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Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Philosophies that exist within {The Hospital} ~ i Weekly 19th April 2007

The Philosophies that exist within {The Hospital} ~ i Weekly 19th April 2007
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The Philosophies that exist within {The Hospital}
Text : Yang Li Ling

Seeing {The Hospital} reflects humanity, how my heart aches on occasion. Each sentence of the dialogue easily points out the truths in Reality.

As seen, Life is most definitely like a show.


I have lived here for almost 2 years and yet I don’t know any neighbours. I work every single day and I just keep on working. . . . . . A person like me who had spent most of my life studying, I have missed on spending time with my family. I don’t even have the energy to date. I don’t even know how to date someone. . . . . .~ Su Yi Hua cried his eyes out when he was disappointed in love.

Where there is gain, there will be loss. There is no point complaining, what it boils down to is one’s personal choice.

Every one of us has to bear the burden of the mistakes we’ve made. We need to learn to live with our most unsightly-self. Because there are not reruns in Life and we are adults. ~ Qiu Qing Cheng pulls himself up from his mistakes and carries on.

You need courage as it’s difficult to face your own evils.

Tang :
I deserve it. It’s like being bitten by the dog that I’ve fed. There is no need for other’s sympathies.
Su : . . . . . .I don’t understand it. I held it tightly in my hands yet why does it suddenly cool off so quickly. . . . . .
Tang : These are the rules- mere rules. The fault is not his neither is it mine.~ Forced by circumstances, Tang Guo Tai and Qiu Cheng Qing turned from a teacher-student relationship to enemies.

Good and bad, kindness and wickedness never existed in the arena of fame and fortune.

I don’t believe that there isn’t any truth and justice in this world. It’s all because we have in our hearts given up. ~ Guan Xin still holds true to her principles.

For humans, the one that is the hardest to believe is in fact we ourselves.

As you age, you will find that Destiny has made the decision for you one after and another right before your eyes. One by one, it eats into you. What choice is there left for you? Life is just so. When you’ve reached a certain point, you can’t turn back anymore. ~ When all is gone, Zhuang Ming Zhe came to this realization.

At times when certain things happen, I asked myself, ‘I had considered all angles, did my best in where I should, I feel that there should’nt be any problems. It should all be great but it might not be so.’ With a flick of the fingers from the Heavens, it becomes different. Everything will not be the same anymore.
~ Qiu Qing Cheng fell from grace and finally saw through everything.

Can Destiny be changed? In fact, it’s actually the person making up lies to force himself to move forward.

Su : If you are right, I definitely will stand on your side and support you fully.
Qiu : Don’t you know that you are already standing on my side? When I step down, you will have the opportunity to crawl up. You can then have more power to do what you think is right.
~ Though Su Yi Hua thinks he is righteous but Qiu Qing Cheng pointed out to him how he is in fact steep in the power struggle.

All of us think we are virtuous in our own right but in the end we have to go with the flow of things.

True courage is pursuing that kind of simple happiness. . . . . .When we are doing what we think we should, Heaven is but a place where our hands can reach. If you want Happiness, you have on be undaunted in stretching your hand to do what you want to and to love the one whom you love the most. Don’t wait as it’s just that you didn’t see it for Happiness never left you.

Our lives are based on what we believe. Happiness, sadness they are all choices.

In the end, what we think is important has become not important after all.
~ Su Yi Hua’s take on Life.

Nothing which is lost would cost anyone his life. Riches is so, people are so.


What everyone wants in their lives is different, it won’t be the same just because the both of you are together. ~ Her superior, Chang Yi Ru tries hard to persuade Ma Yi Fen about her illicit affair with Qiu Qing Cheng.

Love many a times cannot really withstand the trials of reality again and again.

We do not owe each other anything now. We owe each other only a simple goodbye. ~ Ma Yi Fen bade farewell to Qiu Qing Cheng at the Airport.

After having loved and hated, there is the eventual letting go when Fate is over.

Your cleverness always hurt others so much. ~ Upon knowing of Qiu Qing Cheng’s affair with Ma Yi Fen, his wife, Mei Qian’s words struck a tender spot as she wanted to safeguard her family’s Happiness.

When one is too clever, he will only remember how to love himself and forget to love others.

Humans can only head towards one direction and it is the same for every one of us. ~ Guan Xin’s objective view as a bystander of Su Yi Hua’s change of heart and refusal to face the fact.

Love will unknowingly change its direction in event of the pursuit of fame and fortune .

Don’t say that you are sorry. You will never ever know how sorry you should be. It’s too late, all too late. ~ Guan Xin’s words to the heartless Zhuang Ming Zhe.

Words are a mere softening of the guilt towards victims but they can never lessen the hurt.

In the past, I thought that as long as we loved each other then nothing is impossible but Love is not so great. It is never as great as we think it should be.

~ Guan Xin left behind these words when Su Yi Hua tried to get her back.

A Love to live and die for is in truth too inconsequential.

Su: Do you really not want to give me an explanation for your leaving?
Guan: Don’t you think what we need now is not an explanation but a wholehearted blessing?
~ For so many years, Guan Xin left without a word but eventually met up with Su Yi Hua for their final farewell.

Rather than holding onto regret, the beauty is in remembering the Love.


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