’ll admit that I am afraid of the dark

空房間 kong fang jian
The empty room

你留下你的美 ni liu xia ni de mei
You’ve left your beauty behind

感覺你還躺在我左邊 gan jue ni hai tang zai wo zuo bian
I can still feel you lying on my left

擁抱着我入睡 yong bao wo ru shui
Falling asleep as you embrace me

夜太黑 ye tai hei
The night is too dark

我拼命睜着眼 wo ping ming zheng zhe yan
I opened my eyes wide with all my might

感覺你究竟在我的眼前 gan jue ni jiu jing zai wo de yan qian
Feels like you are just before my eyes

這一步一步退到邊緣 zhe yi bu yi bu tui dao bian yuan
Step by step, we retreat to the edge

*愛究竟傷了誰﹖ai jiu jing shang le shei
Who has Love hurt?

救了誰﹖jiu le shei?
Who has it saved?

流淚的流淚 liu lei de liu lei
The ones that cry shall cry

欣慰的欣慰 xin wei de xin wei
The ones that are comforted shall be comforted

愛究竟有多累﹖ai jiu jing you duo lei?
How tiring is Love?

有多美﹖you duo mei?
How beautiful is it?

傷悲的傷悲 shang bei de shang bei
Those who are sad shall be saddened

人卻退 ren que tui
Yet one retreats

我承認我怕黑* wo cheng ren wo pa hei
I’ll admit that I am afraid of the dark

夜裡的微光找不到方向 ye li de wei guang zhao bu dao fang xiang
The dim light in the night is can't its find direction

害怕黑色是我的信仰 hai pa hei se shi wo de xin yang
My belief is that I’m afraid of the colour black

房里的慌張 fang li de huang zhang
The panic in the room

放棄了迷惘 fang qi le mi wang
I’ve given up how I’ve been lost

我的不安在某個地方 wo de bu an zai mou ge di fang
My uneasiness is in a certain other place


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jerry Yan's "My Secret Love" Album Release on Jan 22

Timed to coincide with the airing of his latest idol drama Down with Love, Taiwan pop idol Jerry Yan puts a bigger grin on his fans' faces with the release of his first solo compilation in January 2010! Titled My Secret Love, the album is a 2-CD set containing 3 new singles in addition to 25 songs from his F4-era solo hits, his first solo album Jerry for You in 2004, and the second solo album Freedom in 2009.
This version comes with a 36-page full-color photo book measuring 18.5 x 27cm.

**new song premiere: Afraid Of Darkness- Jan 18

2 CD consists of 28 songs
3 brand new singles +25 Classic Masterpiece
with 36 full-color photo book (18.5 * 27c m)

Release : Jan 22, 2010


1. Afraid Of Darkness (new)
2. Not Being One's Favorite (new)
3. Get Used To Being A Couple/Together (new)
4. One Meter
5. Say Love You At KTV
6. Memory Piece
7. There's No Way That I Can Leave You
8. Forget Myself
9. Be A Good Lover
10. Must Have You
11. Isolation
12. Waiting For You To Come Back
13. Fantasy
14. One Half

1. You Are My Only Persistent
2. Extra Freedom
3. I Will Love You
4. Black Coffee Diary
5. Gravity
6. Only Me
7. I Want It Now
8. April Fool's Day
9. Lost Love
10. Decoration
11. Want To Love You
12. To Pursue/Go For It
13. I Really Really love You
14. Thank You

credit to
thanks to for the translation help

BTS - Down with Love (Wedding Scene)

Saturday, January 16, 2010



Translation: Syyang @

Disclaimer by sy: I translated based on the lyrics listed by the website and to the best of my knowledge as at 11 Jan 2010. The actual lyrics might differ, hence, affecting the meaning.

