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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

F4 Album Launch Press Conference (translation)

F4 Album Launch Press Conference (translation)

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Hi there all ZZ Junkies and F4 fans. Have just completed the translation for the F4 album media conference, YES!!

Anyway, as I was doing this translation, I reflected on the past 12 months or so, how I first became a ZZ fan and from there began to discover F4. I must say that I am more of a F4 Supporter rather than a fan. The F4 story of 4 guys who suddenly got thrown into the limelight (unprepared) at an amazing speed is a legendary story that everyone who knows something about the Chinese/ Asian Entertainment Industry will be aware of. I was also aware of them but totally not interested before. It was when I got to know more about ZZ that I became curious to find out about F4, these four guys who rose up in fanatical fame together. And was surprised to find out that each of these good-looking guys are not empty vessels, but individuals of unique and interesting personality with different life experiences. I was pleasantly surprised that they are not “boring”, “uninteresting” idols who only have good looks. I think that the sudden leap to fame made each one of them to take stock of themselves and what they want to achieve for the future. And we can see that each one has chosen their own path, working very hard towards their own goals which are really quite different among all four. Each have become a magnet that attracts their own group of supporters and fans, who themselves are probably quite different too. But when the four of them come together (like for their concert and this new album), they are like opposite magnets that stick together and generate an even stronger magnetic field and attraction. And that is F4 to me – 4 unique individuals with their own attraction, but together they create super strong synergy. And I believe that despite having their own path to take, they will never forget and will be forever grateful to be a part of F4, four strangers who became friends and good brothers. Only they will understand what they have gone through, because no one else was part of F4. With that, my hope is that all fans and supporters of either F4 or Vic, Jerry, Ken and Vanness, will also support and believe in each F4 member.

F4 Album Launch Press Conference (translation)

NOTE : As I am still learning Mandarin, my translation is not perfect and there are a number of gaps when I come across words I don’t understand. My apologies for that. Please let me know if you see something that needs to be corrected and I will do so.

Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Credit to JerryTheHospital@Youtube and hunted down by monasia313@Asianfanatics

T : Taozi (host)
Z : Zai Zai
J : Jerry
K : Ken
V : Vanness


T : Give a hand and welcome Vanness, Xiaotian, ZaiZai and Jerry! It’s a long time since we last met. Let’s start by greeting friends from the media.

V : Friends from the media, how are you! We are …
F4 (all) : … F4!
Z : Yeah..
T : It’s been a long time since we met F4. And at the end, there is an extra sound “yeah” from ZZ. After such a long time, why don’t each of you give your greeting and tell everyone that you have really returned. OK, who will start?
J : Ah… Hello to everyone, I am Jerry. I am very happy to be together again standing on this stage, and to see everyone’s support and well wishes.
Z : Hello, I am Zai Zai. Very happy that F4 can still remain until now without much changes, and in fact has become better and better.
V : Hello everyone, I am Wu Jian How. Really very happy to be together with all three of them. It’s been a long time since we met with so many people from the media and so many fans, and hope that our coming performance/ results will be even better…
Z : ….You are very happy today, right?
V : Yes quite happy.
Z : Even you hair is dyed.
V : That’s right.
Z : A very cold joke.
V : The chemistry still has not changed. Cold jokes are getting colder/ greater. (sytwo : not so sure of this)
T : Right, now Xiao Tian.
K : Hello everyone, I am Xiao Tian. Very happy that we are able to launch our new album and to work together again. Hope you will support us.

Seated at the table
V : Every time we meet again, we are like old friends who have not met for awhile. We will talk about what’s been keeping us busy and any funny things that happened to us. And also talk about the future, with each one of us telling the others what he is doing, and what area that we can work together in the future. We will always be good friends.

Standing on stage
T : Let’s start from Vanness.
V : I will still be focusing on my singing and music. Now preparing for my third album which has just started recording.
J : I was just talking to ZZ at the backstage. In the past few years, my works are very few. Like ZZ, he has filmed 9 dramas/ shows, whereas I have filmed two. So I hope to come out with more works in films/ dramas.
T : I saw in the filming footages of “Hotshot” that you were able to shoot the ball into the hoop with your back facing the post! That was really good.
V : (jokingly) The computer animation is very good.
J : No, it’s actually real.
T : Yeah, “BAM” and the ball went in. Do you have eyes on your back?
(Vic said something to Jerry that we can’t hear and Jerry started to pinch/ tickle Vic.)

(sytwo: hah, hah, so cute. These two are like that all the time)

T : I know ZZ will say something like that. Let’s ask him what are the 2 words he said after this. Now what about ZZ. His results/ performances lately have also been very good.
Z : Lately, I have been (laugh)…
T : Why do you have to say it like that..ah…. “lately”…
Z : No, lately I have been filming the tourism drama and rushing to complete it.
K : Currently, just like him (pointing at ZZ), I am also filming the tourism drama. I am also preparing for another album that is about to be completed, and in March I will be holding a solo concert in Japan.
T : Right and we hope that the Japanese media will help publicize this and that fans in Japan will support this concert.

