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Monday, April 11, 2011

Jerry Yan and Terri Kwan rumoured to be dating

It was said that the couple never broke up

In 2009, Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan and actress Terri Kwan worked together on the drama Starlit and was later rumoured to be dating each other. However, the pair always maintained that they were nothing more than friends.

Recently, a Taiwanese tabloid revealed that the celebs were actually dating each other.

According to the source, Jerry and Terri had been dating in secret for the past two years and despite the frequent quarrels, the couple did not break up.

It is known that rumours of the two celebs began after Terri was spotted going to Jerry's place two years ago. In November that same year, the two was said to have toured Sumerian Island together.

Last year, Terri said that "it was an old rumour" and described her relationship with Jerry as a "human and ghost" one.

However, the tabloid refuted that Terri once revealed her views on love and said she hopes to date in secret and intends to get married suddenly without her parents' knowledge.

When interviewed, Jerry's management expressed that it is normal for celebs to be meeting each other. The company will not interfere and hopes that the public will stop speculating.

Terri's manager replied that the company will not interfere on their artistes' personal relationships and is unsure of Terri's relationship status now. The manager added that Terri and Jerry are friends and it is usual for the two to keep in contact.

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