[就想賴著妳] Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni (Down With Love)

URL of MV:
Credit of MV: gtv28

URL of Chinese Lyrics:
Credit of Chinese Lyrics: “音乐听吧”整理,

Singer: Jerry Yan

VO (by Ella):

I believe one day…
I will definitely meet someone who knows how to “treasure” and who “truly cares for” me…
Regardless if I am pretty or not, he will always love me forever…

有点拽 you dian zhuai
A little arrogant

有点坏 you dian huai
A little naughty

你的 style 很难猜 ni de STYLE hen nan cai
Your style is really hard to decipher

不太符合观众的期待 bu tai fu he guan zhong de qi dai
It is not aligned with the audience’s expectation

oh你生气 OH ni sheng qi
Oh when you are angry

你耍赖 ni shua lai
When you act spoilt

真性情无人替代 zhen xing qing wu ren ti dai
Your natural real personality is irreplaceable

多么被 你万种姿态 duo me bei ni wan zhong zi tai
I am blown away by your ever-changing looks

你看那北极的白雪皑皑 ni kan na bei ji de bai xue ai ai
Look, the gleaming white snow of the North Pole

都竟已被你化开 dou jing yi bei ni hua kai
Has already melted because of you

奔流的没有阻碍 ben liu de mei you zu ai
Emotions overflowing without reservations

心情低当时为我赶走阴霾 xin qing di dang shi wei wo gan zou yin mai
You drove the gloominess away when I’m feeling down

疗愈了我的心痛 liao yu le wo de xin tong
You healed my heartaches

遗忘过去伤害 yi wang guo qu shang hai
And made me forget the past hurt

oh 女孩 OH nu hai
Oh girl

喜欢你的花裙摆 xi huan ni de hua qun bai
I love your flowy flowery skirt

甜蜜告白别见外 tian mi gao bai bie jian wai
Please do not mind my sweet love confession for you

你的笑像春风滋养盆栽 ni de xiao xiang chun feng zi yang pen zai
Your smile is like the warm breeze in Spring nourishing the tender shoots of love

只想黏着你一直爱 zhi xiang nian zhe ni yi zhi ai
I just wish to stick with you and love you forever

oh 女孩 OH nu hai
Oh girl

喜欢你白雪皑皑 xi huan ni bai xue ai ai
I love your pureness and innocence

想和你一起看海 xiang he ni yi qi kan hai
I wish to enjoy the seaside scenery with you

赖着你就像难搞的小孩 lai zhe ni jiu xiang nan gao de xiao hai
Stick by your side like a “difficult” little child

只想对你傻傻依赖 zhi xiang dui ni sha sha yi lai
Just wish to rely on you forever, in my own silly ways

不偏不移 bu pian bu yi
Right on spot, right on timing

不疾不徐 bu ji bu xu
Neither too fast nor too slow

爱神的箭串起我你 ai shen de jian chuan qi wo ni
Cupid’s arrow has linked you and me together

寻寻觅觅 xun xun mi mi
Searching around everywhere

扑朔迷离 pu shuo mi li
Yet mysteriously and surprisingly

真爱原来就在这里 zhen ai yuan lai jiu zai zhe li
Real love is actually here all along

相偎相依 xiang wei xiang yi
Depending and relying on each other

相知相惜 xiang zhi xiang xi
Mutual understanding and valuing each other

傻傻的就想赖着你 sha sha de jiu xiang lai zhe ni
Just wish to always stick by your side forever, in my own silly ways

不要怀疑 bu yao huai yi
Please do not doubt

真爱无敌 zhen ai wu di
Real love is invincible

Ella gets complaints for spitting at Jerry Yan

An act of thespian improvisation has unwittingly landed a TV show in trouble.

Down With Love, a idol drama production by CTV and GTV, will air on 24 January in Taiwan. In its recently released trailer, lead actress and S.H.E. member Ella Chen is seen spitting at her co-star Jerry Yan. This act has led to a warning from Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC).

At around the 1-minute mark in the clip, the two lead characters run into an argument, and after Jerry shouts at Ella, she takes a good spit at him.

When interviewed, Ella said the spit was not scripted, but her own improvisation. She felt that it suited the character and the scene, while the whole production crew also liked it.

