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Monday, September 15, 2008

Sep 14, 2008 - China Times


Sep 14, 2008 - China Times

It was reported that GTV's upcoming drama, Skipbeat, has a lot of rumors and uncertainties. The "A caster, Yan Cheng Xu, who dominates the Idol Drama markets is a typhoon eye". Firstly, it was rumored that Joe Zhang rejected the role as his parts were decreased. On the 13th, it was again rumored that the director was changed. It was rumored that Yan Cheng Xu hasn't accepted the role but Dir Ju told the press that he's part of the cast, then Yan Cheng Xu had a problem with it. According to news, it is very likely that Dir Niu Cheng Ze, who is familiar with Yan Cheng Xu, may take over the project.

Skipbeat was adapted from a Japanese comic series. The planned cast included Yan Cheng Xu, Lin Yi Chen, and Joe Zhang. After Joe Zhang rejected the role, some other actors, such as He Jun Xiang, Ming Dao, etc..., were considered. As one of the main leads is unconfirmed, the director was changed, and it was rumored to all concern about Yan Cheng Xu. JVR indicates yesterday, "Never heard of it. Don't know about this matter." Dir Ju, who is consultant of the project now, clarified that there is no problem between Yan Cheng Xu and him.

Dir Ju stated that due to a scheduling problem (as he needs to work on Started With a Kiss 3), he needed to give up the project. However, he has longed to work with Yan Cheng Xu. He also mentioned, "My words were too preliminary. I said those words as he displayed desire to accept the project." But he didn't have hard feelings about it. "As the big environment is so bad already, there is no point to become enemies in the show business." According to source, Yan Cheng Xu has had happy discussion with Skipbeat's production team. GTV indicates that 12 episodes of scripts are ready and it will start filming in Nov.

Yan Cheng Xu has hidden from the camera for a while due to the Oct concerts in Japan. He has already finished recording 9 new songs and he completed taking photos for his 2009 calendar which will be released on 17th in Japan. This year, he changed his image to show his "macho" side. He plans to show his dancing skills in the upcoming concerts. ZZ has dyed his hair to bright purple for the concerts.

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kkla: BTW, They Kissed Again's fans said that Dir Ju's project should be Kissed SP, but not series #3.
Blaming Jerry again? I don't know that Jerry is so powerful that he can change the director. If there was a problem, why would Dir Ju stay being the consultant? Regarding Zhang, he and Lin are working on another project now shortly after They Kissed Again. It is more likely to be GTV and/or investers' decision to have new combination of cast, so audience won't get tired of it.

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