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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Guest starring at Taiwan's tourism drama? Jerry Yan's manager rebukes rumours

Guest starring at Taiwan's tourism drama? Jerry Yan's manager rebukes rumours

Taiwan's tourism board idol drama "Right here waiting for u" has finally started filming, previously producer for the show, Angie Chai has announced that Jerry will be guest starring in the drama. However, Jerry's manager Mao Liang denied.
In April, when F4 visited Japan and Korea as Taiwan tourism ambassadors, they introduced Taiwan as a "country", which caused a heated controversy in China websites. Situation became more & more serious tat someone has started "boycott F4" movement.

News of whether Jerry will be acting in the Taiwan tourism drama has been going on for some time. Just when it is believed that only F2 (Zai & Ken) will be main leads in the show, there is rumour that Jerry has initiated to Angie Chai that he is willing to guest star. But after the news was released, Jerry's manager Mai Liang expressed: "there's no such thing".

In the past, there was some unhappiness between Angie & Jerry.
But at F4's concert in Hong Kong last year, they hugged on stage, putting their unhappiness behind. Yesterday, Angie Chai calmly express: "Even if he tells me when he's available, I may not write him in. At the moment, the script is still in the primarily stage. Let's wait till everything is stabilised.

Although F4's visit to Japan and Korea happened early this year,
but recently they became target of criticism in China websites as erry, Vanness and Vic referred to Taiwan as a country. In the websites, there are screencaps of it, scolded them for making a mistake even more serious than Rainie Yang, requested for a public apology and also told others to boycott F4 products.

F4's manager, who was with them during the visits explained yesterday: "Facing overseas media, they were nervous. It should be a slip in speech.
A spokesperson from Taiwan Tourism said they did not teach F4 to introduce Taiwan in that manner. Following, promotional prokect will be mainly commercial and idol drama, and will no longer touch on this sensitive issue.

Source: 09.08.2007 Lian He bao
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