But some members of the public complained her action isn't kids-friendly. NCC contacted CTV and requested the scene to be cut, or a fine will be imposed.

The trailer has generally been well-received, with more than 10,000 online views. Ella's performance has also been praised.

About the complaints, the actress-singer said that she will be more considered the next time when she acts.

According to reports, CTV and GTV regret that the trailer has to be edited, but after discussions, decided to go ahead.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jerry Yan will not appear on Show Luo's variety programme

To promote his latest TV drama Down With Love, a GTV production also starring Ella Chen of S.H.E., Taiwanese hunk Jerry Yan has been busy making rounds of guest appearances on popular talkshows including Variety Big Brother and Kang Xi Lai Le - only his second time - except 100% Entertainment, which fellow singer-actor Show Luo hosts. It raises eyebrows because the daily entertainment variety show, which is also broadcast by GTV, would typically prioritize shows from its own station.

Show previously acted with Jerry in the 2008 basketball-themed idol drama Hot Shot, which first sparked the rumours of their mutual hostility. And with Jerry's non-appearance on Show's programme, the gossip mill is on overdrive. It also doesn't help that Jerry's past promotional work for Hot Shot was far less active - he appeared for only 15 minutes at the drama's premiere two years ago.

A GTV spokesperson denied the speculation and said the no-show had nothing to do with Show. "Ella was in Malaysia to promote a concert on the day they were supposed to appear on 100% Entertainment, therefore we had to cancel the opportunity. If Jerry had gone onto the show alone it would have been meaningless. Jerry and Ella have good chemistry and sparks are sure to fly if they appear together on variety shows."

However, reports have pointed out that Jerry would not be joining his Hot Shot co-stars Show and Wu Chun in Japan this Sunday to promote the drama. GTV explained that it was because Jerry already had prior commitments.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 HIT FM Top 100 Singles

2009 HIT FM Top 100 Singles

original source: Hito Radio and
(Hito Radio website is to be updated)
translated by minchong92 @

1. Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry
2. Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 -王妃 Princess
3. LADY GAGA-Poker Face
4. Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 - 我不會愛 I Can't Love
5. Yoga Lin 林宥嘉 -說謊 Telling Lies
6. Taylor Swift -Love Story
7. SS501-Love Like This
8. Utada Hikaru -Come Back To Me
9. Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 -阿飛的小蝴蝶 Ah Fei's Little Butterfly
10. Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 - 花蝴蝶 Flower Butterfly

11. Super Junior - U
12. LADY GAGA - Bad Romance
13. Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 - 心跳 Heart Beat
14. Yamapi -Loveless
15. A-mei 張惠妹 - 掉了Lost It
16. Linkin Park - New Divide
17. SS501 - Deja Vu
18. Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 - 倒帶 Rewind
19. A'ST1 - Yearning Heart
20. Zhang Yun Jing 張芸京 - 黑裙子 Black Dress

21. Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 - 新不了情 New Endless Love
22. The Blackeyed Peas - BOOM BOOM POW
23. Elva Hsiao & Show Luo 蕭亞軒 羅志祥 -WOW
24. Fish Leong 梁靜茹 - 沒有如果 No If
25. Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 - 大丈夫 Real Man
26. Fahrenheit 飛輪海 - 越來越愛 Love You More and More
27. Yoga Lin 林宥嘉 - 看見什麼吃什麼 See What Eat What
28. Arashi -5x10
29. Super Junior M -Super Girl
30. Show Luo 羅志祥 - 撐腰 Back Up

31. Slumdog Millionaire OST - Jai Ho
32. Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 - 春雨裡洗過的太陽 The Sun after Spring Rain
33. Khalil Fong 方大同 - 紅豆 Red Bean
34. David Tao 陶喆 - 暗戀 Secret Love
35. T-MAX - Paradise
36. Eason Chan 陳奕迅 - 給你 Give You
37. Angela Zhang 張韶涵 - 看得最遠的地方 Looking at the Farthest Place
38. Zhang Yun Jing 張芸京 - 讓我照顧你 Let Me Take Care of You
39. SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
40. Claire Kuo 郭靜 - 在樹上唱歌 Singing in the Trees

