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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu earned 7 figures by trying to eat 10 kinds of cold noodles

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu earned 7 figures by trying to eat 10 kinds of cold noodles

May 8,2008
United Daily News

Yan Cheng Xu become 7 - Eleven newly appointed spokesmen.

7-Eleven announced yesterday Yan Cheng Xu, the number one Taiwan idol as their new spokesman for the fresh food products for this year. Yanchengxu first task is to sell the cold noodles.

His agent Wang Yu-Hsuan disclosed that Yan Cheng Xu not only loves eating the cold noodles but he also like to go to the kitchen and makes the cold noodles himself. Moreover Yan Cheng Xu is the kind of man that willing to go to the kitchen and prepares food for a girlfriend.

Yan Cheng Xu cold noodles TV advertisements have started broadcast vigorously in which showing him not only with an enchanting smile but also unfold the master chef skills by altering the sauce material, then stirring up to make it an extremely supple surface.
The shooting final result has extremely satisfied the product manufacturers and the cooperation has decided to print Yan Cheng Xu handsome photos on the cover of the package later. The manufacturer’s staff said: "After finish eating the product, fans certainly could not bear to discard the packaging. And if there are fans bringing back the packaging and come to have his signed?” Wang Yu-Hsuan laughed and said "That.., of course Jerry will countersign."

The Manufacturers indicated that, for the cold noodles rivalry this summer, they will promote and launch as many as 10 kind of cold noodles flavors for the customers taste choice selection. On behalf of manufacturer and product, Yan Cheng Xu as the spokesman has fulfilled his responsibility to test taste all the flavors, the conclusion "all are very delicious".

According to the understanding, Yan Cheng Xu 7 figures endorsement fee price as the product spokesman’s is reasonably anticipated considering to the ultra business proliferates the entire province and the marketing effect is extremely good.

Because of the hefty photographing session work, Yan Cheng Xu eats very casually. He indicated that during working hours, he usually eats lightly. It’s more convenient in order to concentrate on the task and have new advertisement promptly finished and published.

Ask for when to start filming Starlit in Shanghai? Because doing a drama beforehand and been delayed by it, Yan Cheng Xu at present needs to finish some unfinished commercial filming and album recording before resuming and focusing into the new work..

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credits to myvi of asianfanatics

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