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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jerry Yan- Mystique, Not Real Forever, "Step back" Always, Calm & Sober Just Like Him

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This article is from vol. 428 of a magazine called "Contemporary Music" (not sure it is the right English name?) published 2 times per month by Hei Long Jiang publisher in Mainland China. The magazine was awarded "the most popular magazine for young people" in the past.


I think that the so-called mystique has little relevance with exposure, you can even guess Ah Xu's reaction when he is facing the public and media, no matter what the situation is, he is with the same kind of attitude. Does rare appearance in public cause so erratic? Even if he is in front of you, you still can not catch a real him. Destroying the walls built by his staff for him, destroying the walls built by his fans for him, honor, good reputation, slander, abusive. The glory and chains given by others all are not belong to him. The real mystery of Ah Xu is --himself.

Not real forever

Got used to look for his agent when he is not available to be reached, and especially after he joined the Jay's "Jie wei er". Agents are particularly important in terms of artists. and as Ah Xu's agent, an add-on "function" is polishing.

Embellishment to an agent who has super communication skills is not a big problem. But the information got from his agent inevitably lost its original meanings sometimes. More curiosity towards him rising mostly are caused by the indirect communication problems with him by all these kinds of factors. Starlit's press conference will be held soon, the media treats double-J on the same stage as a big gimmick, his agent said: "we did not arrange other work for that day, but it is not for sure (to attend) yet." Paradoxical response. Is Ah Xu too busy to attend or is it actually not his business? This problem is just like he indeed is too arrogant or the arrogant one is only his staff. What words and actions on earth are actually from him? How many sides do Yan Cheng Xu actually have? Myth, can not understand why! If they can be interpreted as Ah Xu's high popularity and high rank of an alternative embodiment, maybe we do not need to think too hard about what his real is or those unreal things surrounding him.

"Step back" always

No one can be like him, with less drama production, he still gain many major awards and earn fortune at the end of each year. It is no wonder that advertisers, television producers, and media all love to run after him. Finally it is hard to say whether the "superstar" is because of his own success or the public's interests. Of course, this is not the point, the point is that Ah Xu is flattered by all these. Actually this is how he think usually. Not radical, would rather be forgotten by the whole world. Even praised by some people, he will still see his own drawbacks. He has often stepped back, because only in such situation, he can see how much room left for improvement and how much efforts to put to achieve his goals if he move forward, this is a smart way to do things.

Today it looks that acting "Dong fang xiang" really is a help provided for his friend, as Ah Xu mentioned before. Do not understand why he finally choose this role to play since he had so many choices. But it is him to play that role, to live "Dong fang xiang"s life in the drama, so all his feelings during the filming process only belong to himself. What he learnt or if he felt any regrets, all such things, we can only tell from his different acting style and his own changes after filming this drama. He pay more attention on his acting now. "Starlit" is about to be released, he said that his role as Cheng Yue is pretty much like his own, so actually his true color shows in this drama. "Skip Beat" has encountered many problems, now the new troubles came out with investors, everyone was shocked by the bad news and felt very upset about that. Its director has begun to prepare for another drama. "Skip Beat" has been postponed indefinitely, but Ah Xu said that he would rather wait for it, he is very careful about choosing script, and he has waited this one for long time already, so he will continue to wait. He can afford it, quality is the only ultimate pursuit for him. Ah Xu is not afraid of time flying, not afraid of wrinkles, and not afraid of disappearing from the stage. Ah Xu is not deliberately provoke a mystery, but due to his nature.

They are calm and sober just like him

On his 32-year-old birthday, he was working for his new album during the daytime and had dinner with his mother together at night, he never celebrates his birthday. Since we are very curious about him, we also love to observe those people who are closed to him. We realize that those persons who are always around him have many similarity with him. They all like to keep low profiles. Relatively speaking, only intimate fans are "high profiles". Almost every year, they will prepare the big celebration for him on his birthday, the New Year's day . Advertising full page on newspapers and magazines to say happy birthday to him has become a tradition each year. And then raising funds to donate to charitable organizations for charity (More than 70,000 yuan has been raised and donated to World Vision this year). Ah Xu is very satisfied and happy with fans' activities.

Hundreds of Korean fans gathered at airport to welcome him when he went to Korea. They prepared a cake to celebrate his birthday at the airport. Although he only said "How are you?" "Thank you" in Korean, his face emotions totally "betrayed" him, with big smile all the time, even if still a bit shy, his satisfication at this moment from his bottom of heart still can be easily seen through. Ah Xu has ambition, is passionated to his career and life, postive and active towards his goals. What he is slowing down is just his own desires. When the blind affects the judgement, the arrogance threats the self-control, he then keeps quiet, calm and make a self-examination. Can't be high is an illusion, just like Ah Xu's fans, they always do things capable to do, knowing your place is not only monochrome of "ordinary".

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