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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ella Reveals About Jerry Yan's Incident of Unfortunate Fall from Chair

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Ella Reveals About Jerry Yan's Incident of Unfortunate Fall from Chair
Translation by: Syyang @

After many months of hectic filming, filming for the super-idol drama serial - [Down With Love] has finally wrapped up in Taiwan some time back. During the post-filming celebrations, Ella appeared in a little black dress and she shared on her exciting experiences filming together with Jerry Yan; and even revealed that Jerry had a "spate of bad luck" just before filming wraps up.

The super-idol drama, being a collaboration between Jing Xi Ying Shi, An Wei Wei Shi and Taiwan's GTV, has a strong cast. Not only has the production team invited Asia's Super Idol Jerry Yan and Asia's Number 1 Female Heavenly Group - S.H.E's Ella as lead actor and actress respectively; the cast also included artistes like Chen Zi Han, Yuan Wen Kang, Jade Liu Li Yang, Michael Zhang etc - all of whom are artistes with both fame and would interest the media and viewers.

When sharing on her role, the vivacious and carefree Ella said her challenge this time is to act as a "down-and-old, riches-to-rag girl". In order to raise funds to repay the debts her father owed, she has to take on many odd-jobs. And through this opportunity, she got to develop a sweet romance with her employer in the serial - Jerry Yan's role. The Cinderella storyline is interesting to Ella. Even the previously reported by media to be "bad temper and difficult" Jerry Yan has appeared very obliging and mild-tempered thoughout, and once said, "Ella is one of the women who impacted me most."

[DWL] has filmed for 3 months and the cast endured filming under the scorching heat of 40 degree celsius and sacrificed many hours of sleep. Nonetheless, Ella is still very excited. For at one moment, she could be wearning a little yellow cap and a round-neck white blouse with a blue pinafore with a Chibi Maruko-chan look; and at the other moment, she is required to piggyback a 20kg prop refrigerator to run up and down. Every exaggerating image and styling she has to put on, and each romantic and funny scene has allowed her to satisfy her every acting craving she has had since 3 years ago. The excited Ella could not help but always mention her character Yang Guo as a person who is "very mature and sensible in character and lovable".

Despite filming has wrapped up, Ella still reminisces about the memorable filming experiences with the cast and Jerry Yan. She revealed that Jerry seemed to be hit by a series of misfortune just before filming wraps up. "There was a scene where his character - Lawyer Xiang Yu Ping was kidnapped, and one of the extras accidentally caused Jerry to fell off a chair. Shortly after this incident, Jerry has to film a scene whereby he was forcefully shoved into the car by the kidnappers. While filming thi, his eyes and head got knocked against the side of the door. It was really a "spate of bad luck" for him then."

Although Jerry was injured by one after another incident on the set just before the end of filming and even had to visit the hospital, he appeared very optimistic. He not only reassured the production team that his injury was superficial, but also joked that it was good luck to "see red*" just before filming ends, as it would symbolise that [DWL]'s viewership will definitely scale to great heights.

* sy: Different from in English; in Chinese, "jian hong" which literally translates into "see red" means really good news, as red is auspicious for the Chinese. Jerry is using the phrase to say that his injury is a sign of good things to come for the serial's viewership.

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