Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Monday, March 31, 2008

New Layout ... What's Up with Jerry?

Hi Everybody, It's been a while .... I nearly forgot to update myself with the latest happenings around ...most especially with Jerry (hehehe)

Before Holy Week, i managed to change layout. It's Summer time i guess this is the perfect template for this season. I am planning to change it soon but i guess i have to stick with this layout since am so busy for the past few days --till now (hehehe) ....

What's up with Jerry?
-You can read his blog updates directly on his site

and watch
Jerry Yan - Wo Mei You Ban Fa Li Kai Ni MV (KTV)
(thanks to wengvann)

Will try my best to catch up ...
Thanks for my sisters in JVKV Multiply for posting the updates. See Yah All Soon!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jerry's New Blog Entry

Please go to this URL

Hello from strong & healthy Jerry!


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The plot: Story details have been sketchy but it's about three outstanding basketballers from two competing teams.

The 13-episode drama serial reportedly took three years of planning and cost NT$60m ($2.7m) to make.

The producers have sold broadcast rights to various overseas markets, including Japan and Korea, and recovered production costs even before the serial opens in the middle of this year.

Its star Wu Chun told The New Paper recently: 'I'm not worried about competition with the other drama serials or movies, we just wanted to make a good production.'

Hot shots: This would seem to be THE basketball dream team.

The lethal combination of Taiwan's dashing dudes - Wu Chun, Show Luo and Jerry Yen - makes this a drama serial to watch out for.

What's more, the hot trio will show off real skills, said Wu Chun, who used to be a national basketball player in Brunei.

Jerry Yen is just as accomplished a player - he was spot on with nine out of 10 shots he made during filming.

Sizzles or fizzles: It's salsa hot!

If cool Jerry is not the ball in your net, there's always wholesome Wu Chun or funny guy Show to drool over.

So bring out the popcorn and save the finished tub to catch your drool!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Privacy Policy for Jerry Yan Philippines

Privacy Policy for Jerry Yan Philippines

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Administrator, Jerry Yan Philippines

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hard Collision Drama "Hot Shot" ~ Xiao Zhu Becomes Pinocchio

Hard Collision Drama "Hot Shot" ~ Xiao Zhu Becomes Pinocchio

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley (Please credit or link if this is posted anywhere else.)

"Xiao Zhu" Show Luo 2 days ago while filming for idol drama "Hot Shot" his body became stiff due to crashing with another cast ball player, he immediately yelled of pain: "Stop Stop Stop, I can't move my shoulder!" It scared the management and crew rushing forward, on his shoulder they were massaging the muscles to relax it, everyone were all busily helping him massage, the filming crew therefore had to stop filming for about half an hour. After the incident Xiao Zhu said, he thought it was he'll be paralyzed, scaring him to death.

Read Full Article Here

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Jerry has had the flu for more than 2 months

Mar 14, 2008
China Times

According to China Times, Jerry has had the flu for more than 2 months, and it led to his poor appetite and weight loss. For the last few days, as there were a lot of ball playing scenes, his energy was overdrawn. The night before yesterday, when he was working during the middle of the night, he suddenly had vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. Then he was admitted to the ER with his assistant. The doctor stated that it was stomach flu. Yesterday morning, he went to the hospital again for IV due to lack of energy. Then he called in sick to the Hot Shot production team and rested at home for 1 day.

Lian He Bao

Clips of Hot Shot filming with mostly Yan Cheng Xu were found to be posted on Youtube. GTV indicates that it will contact Youtube to delete the clips for now and urges fans not to expose the unbroadcasted clips to the public, in order to protect their idols.

--to be continued ---

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

United Daily - March 5 (F4 will be having 2 concerts in Tokyo)

United Daily - March 5 (F4 will be having 2 concerts in Tokyo)

posted by fatty2@ asian

Accdg to United Daily newsarticle of 3/5, F4 will have having 2 concerts in Tokyo on Oct. 7 & 8 and another concert in Osaka on 10/17. Ticket price is abt NT3600.00. That F4 will be in Japan 1 month prior to the concert to get ready.

Also, the article mentioned that Jerry & Show will be singing the respective beginning & ending theme songs for HS. Seems that as Jerry, Show & Wu Zun belonged to different record company, it was impossible for a group theme song. That HS will finish filming in March 08 & that Jerry has in his schedule tv serial & movie but even now Jerry has begin to start preparing for the Japan concerts. Mao Liang said Jerry will have dance during the concerts & fans will be able to see his improvements in dance.

Accdg to China Times, it seems that F4 will not be renewing the tourism contract for 2008.

(fatty2: happy to know that Jerry's future projects include a movie & another tv serial but seems that his 2nd solo album will have to be postponed. really wonder what kind of movie Jerry has selected??)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Related Reports - F4's Individual MVs and Japan Concert

thanks to kkla@

According to news, each F1's individual mv will be posted on the official website (Sony?) for fans to view. Although fans can watch the mvs in KTVs (karaoke bars/restaurants), commercial time won't be bought on tv for their broadcast.


Sandy_jerry2006 posted that the F4 concert(s) in Japan will be held in Oct. Wait for confirmation from SJ.