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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jerry Yan’s late night visit to the eye specialist


The actor contracted an eye infection due to over exhaustion

Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan has been constantly plagued by eye infections in the recent years.

According to the Taiwanese media, a member of the public tipped them off a couple of nights ago when Jerry was spotted at an eye specialist in the dead of the night. The actor had returned to Taiwan for a commercial shoot.

The late night visit to the doctor's fuelled speculations that Jerry's left eye was causing him discomfort.

The doctor reportedly postponed his rest for the actor and was seen cleaning Jerry's eye with saline solution before applying medication. Jerry left the clinic 15 minutes later.

Fans of the actor were very concerned when news broke.

In response to the report, Jerry's management agency commented that Jerry had requested the doctor to wait for him, while he found time in between his schedules in Taiwan. The doctor said that his eye infection was due to over-exhaustion.

Originally scheduled to return to Shanghai for his shoot yesterday, Jerry's trip was delayed for another day after the actor accidentally sprained his arm.

Two years ago, Jerry contracted keratitis after spending late nights, while completing the shoot for drama Down with Love. Last February, the actor reportedly contracted another eye infection.

When he was filming in Shanghai last year, Jerry's left eye swelled due to late nights and over exhaustion. He was later diagnosed with pink eye. However, the actor recovered after two to three days of rest.

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