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Sunday, January 20, 2008

F4 swooned 20,000 fans with 8 songs, drawn $2 Billions

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F4 swooned 20,000 fans with 8 songs, drawn $2 Billions
F4 2008 Event TVBS News

Source: TW Apples Daily
Date: January 20, 2008
Reported from Taipei by: Peng Su Juan

Yesterday, F4 spent $5.1millions to hold a concert at Danshui Fishermen’s Wharf. from the left, Yan Cheng Xu, Chu Xiao Tian, Zaizai, and Wu Jian Hao is on the right.

Fans thronged at the gorgeous venue.

F4 held their first free outdoor concert at Danshui Fishermen's Wharf last night. It was also Zaizai's first time to appear in public after his broke-up. F4 only sang 8 songs but spent $5.1 millions in that 45-minute short show. They attracted almost 20,000 attendances for which, 10,000 were overseas fans. Based on an average $20,000 spending for a 2-days-3-nights tour, they helped Taiwan Tourism to gain another $2 billions! Since it was overcrowded, a Japanese fan fell on jostle and was send to the hospital by ambulance just before the show began.

Ardently promote Tourism

Last night, F4 organized a free outdoor concert of their new album "Waiting for You" on a full scale. In addition to a U-shape extended stage, it also designed with 10 types meteor rain like firework effects. The four united to present 4 group songs and took turn for individual solos.

Zaizai, who recently broke-up with his girlfriend, made prior arrangements to refuse interviews. Yet, he appeared "unusually happy" on stage last night. He greeted fans in Japanese and teased to call himself "She Chang" (Principal) at the beginning of the show. Vanness Wu also greeted fans in Korean, followed with Jerry's greetings in Cantonese. In turn, Ken Chu expressed in English. Ken appeared fine on stage like a "dragon" but limped coming off stage because he accidentally injured while practicing his daily routines.

Yan Cheng Xu ran off-key

When Zaizai sang "Can nian" (Should not), one of the lyrics said, "I thought the happy ending is coming close but it vanished in a flash leaving me a regret." The words seems expressed his feelings for this recent half-month. Jerry Yan showed up wearing a knitted hat embroidered with a "J" at the opening of show. He was criticized as being "schematic" because that was not part of Sony's arrangement. Jerry’s manager Cheng Mao Liang clarified, "The knitted hat was a present from a Mama came from Hokkaido. Her daughter was unable to come because of illness. She hope Jerry can wear it as a blessings on stage." Jerry insisted to put it on regardless how much they spent on his expensive hairstyle. Despites, he kept running off-key on last night's performance. The record company explained that it was their first time holding outdoor concert in such an open area.

F4 will have a Stamping Event at the Red House this afternoon at 3pm. Zaizai promised won't escape from questions again and will clarify with the media.

F4 burnt $5.1 million in a 45-minute show

Venue: Danshui Fishermen’s Wharf
Songs: 4 group songs, 4 individual solos, total 8 songs (for a total of 45 minutes)`
Crew: 4 individual groups of make-up artists, hairstylists for a total 12 staffs. 1 image designer, 10 securities, 30 part-time assistants, 4 escort cars, 4 restrooms.
Oversea media involved: 30 overseas media, 30 Taiwan media, totaling 60
Overall cost:
U-shape stage and 10 special effects: $2.5 million
Costume & makeup, overseas room and board, other sundries : $2.6 million
Information provided by Record

Translated by: weiwei


Place: Fishermans' Wharf

According to various newsarticles today on F4's mini concert, they put the attendance at the mini-concert from 20,000 - 30,000 people.

F4 sang Waiting For You first, and Can't Lose You, Season of Fireworks, and Goodbye.
Each member also sang 1 solo song each.

Azio will broadcast the concert (Jan 19) and the autograph session (Jan 20) on Jan 26 and 27 for its "Waiting For You" Special.

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