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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yan Cheng Xu -- Serene heart like profound water

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credit to 峡谷清流
Vol. 6, p. 50, 2009 (Published twice/mth in mainland China)

Yan Cheng Xu -- Serene heart like profound water

Many people think that he is arrogant and troublesome, in fact, he just does not know how to express himself. He became famous too quickly to adapt to the rapid changes in the Entertainment industry. Although he is reluctant to open his mind, he never lies and always be his true self. It is precisely because of his purity and simplicity, he can still keep his smile clear and pure.

Burning a Firelight

Yan Cheng Xu is good-looking without any doubts. He is tall, handsome, exquisite and meticulous, he has shining and clean smile. With the passage of years he starts to show more and more elegance. Probably a brilliant guy can't be too young. His unique quiet temperament will allow his career to go even further. Even if no words, no facial expression and motion, as long as the drama secene includes him, he is absolutely still the most eye-catching one. In 2008, he returns back on the TV screens with "Hot Shot", competing his acting skills with Luo Zhi Xiang, Wu Zun and others. His role as Dong Fang Xiang is warm inside but quite cool outside. Dong Fang Xiang looks very cool and arrogant but in fact he has a very soft heart. He is sometimes naughty and is just like a child in essence. He is talented basketball player similar to the character "Rukawa Kaede" in the Japanese comic. This type of man is the favourite of most women because they can easily inspire women' desires of protection.

Cooperation with different people is not only the clashes of intellects but also affection to his life attitude. He has always not paid much attention on dealing with interpersonal relationships, so that people think he is troublesome and
picky sometimes, but this trouble is because he is too picky and insist on his job. He just want to work hard and perfect. However, since the cooperation with Luo Zhi Xiang, he saw how good Luo Zhi Xiang dealing with various relationships is, this let him want to make some changes. Although he can not completely change his personality in a sudden, he will try to be not so rigid at least.

The broadcasting drama "Starlit"'s rating is pretty good and the DVDs had been realsed based upon the fans' requests while the drama is still on the half way of broadcasting. He acted as the genius pianist Cheng Yue in Starlit, Cheng Yue's hands were injured at the beginning of the drama and has undergone pretty painful experiences. Although Cheng Yue Fall to the ground from the sky, he was given new opportunity to experience another type of the life. While many things have been lost, Cheng Yue gained the true happiness. The beautiful love story of Cheng Yue and Dong Xiao Lu touched many audiences. One is an angel without wings, one is life not last long, their love will be in a very difficult situation, but as long as they truely love each other, this is the happiness. Can anything be more attractive than the true love? Yan Cheng Xu's outstanding acting makes the audiences so touched by expressing Cheng Yue's love to Xiao Lu so deeply and natually. It is very interesting that although Yan Cheng Xu and Kwan Ying love each other deeply in the drama, their personalities are totally different in reality. Mr. Yan think too much, and Ms. Kwan does not, they often have conflicts when filming, and this finally turns to their shining and interesting interaction in the drama.

Yan Cheng Xu hardly appears on the variety shows, but in order to promote Starlit, he accepted the invitation of "Kang Xi Lai Le". We therefore saw such a sincere and frank Yan cheng xu that we couldn't stop loving him. Regarding those tough questions, he could have let them go with a small lie, or directly say that he did not want to answer, but he hesitated to consider how to answer them, he did not want to answer, but the answer was already abundantly clear, it is no wonder that the hosts laughed at him and said that he couldn't learn Hypocrisy and fake courtesy even if he had been in the entertainment industry for so long time, however, this is the most precious aspect of his.

Next time, Yan Cheng Xu is going to challenge himself. He is going to act "Skip Beat" directed by Niu Cheng Ze and in cooperation with Lin Yi Chen. "Skip Beat" is an idol drama invested by Taiwan and Japan Cos. The production side choosing him as the male lead must be because of his high popularity in the Asian region. Challenges do not mean to go beyond the others, but at least we must have the courage to overcome our own. Although he is always low profile, there is no need to worry about his future, because he always has a clear goal since he is very restrict to himself. Let us wait and see how his future would be splendid and brilliant, what will never change is his ultimate sincere heart like the purest water.

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  1. i like Yan Cheng Xu at Hot SHot and Meteor Garden !! so young ,, attractive and playfull ...^____^ !~