Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Brilliant Shooting star - Jerry Yan the King of Idol Drama

Nine years after crowned as the King of Idol Drama, Jerry Yan now wears a beard that adds maturity and character. He said that the change is for a new production.

It doesn’t matter how many different roles that Jerry Yan has played on screen..., the most memorable is Dao Ming Si of [Meteor Garden] in the eyes of the generations born in the 70s and 80s. “I can’t forget the first time we met, your beautiful eyes…” (Theme song in [Meteor Garden])

If it were not for Angie Chai, the producer of [Meteor Garden], Jerry Yan would not have been discovered, at least would not have risen to the fame the way he did over night. Chai was casting for the idol drama [Meteor Garden] based on the popular Japanese comic strip and was in search of 4 young leading men who are handsome and tall, with body height of 1.8 meters, among Taiwanese actors. Angie Chai: “We had to ask for help from friends and casting agencies. The four of them were selected among more than 200 candidates.” Yang Ying, a radio hostess, “Like many things, the first version is easily the best since it sets expectations that are usually hard to meet by the followers. Jerry Yan’s look, personality and performance were the closest to the character among all.”

[Meteor Garden] set the trend of idol drama in Taiwan. Not only it established idol drama as a recognized industry, but also finished the era of Japanese drama which has dominated TV screens in Taiwan for decades. For the first time, the super idols were made in Taiwan.

Jerry Yan said humbly: “The role of Dao Ming Si was great. Like I mentioned in the interviews, I believe that I could have done a better job than portraying myself. My personality is very close to the character. I guess that’s also why people remembered the character so well.” Jerry Yan’s successful portrait of the character is regarded the best by his fans comparing to those played the different versions of the same role. “Let me carry the weight of your dream...”(Jerry Yan singing the theme song with F4). The boy band with Jerry Yan and three others, Vic Chou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu, was named F4. They dominated the stage wherever they appeared. Jerry Yan who came from a humble background was crowned the King of the Idol Drama.

Ups and Downs but still on the Frontline, One would expect Jerry Yan to keep the momentum of his huge success in [Meteor Garden] and take on large number of jobs. However Jerry Yan only starred in two idol dramas, [Come to My House] and [Meteor Garden2], and one movie [Magic Kitchen]. Jerry Yan also had conflict with Angie Chai due to the impossible shooting schedules and the tremendous workload of [Meteor Garden2]. He had only a few record deals afterwards and his career seemed to be in trouble. Jerry Yan seemed have disappeared from the public eyes. In reality Jerry was taking acting classes to improve his skills and waiting for a good opportunity.

Finally all efforts were paid off. In 2004 a perfect opportunity came knocking on his door and he was cast to play the leading role, Dr. Su Yihua of [The Hospital]. Although the job put a lot of stress on Jerry, he pulled it through. Jerry Yan: “It was such an important role for me. If you have watched the drama, you could see that I had the opportunity to work with some great actors, such as Leon Dai. With their interactions I exceeded my own expectations. It was such a great experience.” After [The Hospital], Jerry Yan seemed to have unlocked the secret of acting. He made more successful idol dramas, [Hot Shot], [Starlit] and the new [Down with Love].

Although Jerry doesn’t have a long list of credit, fans worldwide loved every drama he made. This also caused the curiosity of how Jerry managed to top the competitive entertainment business with just the right amount of exposure. Jerry Yan: “Certain things will disappear with time. I believe that continuous improvement of my acting skills is the best way to stay competitive. I would like to show that I am a good actor even if I don’t make a lot of idol dramas. I’m still a boy at heartJerry Yan who is shy in the limelight did not have a happy childhood. He lost his father at 12 and survived the childhood with his older sister and his mom. His mom worked as a Seamstress to raise Jerry and his sister. Jerry has been a very good son to his mom by working to support the family at a very young age. His dream is to become someone his mom can be proud of. It was reported recently that he was born out of wedlock. The hardship during his early years has made him to believe that he needed to work very hard to earn his success. Although his net worth is in the billions today, he still remembers his poor days and lives a very simple life. He still drives a 10 year old car that breaks down all the time. He doesn’t believe in materialism and living a high life. Jerry Yan: “I could have never dreamed what I have now. I am a very lucky person.”

