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My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Liberty Times, September 5

Sep 5, 2007

summary only:
According to today's Liberty Times, about 2 days ago, Jerry formally informed BOF's producer, Feng Jia Rui, that he is not going to accept the role. Upon request, Yan Cheng Xu's agent, Zhang Mao Liang, admitted that the plan wasn't pushed through. The main reason is that the role was set as a college student who likes to play jokes, which doesn't correspond with Jerry's established image. With his age, 30 yrs. old, Jerry should play characters with working experiences that it is not suitable for him to play a young college student. Therefore, the opportunity should be given to a more appropriate candidate. When asked whether Jerry will play Qin Yong instead, Mao Liang indicates that Qin Yong is a possible plan for next year, but for the mean time, only the script was received. Furthermore, Liberty Times reported that Jerry has reached an agreement with Feng Jia Rui that they will work together in another idol drama adapted from a Japanese comic story next year, in which Jerry, for sure, will play a character with working experiences.

kkla: Look at the scan from Mamy. Who said that he can't play a college student?
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The reason is so "Jerry Yan" that as usual he takes the responsibility on himself, instead of exposing other possible reasons

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Dream team of Jerry Yan & Wu Zun collaboration smashed

The dream collaboration of 2 super handsome guys - 30 year old Jerry Yan & 28 year old Wu Zun playing basketball is officially smashed!

Yesterday, Jerry Yan finally confirmed that he won't be acting in "Basketball Fire". The reason being, he's now 30 years old, and is no longer suitable to act as a pretty boy. Fans who wish to see Jerry & Wu Zun playing basketball together can only rely on their imagination.

March this year, Jerry Yan and producer Feng Jia Fei founded a company named"Xi Meng Tang", their 1st idol drama was scheduled to star Jerry Yan & Wu Zun. However, filming has been delayed time and again, finally fixed at September. During which there were many rumours, including: Jerry being one of the investors, has many controls and restrictions, his ideal choice for female lead role Lin Yi Chen declined to act etc.

Until last month, when reporters asked Jerry when will the drama start filming. He continued to give a vague answer. It is said that even the other lead actor, Wu Zun is waiting for Jerry and asked the crew if Jerry wants to film.

2 days ago, Jerry officially told the drama's producer that he has decided not to act in the drama. Jerry's manager Zheng Mao Liang also confirmed the news when asked by reporter yesterday.

This decision makes outsiders thinks is Jerry being "difficult".
Zheng Mao Liang analyed, according to the script the character is a university student and comical, which Jerry is unsuitable for. For his age, he is no longer suitable to act as young university students.

Then will he act in another drama "Qin Yong" instead? Zheng Mao Liang expressed that project is for next year, and currently they have only received the script.

It is said that Jerry and Feng Jia Rui has come to an agreement. Next spring, they'll work together in a Japan comic based idol drama, guarantee Jerry will act as a "professional".

Wu Zun's management company Ke Mi Zhi Zuo expressed that it's a pity not able to work with Jerry. The project has been put on hold, and will search suitable actors for the role.

Source: 05.09.2007
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