Seated at table
K : We know that there is a concert and an autograph session coming up. So I guess you are referring to the fans’ traveling schedule, they will probably arrive in Taipeh on 18 Jan and then participate in these 2 events on 19 and 20.
J : This song…. I really like this song. Because when I was recording it, I have this different/ unique (not sure of the word) feeling and the song has its own feel/ style/ uniqueness (not sure of this either), so I am very happy that it can now be introduced to everyone.
T : From his expressions, you can feel that Jerry was touched by this song. ZZ, you have 2 songs right?
Z : Right.
T : I am curious about one of the song called “White (pai)”. In this song there are a lot expressions of love towards a girl. Like white song etc etc (this part I really can’t understand). Did you look into (explore) the white of Hwang Je Jiau (can’t understand this either)
Z : Not really, only look into how “Wu Yue Sheng” filmed the beautiful “bai-ge” film. (sytw : OK, this must be a cold joke from ZZ. I totally could not catch it). Ah…
T : Ai yah…. It’s OK, it’s OK.

(Vanness started pushing ZZ to go backstage)

T : Eh… come let’s talk more about this song.
Z : Why don’t you stand there. I will help you. (asking Taozi to take his place between F3)

Z : (pretending to host) ZZ, don’t tell anymore cold jokes. Now Vanness, you have 2 songs in the album that I feel is really good. Can you please introduce them?
V : Which two songs?
Z : I feel these songs are the most important in the album.
J : What are the name of the songs?
Z : It’s in English, is that possible?
V : Yes, there is.
T : Wow, the host really knows a lot about this album.
V : Yes, and shuai too.
Z : Must do the job well and in a professional manner.
V : I have 2 songs in this album. One is called “Seven Days”, whichis about the relationship between a couple. Many times do not understand a girl especially when it comes to love relationship.
Z : Just let the schedule arrange it.
V : Right, in the 1st week will quarrel, the 2nd week will wait, the 3rd week will reconcile and then the 4th week will quarrel again. That type of feeling.
T : Wow, a very busy schedule.
V : Yes exactly. That’s why it’s better not to date (or be in a relationship).
T : No don’t, that will be too extreme. You’re using the lyrics to express the feelings of fans.
V : Another song is “Listen to you heart”. It’s written by George Chen, who produced “Shoo-bee-duwop” . When I first heard the song, I really have a good feel for it because although it’s a slow song but the composition still allows me to sing and dance at the same time.
T : Would like to ask the host, can I return to my place now?
Z : I think you’re doing a good job.
T : Oh really? But today I feel really “nervous” (she pretended to pronounce the word wrongly like ZZ).
Z : What did you say? I feel that you Mandarin has improved a lot.
T : Yes I am not “nervous” now (pronounced correctly)
Z : So let’s go back to position.
T : Alright. Xiao Tian can you tell us more, you have 2 songs in the album. You are said to be able to express best a man who is cool about things (not sure if this is correct). Especially the song “Wu Shuo Wei” (No Matter)
K : This time I have selected 2 songs that I really like. One is called “Ai bu ding zhi” (Love never stops). For this song I have 2 versions, one in the F4 album and another version in my own album. You can later compare the differences between the 2 versions. The other song “Wu Shuo Wei” is to express my last moments of being youthful…I am approaching my 30’s soon. So this is my last opportunity to sing this type of …
T : Young/ youthful song..

Seated at table :
V : The recording went smoothly although we did not do it together. The first to record… was it ZZ or Xiao Tian?
Z : I think it’s Xiao Tian.
K : I am second.
V : Whose voice did we hear at the beginning?
Z : Oh, that’s me.
V : I think it was Xiao Tian, then followed by whom?
K : I know you are the last.
V : I am not the last. I was the second. So you (Jerry) are the first one. No, no…
Z : It does not matter now (spoken in Cantonese “Mm gan yiu –ah, yee ga”)
V : Right, our chemistry is like that. Anyway, we couldn’t be together as all of us were busy with our own schedule, but before we realized it, we have all finished recording our parts.

V : Even from the beginning when we first know Zai Zai, he has always been like this.
J : Right, from the start he always had this sense of humour.
Reporter : What were the 2 words that he said to you earlier?
Z : What was the question?
V : We said he (Jerry) has eyes behind his back.
Z : Oh, “tien-yen” (I think it means heaven-eyes or god-eyes). Gods will have “tien-yen”.

