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Monday, May 5, 2008

Being shoved aside by Angela Zhang? Ariel Lin angrily pulls out from starring in Paper Rose

Being shoved aside by Angela Zhang? Ariel Lin angrily pulls out from starring in Paper Rose.

There has been an uproar of cast controversies for CTV new idol drama, Paper Rose. Ariel Lin could possibly be removed from the cast list because of the filming schedules and the cast arrangement, and could be replaced by Angela Zhang. It is known that Ariel Lin felt annoyed about this, and bears the thought of retreating from the cast.

It is rumoured that the female lead has to be changed to suit Jerry Yan's schedules.

The drama originally appointed Ariel Lin, Bryant Chang and River Chen Chu He to take the leading roles, however, there have been a lot of controversies breaking out after that. SETTV was not happy with the fact that Fated To Love You's very own male lead, River Chen, was chosen to work with its opponent CTV. Later, there were rumours speculating that the crew disliked Bryant Chang, and wanted Jerry Yan as the male lead. They could even agree to postpone the filming date until next year, just to suit Jerry Yan's schedules, and to change the female lead from Ariel Lin to Angela Zhang.

Ariel Lin felt bitter about this speculation, her manager Zhou Mei Yu felt assaulted on behalf of her as well. According to inside sources, Ariel Lin has already discussed this matter with her manager, and they planned to retreat from this drama's cast list, as one of the problem solutions.

If the drama will not be filmed, it will affect the coaching fees.

If Ariel Lin really decided not to participate in Paper Rose, it will pose difficulty to CTV. The drama was scheduled to be filmed starting on June, if it is not done according to the schedule, CTV will not be able to apply for coaching fees in the future three years. One of CTV's directors, Chen Zhi Han, said that Ariel Lin has always been chosen as the female lead, and that they hope to be able to start filming on June.

Regarding to the matter, the drama producer said that cooperation has to depend on fate; this drama was specially designed to suit Ariel Lin. How about the final decision? Zhou Mei Yu refused to clarify about it in the mean time.
Source - Source: UDN Blog
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