As a leader of the new generation of actors in Taiwan, Jerry Yan naturally received harsher criticism while shouldering higher expectations. Some even think that his success is because of his look. Media often reads his shyness as arrogant and cold. Media has not been as critical to the others in F4. Jerry Yan: “I’ve learned a lot in the entertainment circle. I’ve grown up. But I’m still a little boy at heart.”

The Love Story of the Prince and the Princess As the other in F4, Jerry Yan has been reported to have a few relationships. The most popular gossip focused on Chiling Lin and Terri Kwan. Jerry Yan: “I need someone who can understand and discipline me. I like someone who is mature.” Based on Jerry’s criteria, Chiling Lin seemed to be a good fit. She is pretty and smart with good people skills. In his new book [9314 Man and Boy], Jerry recorded the love story of “the Prince and the Princess” which unfortunately ended. He admitted that this is the love of his life. With the help of the intimate cell phone photos of the two circulating on the internet after the cell phone maintenance, it is believed that the gossip was true. Jacky Wu at the 2006 Asia Pacific Film Festival: “What is this (the handshake)? Let’s have a proper greeting (a hug), ok?” Chiling Lin: “I’m very happy to see him and his success. I’m deeply honored.” Jacky Wu: “You made it sounded like you two were not very close to each other?!” At an interview Chiling Lin cried watching a video clip of Jerry. Jerry: “If I had a girl friend, I’d definitely bring her to see my mom.” Interviewer had to offer tissue to Chiling to dry her tears. Jerry Yan: “I think that I was not romantic or considerate enough for the girls I’ve dated. I wish them all good luck and happiness.”

Jerry met Terri Kwan when shooting [Starlit] in 2008. Their interaction in the drama looked very real. It was then reported that they toured Thailand together. (However both denied the rumor.) Terri Kwan and Jerry Yan in [Starlit]: “My life is timed and it’s impossible to be together with you!” “What do you want me to do?! I can’t pretend that I don’t love you!” Be it gossips or news of his new projects, Jerry Yan’s life has always been the focus of the media. However in private, Jerry Yan is a big boy who is shy but extremely serious about his acting career.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sep 28, 2010 - TW Apple Daily

Sep 28, 2010 - TW Apple Daily

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It was reported that Peter He's Taipei TV Festival's endorser.  After the opening ceremony yesterday, he especially visited Park Shin-Hye, a Korean female artiste who played in You Are Beautiful, at backstage.  As a producer, he hoped to have a chance to cast her in his projects.  However, when she was asked which TW artiste whom she has the most impression, she straightly answered, "F4".  She even said that she liked DMS(the role played by Yan Cheng Xu in Meteor Garden) the most.  Besides, she also mentioned Sweet Relationship played by ZZ and Patty Hou.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yan Chen Xu Was Not Nominated For Golden Bell

Sep 22, 2010
Lian He Bao

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Yan Chen Xu Was Not Nominated For Golden Bell
Web Users Felt That It's Unfair

(only extracted the part about Jerry)

It was reported that after the Golden Bell Nomination List was announced, it excluded quite a number of actors who were expected to be nominated.  Among all, online users (on TW Apple Daily) voted Yan Cheng Xu to be the no. 1 surprise when he was not nominated, with over 49% of voters thought that it was not fair to him, and 9% of voters thought that Sui Tang and Wu Jian Hou should be on the nomination list as well. 

