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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jerry Yan No Complaints Even After 5 Hours of Wire Stunt

Jerry Yan No Complaints Even After 5 Hours of Wire Stunt
Reporter: Zhu Pei Jun/ reporting from Taipei
13 December 2007

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[Basketball Fire] a collaboration of China TV and Gala TV has started filming for four days. Jerry Yan, Show Luo and Chun Wu have been performing wire stunts every day. To ensure their safety, each is insured for NT$10 million. Director Lin He Long personally demonstrated the stunts before the actual filming. But one personnel joked on the side, ‘Our Director is so thin, it takes more to pull up the actors than him.’

To capture the best shots for a dunk*, Jerry Yan, Show Luo and Chun Wu had special training in wire stunts before filming started.

After these few days of shooting, the personnel frankly commented, ‘This is not a Kung Fu serial where one poses for a bit in mid-air and then descends. The actors have to twist their bodies every which way to meet with the Director’s camera angles. Each shot can take up to an hour at times.’

Jerry Yan is the first to try the stunt. He said that he was not used to it initially but gradually could grasp the feel of it. In fact, he is starting to enjoy the sensation of flying. The safety measures are excellent and there are professionals at bay so he feels very reassured.

Since 11 am yesterday, he was hooked on the harness all day long. Even at 4 in the afternoon, the filming still continued. ‘He must really be having a hard time with the blazing noon sun, yet not a word of complaint from him.’ one personnel said.

Chu Wu The King of Big Eaters Still Thin After Double Portions

Due to exhaustive continuous filming, Chun Wu is still thin after taking 2 box meals. His agent laughs, ‘I have already stopped forbidding him to eat.’

Xiao Zhu Love Stunts Wants to Dance With Harness On

Previously at his concert, Xiao Zhu did appeared from the air. He said regarding these few days of wire stunts, ‘It’s nothing compared to the Period Dramas. Actually the wire stunts are fun. I am considering using some of these wire stunts for my stage performance.’

With 3 Super Idols in the show, no matter where the location is or how tight is the security, it still attracts many onlookers from the public.

A side-splitting moment was when an old lady from a neighbouring apartment whipped out a professional grade camera and turned ‘trigger happy’*. Top management at Gala TV were so taken aback that they knocked on her door to implore her to stop shooting.

* dunk ~ make a shot into the hoop
* trigger happy ~ keeps taking photos

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