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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chen Qiao En's next man will be Jerry Yan?

Chen Qiao En's next man will be Jerry Yan?
Wednesday February 18 2009, Taiwan

Source: UDN
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Following on after Ming Dao and Ethan Ruan, who is Chen Qiao En’s next man? SETTV upcoming idol drama has approached Jerry Yan for the second time, inviting him to play the role of the arrogant and overbearing rich son; modified version of ‘Dao Ming Si’ is expected to resurface.

Qiao En has the title of ‘prosperous lady’ and Jerry is also the box-office guarantee. Till now, Jerry is the only person that is able to let Taiwan enter the Japanese idol drama market. One can imagine that if he collaborates with Qiao En, the resulting effect is bound to increase. In the drama, Qiao En will play the daughter of a Chinese herbal medicine father, and her role will still be the one she’s good at – ordinary everyday girl. As for Jerry, on the outside, his character is filial and courteous, but in private, he is all kinds of evil things; can be regarded as a villain character.

Everyone knows that Jerry has ‘turtle feathers’, he once considered a drama for 11 months, and during filming, he has considerable demands towards the scriptwriter, director, other characters and the environment. SETTV revealed that they have been in contact with Jerry since before the Chinese New Year, and he has requested to see the script. If he agrees, then he will be the most expensive male lead in the history of SETTV.

Last year, when Jerry was recording , he revealed that he would be filming a Taiwanese television drama this year. Yesterday, his manager Fenny expressed that they have received many drama invitiations, but nothing has been confirmed yet. At the same time, there are also rumours that GTV’s is intending to make a comeback; will Jerry agree to go back? Everything is subject to change.

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Feb 18, 2009
Lian He Bao

Who will be Joe Chen Qiao En's next man? It was reported that Sanli has already contacted Jerry twice regarding a role in the upcoming drama, Fu Qi You An Kang, who is arrogant and domineer. There's hope that the revised version of DMS may have a chance to show up.

Chen Qiao En is always said to bring good luck to her "male lead" and Yan Cheng Xu is a box-office guarantee. Up to now, for the TW male idol who can successfully invade the Japanese market, he's the only one, with nobody else. We can forsee that if he works with Chen Qiao En, the impact will surely increase in times. In the drama, Chen is the daughter of the owner of a Chinese herbal store, and the role is an ordinary girl whom she is good at. Yan Cheng Xu's role is an ill-minded child of a company owner. On the surface, he is very filial and courteous, but in behind, he does all kinds of evil things, so his personality has some villainous quality.

Everyone in the world knows that Yan Cheng Xu cares about every detail. He has once considered picking up a role for 11 months. When filming, he has high requirements in different aspects, including the script, director, cast, and the environment. Sanli expressed that they had started contacting Yan Cheng Xu since before Chinese New Year, and YCX has asked to review the script. If this goes through, he will be the male lead with the highest talent fee from Sanli.

Last year, after YCX finished recording for Kang Xi, he reviewed that he would film a TW drama after Chinese New Year. Yesterday, his agent, Fenny, responded, "A lot of scripts have been offered, but nothing is confirmed yet." At this time, it is also rumored that GTV's Skip Beat may be resumed. Regarding whether there will be any changes in the original male lead, it's still unknown.


kkla: a revised version of DMS? As we know how Jerry doesn't want to repeat his work, this may be the turn off factor. However, I am more than happy to see Jerry work with companies other than GTV, especially Sanli's dramas always have the so called "habitual good ratings".

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