TW Apple Daily

It was reported that a lot of good things have happened to Jerry lately.  Not only the gastritis, which had bothered him a lot, has improved a lot after treatment, he became an uncle, as his sister gave birth to a son, who is the first member of the family's third generation.  Although he is always very protective of his privacy, yesterday he posted his nephew's picture on the official website to share his happiness, which's also the first time he has allowed his family member to be shown in public.  The birth of his nephew made him want to be a dad as well. 

Yesterday, he shared the happy news on his offiical website ( called himself Little Uncle Sun.  His health showed the red flag a while ago, but yesterday he wrote, "I am doing very good lately, as I am an uncle now.  Although the whole family is still in a chaotic situation, our family is filled with joy because of the joining of this life.  New topics come up everyday.  Actually, taking care of a baby is so difficult but interesting!  So, everyone should be filial to one's mom!"

Mother and Sister Have Never Been Introduced To The Puclic
Allow Family Member To Be Shown To The Public For The First Time

His little nephew was just born less than a month.  Yan Cheng Xu, who likes to play basketball, has started to wish that he will grow up quicker, so he can bring him along to play basketball.  He also wrote, "Really want to bring him to play basketball faster, but my sister called me crazy... Little Uncle really want to bring you out for fun and to see this beautiful world"  When he filmed DWL seeing Xiao Xiao Bian, he has wanted to have a kid.  Now with the birth of his nephew, will this further deepen his thought of having a kid?  Yesterday, through his agent, he answered, "Sure it will!"

He has never allowed his mom and sister to be shown to the public.  Even when he got on A Date with Lu Yu, he only allowed his mom's voice to be exposed.  At the site, a recording of his mom's message was played, asking him to take good care of his health and his being healthy is the best gift for her.  After he heard it, his eyes were filled with tears right away.  This time, he rarely showed his nephew's picture with the public for sharing his happiness.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Taiwan heartthrob Jerry Yan thinking about fatherhood

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer-actor Jerry Yan has become an uncle following the birth of his sister's son and revealed that he is thinking about fatherhood, reported Chinese media.

In a rare move by the fiercely private actor, Yan posted photos of his month-old infant nephew on his micro blogging account and gushed about becoming an uncle.

"Although it is really chaotic at home, but due to the addition of this little life, it has become filled with joy and laughter.

"It turns out taking care of a child is fun yet difficult, so everyone should be filial to their mothers!" said Yan in a post on Tuesday.

The former F4 member, who had only recently recovered from a bout of gastritis, was apparently overjoyed to have a nephew.

He wrote in another post on the same day about how he wanted to show his nephew "this beautiful world" before greeting his fans and calling himself "Uncle Sunshine".

When asked if he is thinking about fatherhood after being so enamoured with his nephew and his little co-stars in the drama "Down with Love", the 33-year-old star replied through his manager: "Yes!".

- CNA/ha

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jerry Yan down with gastritis

Medical check-ups reveal that pop idol's illness is caused by stress

Jerry Yan is feeling under the weather these days.

According to reports, the Taiwanese singer-actor has not been in the best of health lately, often looking pale and haggard during public appearances.

The 33-year-old star was also said to be in weak health and being prone to recurring colds.

Speculations were rife that Jerry Yan could possibly be suffering from a strange illness, which had caused the 1.8m lanky hunk to suffer a weight lost.

Despite pleas from concerned fans, Jerry reportedly refused to undergo any forms of intrusive health check-ups, and only relented after much persuasion from his close doctor friend, Hou Wenyong.

"I arranged for it (the check-up). He is already a grown man and should do a full body examination once every year," said Hou.

He added that Jerry's illness was mostly due to pressure from work, and would develop into stomach ulcers if aggravated.

Jerry Yan has since started treatment for his condition.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jerry's New Blog - New Uncle

Jerry's New Blog - New Uncle

My dear friends, I'm doing very well because I'm a new uncle now! Ha! Despite of the craziness sometimes in the house, life is full of happiness and laughters because of the new addition to the family. There are new things everyday. I now know how hard but interesting it is to take care of a baby! So be good to your moms.