V : Right, because I am competitive/ ambitious (not sure of this word). Isn’t that so? Not really, I have always wanted to dye my hair. But since joining this industry, due to the roles I play, I was not able to dye my hair completely. Currently I am trying to grow my hair longer, but it’s now neither short nor long which is the most awkward period. Since I can’t cut it, I decided to be more extreme. I really like it. I also did that 3 years ago.
K : Can’t say that Vanness is competitive. He is working very hard for this album and doing this to suit the Korean market which is very demanding. And also to match the Christmas season, it’s the Christmas red.
V : And this will be suitable right up to Chinese New Year. I am doing this to complement the season.

(sytwo : [cold sweating] Wow, their jokes are super cold!)


Holding swords :
T : Are you ready? Once you plunge it in, you cannot take it out anymore. Plunge half of it in first. Let starts, three…Don’t plunge it in yet. ZZ you have plunged it in too deep.

(all the media started laughing at Taozi’s words. Sounds very cheeky/ naughty).

T : I’m not trying to give a different meaning. Those guys at the back, I really don’t mean it in a different way. I’m just saying to wait awhile till the photographs are taken before we complete this ceremony. And don’t keep going in and out either (Hah! Hah! Hah!)

Reporter : Do you need to say “don’t wander in and out”?

T : No need, no need. Taiwanese media has such a great sense of humour!

Seated at the table :
K : I just feel that my 20’s is about to go away soon. So I feel nostalgic (not sure of this word). When I came to put on my make-up…. I had a headache this morning ….so I went to the bathroom for awhile. As soon as I went in, his make-up artiste (pointing either at Jerry or ZZ) got make-up into my eyes. So I had to go back to the bathroom. Then as I was styling my hair, the stylist accidently knocked my legs with a chair. So I keep telling myself, “fan-thai-sui” (can’t understand this word at all, sorry).

- The launch ceremony was conducted (can’t hear what Taozi was saying)

J : I feel it is not just myself, but everyone has improved. Like this song that you let me listen to the other day (turning to Vanness), ah that’s a different song….. the thing is all of us have improved. So I tell myself I must also catch up.

T : Thank you Yan Cheng Xu. Next is Zai Zai. Eh…Mr Zai Zai (he wa still talking to Jerry). He (ZZ) said “Good job you know.” At the end we will ask F4 to pose together. We have Vanness who is rather shy so his hair is red. Thank you. And Zhu Xiao Tian. Now let’s have all four together.

J : My birthday wish is for myself to be at… ah, actually I normally work during my birthday so I don’t have much experience/ memories of celebrating my birthday. And I actually don’t really like to celebrate my birthday.
V : Well then I don’t need to get you a birthday gift.
J : Then just give me your autograph, that will be good enough.
T : Don’t like to celebrate birthday but like to receive gifts.
V : Yeah, it’s like that.

J : Actually wanted to go the school and see the kids, but because I went to Japan and had to return to work in Taiwan, I had not had a chance to go. But I still thank them (fans) because this is a very real/ good/ meaningful (not sure of word) type of support. Because you can support us but if we use our combined ability to do some charitable work… this is something that we might not have thought of (or be able to do) in our whole life.

Holding up the promo poster :
T : OK, Jerry please read it out.
J : On 19 Jan Saturday, we will start at 6.00pm at XXX venue.
T : Now would like to ask the host, who do we call up next to read this?
Z : Maybe we call Xiao Tian.
T : OK, can Mr Zhu please tell us about the 2nd event/ activity.
K : The 2nd activity is on 20 Jan Sunday at 3.00pm at Xi Men Ding.
T : Is that OK, Mr. Host?
Z : Not bad (in English).
T : This 2nd activity is very unique. In the album there is a pass. And on the pass are 4 very adorable XXX (sytwo : not sure of this. Could be their caricature picture?) and on that day F4 will autograph it (not sure if they will sign on it or do something else). Congratulations to F4 for their new album and hope these 2 events will be packed with fans to celebrate together with F4. Thank you everyone!

Seated at the table :
J : Yes, I hope to. Now I am busy with work, but I also hope to… and seeing that all three of them are pretty stable in their love relationship, so I will also feel….I am talking about family, about family!
K : Who told you about such things?
V : What are you saying?
T : Be careful about simply shooting and hitting the target.
J : Sorry, I could have offended the other three, ha, ha, sorry. (edited after watching video)

K : I do not know why. Maybe because currently there is a lot of preassure, they heard wrongly or imagined hearing it, saying that I “mo-ren” (can’t understand this) but I never said it. I am just good friends with her. Plus those kind of report will cause hurt to the lady. So I want to clarify here that we are really just good friends. There are no further development at this point. That’s the way it is. Currently, I am also always imagining this happening, I frequently dream that won the lottery,but when I wake up I realized that I did not even buy any (edited after watching video). So I can understand that these reporters have a lot preassure from everywhere.

Reporter : Do you have plans for marriage?

K : I do plan to get married but I do not have a partner yet.

= END =

P.S. Sorry again for all the gaps in the translation since I am still learning Mandarin. Please let me know if you see something that needs to be corrected and I will do so.


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