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My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sony Style Online Magazine~Issue 22

Sony Style Online Magazine~Issue 22

SONY Online Magazine~Issue 22
translation by kym

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SONY Online Magazine
Gui Lun Mei X Yan Cheng Xu’s Interview with SONY Online Magazine

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Q1 – Could you please talk about your experience in collaborating with SONY?

Gui Lun Mei : In my previous collaboration with SONY, I was very familiar with the team. Like Director Yi Zhi Yan, cameraman Da Pu and my good pal, Bo Lin. After the shoot, it became like another gathering for us. In the space given by SONY, we were able to tell a very romantic and lively story together. This is the 2nd time and though the team is different but SONY’s friendliness is still the same. I tried some clothes in vivid colors and got to show my mischievous and a little of my feminine side.

Yan Cheng Xu ~ This is my first time collaborating with SONY. As I myself am also a loyal SONY consumer so I feel really excited and very honored.

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Q2 – How do you feel about this SONY collaboration? Was there anything special?

Gui Lun Mei : I’ve shot some commercials but the SONY team is by far the mildest I’ve come across. They often convey their ideas to me in soft tones. Giving me lots of trust and so I could freely express what the commercial want to convey on my own.

Yan Cheng Xu ~ So happy! In this collaboration, SONY looked into every single detail. I really admire SONY for their dedication to their mission and their professionalism to consumers.

Q3 – How do you feel or any expectations about the end-result of this commercial?

Gui Mei Lun : I look forward to it as I haven’t had such a beautiful chance encounter for a long while.

Yan Cheng Xu ~ When the Director initially talked to me about it, I thought it was really cool to shoot a commercial like a movie. After I saw the finished product, I really felt like I was shooting a movie, just so beautiful!

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“Feels like I was shooting a movie ~ Yan Cheng Xu”

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“I’ll await such a beautiful chance encounter, - Gui Lun Mei”

Q4 – Do you have any special expectations of Yan Cheng Xu this time, in light of your previous collaboration with Chen Bo Lin?

Gui Lun Mei : My rapport with Bo Lin need not be said. But as an actor, there would be different screen chemistry with different partners. This is my first time working with Jerry, he feels like a guy who is very strict with himself. He is very serious about work. I only had a little eye contact with him in this commercial. But I look forward to such a chance encounter where one just misses the other by a brush of the shoulders.

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Q5 – What is your first impression of SONY? Which type of SONY product do you like best? Why?

Gui Lun Mei : WOW! The visual and audio products. It’s like dreaming and who doesn’t like that?

Yan Cheng Xu ~ My first impression of SONY is that it has made its mark setting trends for 3C products! Of course, it would be the Sony Walkman products. It is very light weight, trendy exterior, very user friendly interface and most importantly it has blue-tooth earphones so that I can jog without any burden.


Q 6 – If you have a chance, what kind of collaboration do you hope to have with SONY?

Gui Lun Mei : Very many WOW WOW WOW collaborations.

Yan Cheng Xu ~ SONY is a brand worthy of trust no matter which product. I hope my collaboration with SONY would be for a very long time to come.

Could you describe SONY in one sentence?

Gui Lum Mei : I’ll have to think about this. . . . . . Give me a packet of chips and SONY.

Yan Cheng Xu ~ Trendy Brand, Professional Innovations, Attention to Fine Details.


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