I can't wait for him to grow up! I hope that he'll like playing basketball! I wan to take him onto the basketball court now! My sister thought I was crazy but I mean it! Dear nephew, your new uncle can't wait to take you around and introduce you this beautiful world.

Take care everyone and have a happy Moon Festival!

Little Sun the New Uncle

Sunday, September 19, 2010

【Love Health】 Issue No. 60 - Jerry Yan Transformation After 10 Years ~ Boy Becomes Man

The decade was not extremely long but it marked a special era. He was Dao Ming Si in [Meteor Garden]. He was the soul of F4, the super idol group from Tai...wan that took over Asia. He is unique and unprecedented in Chinese pop culture history. A over night sensation, Jerry Yan was thrown to the media fire that came with his fame at age of 24. Struggling to cope with the new life, he was cruelly labeled as rebellious and difficult. He had crowd phobia and withdrew himself from the outside world out of the fear of malicious tabloid media.

Today that handsome young man with long wavy hair, the heart-throb of millions of girls, has transformed from a boy to a man after 10 years. He is ready to take on a more matured role and leave his naive image behind.

When I saw him again at the press release of his memoir [9314 Man & Boy], Jerry Yan was a changed man. After working in Japan for five years he finally returned to Beijing again. To the contrary of my expectation of a shy and quiet person, Jerry Yan has completed changed to someone who talked freely about himself. His message? I am no longer a boy, I am a man.

[Meteor Garden] 2001 has created a pop culture miracle. Jerry Yan leaped to fame over night from a nobody. His overwhelmingly large fans base includes people like Japanese politicians, President Arroyo of Philippians, and Indonesian Princess. He received an award on the same stage with the First Lady of Japan. Singapore media titled him as one of the 10 most popular persons of the decade. He is a subject in the wax museums in Shanghai and Thailand.

Unfortunately the fate that brought him the fame has also brought him bad publicity. It was so bad that he was suffering from crowd phobia. He admitted that he has learned a lot from his own mistakes and overcome the phobia. Today what he wants the most is to show to people that he has transformed from a boy to a man. He is ready for a new start.

credits and more photos here!/album.php?aid=243385&id=10306433076

On Jerry's Health Issues

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According to today's news, Jerry completed the physical exam earlier, and luckily nothing serious, but only gastritis was found.  When the reporter asked Dr. Hou, he indicated that as Jerry refused any invasive procedures, he had waited so long before getting a physicla exam.  After getting a lot of encouragement from Dr. Hou and realizing a non-invasive procedure provided by a private clinic, finally he got his physical exam.  The results showed that he has gastritis which affects his appetite.  Luckily it was caught early, otherwise, it might turn into ulcer.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Truth Behind the Casting Change of [Material Queen]

The Truth Behind the Casting Change of [Material Queen] -
Vanness Wu Replaced Jerry Yan at One Third of the Casting Fee

Idol drama [Material Queen] changes its leading man from Jerry Yan to Vanness Wu. Although Jerry said that he had to quit due to health issue, the truth was that he had to withdraw due to the cut of the production funding. The original budget calls for NT$6 million per episode and a total of NT$1.2billion for 20 episodes. However right before the shooting started, the funding from mainland China ran into approval issues. One half of the production budget could not be funded, which included US$20,000 casting fee per episode for Jerry Yan. Therefore Vanness was picked to take over Jerry's role at the last minute at one third of the original casting fee.


Jerry Yan Once Wanted to Save a Relationship by Marriage

20100917 (Liberty Times News)
Jerry Yan Once Wanted to Save a Relationship by Marriage

...Jerry Yan and super model Chiling Lin reportedly had a relationship. In a recent interview, Jerry said that he once wanted to save a relationship by marriage. But he didn't mention any name. When asked about Chiling, Jerry praised her as a nice person. They are still in contact as friends.