41. Britney Spears - Womanizer
42. Lala Hsu 徐佳瑩 - 失落沙洲 Lost Sandbank
43. Taylor Swift -Teardrops On My Guitar
44. Peter Pan 潘裕文 - 幫你記得 Help You Remember
45. SNSD - GEE
46. Sodagreen 蘇打綠 - 日光 Daylight
47. Madonna - Celebration
48. Khalil Fong 方大同 - 為你寫的歌 A Song Written for You
49. Vitas Lu 盧廣仲 - OH YEAH!!!
50. Namie Amuro - WILD

51. Wilber Pan 潘瑋柏 & Akon - Be With You
52. Zee Avi 季小薇 - Bitter Heart
53. Xiao Yu 小宇 - 愛上 Fall in Love
54. Ding Dang & Ashin 丁噹&阿信 - 花火 Fireworks
55. Michael Jackson - This is it
56. Cheer Chen 陳綺貞 - 太陽 Sun
57. Green Day - 21 Guns
58. Gary Cao 曹格 - 寂寞先生 Mr. Lonely
59. Norah Jones - Chasing Pirates
60. BOA - 永遠 Forever

61. Show Luo 羅志祥 - 搞笑 Gao Xiao/Joking
62. MARIAH CAREY - Obsessed
63. Fan Fan 范瑋琪 - 1到10=我和你 1 to 10 = You and Me
64. Arashi - 明日的記憶 Tomorrow's Memory
65. TANK-全世界都停電 The Whole World Turns Off
66. Angela Zhang 張韶涵 - 白白的 White
67. KinKi Kids - SWAN SONG
68. Sodagreen 蘇打綠 - 狂熱 Fever
69. DaMouth 大嘴巴 - 永遠在身邊 Always By Your Side
70. Ayuma Hamasaki - IDENTITY

71. A-mei 張惠妹 - 分生 Divisive Life
72. Joe Cheng 鄭元暢 - 暢一首歌 "Sing" a Song
73. Amber Kuo 郭采潔 - 又圓了的月亮 Another Full Moon
74. Lily Allen - The Fear
75. Rachel Liang 梁文音 - 哭過就好了It'll Be Alright After You Cry
76. Ai Otsuka - LOVE LETTER
77. Shin 信 - 火燒的寂寞 Burning Loneliness
78. Tanya Chua 蔡健雅 - 若你碰到他 If You See Him
80. Fish Leong 梁靜茹 - 情歌 Love Song

81.Leona Lewis - Happy
82. Elva Hsiao 蕭亞軒 - 鑽石糖 Diamond Candy
83. Landy Wen 溫嵐 - 我全都相信 I Believe It All
84. Ariel Lin 林依晨 - 螢火蟲 Fireflies
85. Ohasi Nozomi + Fujioka Fujimaki - Ponyo on the Cliff By The Sea
86. Jerry Yan 言承旭 - 在KTV說愛妳 Say Love You At KTV
87. Eason Chan 陳奕迅 - 心的距離 Heart's Distance
88. V6 - Guilty
89. Abin 方炯鑌 - 遺憾 Regret
90. Yao Yao 郭書瑤(瑤瑤) - 愛的抱抱 Love's Hug

91. Deserts Chang 張懸 - Beautiful Women
92. David Tao 陶喆 - 火鳥功 Zero to Hero
93. Britney Spears - 3
94. Power Station 動力火車 - 愛到瘋癲 Love Till Crazy
95. Robbie Williams - You Know Me
96. Rachel Liang 梁文音 - 最幸福的事 The Most Blissful Thing
97. w-inds-Hybrid Dream
98. CoCo Lee 李玟 - Party Time
99. Backstreet Boys - Straight Through My Heart
100. CosmosPeople 宇宙人 - 太空警察 Astronaut Police