Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hi Friends, How are you!

I have a very good news for you.

To all who have been religiously visiting my blog, here's a treat for you.

I am giving away these not-that-so-old-but-worth-to-keep Jerry Yan stuffs! FOR FREE!!!!

As I am cleaning my closet tonight, I found soooooo many extra stuffs and I would like to share it with you!

Hopefully, I can post these stuffs before the 31st of December.

How to join?

Well, just keep on visiting this blog for instruction.

PS: For Metro Manila/Philippines residents only. Anyone that can be reached by FedEx/or/any courier service in the country. Courier is free of charge.

Advance Happy Birthday to Jerry.

NOTE: Oppps, the items are NOT FOR SALE. These are just extras and I want to keep a space in my closet for the future.

Jerry : Merry Christmas!
12/24 21:57 from sina weibo

言承旭Jerry : 聖誕快樂!
...12月24日 21:57 來自新浪微博


  1. i want! i have been reading all these years!

  2. thanks janine. will post the details as soon as I finished cleaning up my closet :) merry christmas.

  3. me too ! daomisyel pls. can u give me the stuffs...i read all ur post here everytime i open my multiply account...but sadly i followed ur blog recently lang, ngaun q lang kz narealize na kailangan q pla i-follow i2..hehe...but honestly, i read ur post every day tlga na mag-open aq...please...can u 4give me?! tnx in advance.Godbless

  4. I want it too! I have been following your blog religiously since I found it a few months ago. By the way, I was born the day after Jerry Yan's birthday. It would be fun to receive JY stuff as a birthday gift. =)

  5. Ey,girl I've always been a fan of Jerry Yan ever since I saw him in Meteor Garden.I want to have that gift also. and I've been reading your blogs here for almost sometime ago. and I do appreciate your effort to post more on Jerry's happenings in his life.i've been following this blog since then because I only know a bit in Jerry's updates.

  6. omg! can i have one too please?! daomisyel.. ive been a fan eversince! thank you in advance.. i know we're classmate too in nbbbs! =) happy new year to u and your family!

  7. please wait for my instruction. sorry for waiting that long :) don't worry, i hope i can accommodate and give these stuffs to all of you :)

  8. Lol! Pwede ba akong sumali dito? Kekekeke!
    How u Micth?!

  9. hahaha! ok naman :) busy sa work as usual hehe