Good Friend with Ella and don't mind giving her foot massage

The super idol who has fans all over Asia gave a rare interview discussing his private life. He refers to Ella as a good friend who has changed him a lot. He once even gave her a foot massage.

Still Care about Chiling and Stay in Contact

When asked what kind of person she is, Jerry said that she is a nice person with a good heart. He wishes her good luck in life. They give encouraging words to each other from time to time.

Media also pushed more questions on Jerry regarding his love life. Jerry said that he used to be very naïve and believed that he could save a relationship by marrying his then girl friend. He has since grown up. He now believes in fate. Marriage needs the right timing, the right person and the right opportunity. He is awaiting for that moment.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jerry Yan To Star In Chinese Version Of Mulan

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Back in July, Wang Lee Hom was rumored to be starring in the Hollywood version of Mulan, but the latest rumors indicate that the role has gone to to Jerry Yan instead. This big-budget adaptation of the classic story is tentatively titled “巾幗英雄 (roughly translates to ‘Heroic Woman’)”. Actress Zhang Ziyi will coproduce the movie with her manager Ling Lucas and Ming “Beaver” Kwei, while “Speed” director Jan de Bont will direct.

Jerry Yan was in the news recently after dropping out of the idol drama Material Queen. Reports said he in fact passed on two other projects in order to prepare for his movie role. The new live-action Mulan will be shot entirely in English, so Jerry is working hard on brushing up on his language skills. On whether he has accepted the role, Jerry's manager said they will not disclose at this time.

There are also some worries that Zhang Ziyi’s reputation might have been tarnished by the “Donation-gate” scandal. She recently returned with a "fresh" look in a milk product commercial in hopes to recuperate her image.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sep 9, 2010 - Chinatimes

Chinatimes' reporter quoted Nbbbs' announcement to object TW Next Magazine's fabrication on Nbbbs.  Jery's agent, Zhang Shu Mei, indicates that actually Jerry wants to have good health more than anyone else.  He is following doctor's instructions at this time, going to bed and getting up early.  He also jogs every evening.  One doctor suggested that he should have more nutritious food, eating hotpot may get rid of the "cold" excess in the body, so he eats hotpot everyday. (kkla:   hope this is not true).

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for more information regarding this news fabrication, logon to
I've read that TW Next Magazine went to nbbbs forum and copied some of the items posted and made an accusations about Jerry's leaving the Material Girl.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sep. 8 2010 China Times - Jerry Yan Hopes to Team Up with Zhang Ziyi in [Hua Mulan]

Jerry Yan has turned down three idol dramas in hope to join the cast of "Hua Mulan" leading by Zhang Ziyi. He is reportedly actively preparing himself for the role including brushing up his English skills.

Hollywood hitmaker Jan de Bont, the director of... “Speed,” “Twister” and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”, has signed up to direct Zhang Ziyi in an independently-produced, English-language co-production of the classic tale of Hua Mulan, the legendary young heroine soldier who joins an all-male army. De Bont will attempt to bring romance, action and drama to screenwriter John Blickstead’s re-creation of the Chinese Joan of Arc story that was first described in a 6th century poem.

“Mulan” will be co-produced by Movie Plus Productions of Canada, Global Film Finance of the U.K., Beijing-based Bona International Film Group and SIMF Pictures, with Zhang, Ling Lucas and Beaver Kwei, the producers who brought China Zhang’s 2009 romantic comedy boxoffice hit “Sophie’s Revenge,” directed by Eva Jin. "Mulan" is set to start shooting this fall in Beijing and will complete by next January.

