Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Apr 24, 2011 News - Jerry to resume work :)


It was reported that after stopped working for 19 months, Yan Cheng Xu will resume his work by filming a comedy in Mainland China.  Furthermore, he was spotted watching a play,《王國密碼》, by Li Guo Xiu on the 23rd.  After watching the play, Jerry described the experience as like watching a movie, and it made regain his enthusiasm in acting.

TW Apple Daily

In this news article, Jerry was labelled by Apple Daily as the Drama King and he will attend the Newday New Hope charity event with Murakami Takashi and 30 other artistes this afternoon.  Murakami Takashi indicated that he once saw F4's concert at Budokan in Tokyo, and Yan Cheng Xu who always goes to Japan for work also admires Murakami Takashi's artistic achievement.  According to source, Yan Cheng Xu's fans plan to attend the event, to give their love, and to support their idol on site by wearing tee shirt.  In total, the 4 major fansites of Yan Cheng Xu's have donated more than NT 1.455 millions.
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