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My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Interview with Jerry - "Pray 4 Japan, Save The World"

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According to news, TW will hold a charity show for Japan on Mar 18, and the hosting committee is trying to arrange the regroup of F4 in the show for encouraging the contribution from TW people and motivating the Japanese victims.


Jerry was interviewed with Chen Wei Quan.

Host asked him how did he know about the earthquake?
Jerry said that he was busy with something and he was informed by phone.

When asked how did he feel when he firstly knew about it?
He said that it was quite hard to believe at first. Then after he went home and watched some scenes in the news, he has felt heavyhearted even until now.

Then the host mentioned as Jerry had a lot of supporters in Japan and Japan's a place where he had gone a lot, did he ask himself what he could do to help?
Jerry said certainly. Actually, for the last few days, he had been discussing with his company what he could do to actually help them, including making contribution, but today, after discussed with his company, he realized that actually they needed materials more than money at this time, such as generators, something to keep warm, etc... So he contacted some friends and see how they should prepare.

Then the host mentioned that other than earthquake and tsunami, Japan is also snowing.
Chen Wei Quan said that he couldn't imagine how tough the situation is, as he was grown up in Malaysia, and he can't even handle TW's winter, not mentioning snowing. Therefore, Chen believed that people in Japan need a lot of warmth at this time. When he sent a sms to Jerry and invited him to join the event, "Pray 4 Japan, Save The World" that afternoon, Jerry agreed immediately, so Chen thanked Jerry for his kindness.

The host also thanked Jerry for his quick promise and initiation to help.
At 3:49 of the clip, the host asked Jerry to say something to his Japanese fans. Jerry said, "Actually for the happening of this disaster, I am quite saddened. I really hope that we can give our greatest power. Although there is no comparsion of the effort between one and the other, each individual's contribution (is valuable), like when Wei Quan asked me to join the function (i.e., Pray 4 Japan, Save The World), I agreed immediately, and hope to stand up, to participate. I thank the ones who initiated this event, and it allows more people to join and to participate. It doesn't matter money, materials, or resources, let's give our biggest effort to help them."

The host said that a lot of Jerry fans should be able to hear his call. Although Jerry is in TW and it is not appropriate for him to go to Japan at this time, this kind of natural disasters didn't happen only in Japan, like the ones happened a while ago in Yunnan, New Zealand, Chile, etc..., so this function is to care the whole world, not just praying for Japan, but also saving the world. Then hope that this world can recover to its original beauty.

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