Zhang Ziyi will once again speak English in the film. Jerry Yan has turned down "Skip Beat", "Coffee Prince Taipei", and "Material Queen". It is reported that he will team up with Zhang Ziyi in "Mulan". His spokesperson turned down the request for comment yesterday.,5020,110511+112010090800015,00.html

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Down With Love is hotly being broadcasted,Yan Cheng Xu's popularity has maintained

source: 黑龍江新聞網-生活報 (

Down With Love is hotly being broadcasted,Yan Cheng Xu's popularity has maintained

Although the broadcast of the popular Meteor Garden was broadcasted 8 years ago, Dao Ming Si, Yan Cheng Xu's popularity is continuously increasing, has never decreased.  According to reporter's information, Down With Love played Yan Cheng Xu and Bubble Summer, which are broadcasted during summer break, are both on top of the rating chart.

(skipped the part about Down With Love's story introduction)... According to the introduction from's responsible party, when searching "Yan Cheng Xu" on the web, it can easily find out online users have given good scores for his drama projects.  Among all, Hot Shot has got 9.4 and Starlit has got 9.3, and this indicates that although Yan Cheng Xu is not an actor with high quantity of projects, he surely is an idol with good quality.

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Sep 02, 2010 - TW Appledaily

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Sep 02, 2010 - TW Appledaily

It was reported that Material Girl's Executive Producer, Chen Yu Shan, announced on Facebook that the male lead, Jerry Yan, quitted and the reason was due to scheduling problem.  The newest male lead will be announced no later than Sunday.  Yan Cheng Xu's agent, Zheng Shu Mei, indicated that Jerry is still having a cold, but the main reason was that the production team has delayed the filming schedule and the drama can't start filming until the end of Sep, and this has conflicts with Jerry's plan for filming movies. 

In July, when Jerry was in HK, he didn't confirm filming Material Girl, and it gives people the feeling that the eagerness only came from Ms. Chen, but not the other side.  She said, "Then why did he learn the violin and French?"  She exposed that they started discussing the contract and details since June.  She further said, "If he didn't have intention of filming the drama, then why did he need to participate in two rounds of contract negotiation?"

Jerry is still taking care of his health

Chen Yu Shan said that due to some technical issues, Material Girl won't start filming until Sep.  Lynn Xiong signed the contract in Aug and Jerry also mentioned about filming movies in Aug.  After serious consideration, she decided that may be this is not a good time for them to work together, but she still appreciates that he has worked so hard on the violin and French. 

Jerry's agent indicates that he is taking care of his health using Chinese herbs. 

Lian He Bao

Roughly same as above, except that Jerry's agent, Zheng Shu Mei, said, "As Material Girl can't finish filming until Jan next year, and it has conflicts with other plans.  Even we tried, but the scheduling problem is still not resolved, so we have no other ways but quitting."  Although Chen Yu Shan believes that his quitting has something to do with his plans for filming movies, Zheng Shu Mei denied that Jerry quitted the tv drama for filming movies.


Roughly the same as above, except:

...In order to play the violinist who studied in Paris, Jerry started learning violin and French since June.  His agent, Zheng Shu Mei, said that if he did not have the intention to film the drama, he wouldn't have learned French and violin.  When asked whether she is concerned about an "add on" on his "being difficult“ list, she said that according to plan, Material Girl was supposed to start filming in Aug, but now the filming won't finish until the end of Jan next year, and the agency has already had other arrangements.  This is agency's arrangement, nothing concerns Jerry."

Chen Yu Shan said that Yan's agency didn't inform her about his absence for filming movie(in Nov or Dec) until early Aug.  As she was informed too late, she can't make other arrangements, that's why she decided to give up and to find a new male lead.  Material Girl will start filming by the end of Sep. 


...Yan Cheng Xu quitted being the male lead of Material Girl due to scheduling problem, and there's rumor that he has already accepted 2 movie offers...

Liao Mama's Message to Jerry

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His mom's voice sounds very down to earth and traditional, with very strong Taiwanese accent.  She called Jerry "Yang Zhen" and she told him that her health's good at this time, so there's no need to worry about her.  On the contrary, he should take more good care of his health and not to give himself too much pressure at work.  He should take it easy more.  His being healthy would be the best gift for her.  Do gain some weight.