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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

“Just Wish to Depend / Stick with You” - Jerry Yan, Ella Seek to Woo Viewers

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“Just Wish to Depend / Stick with You” - Jerry Yan, Ella Seek to Woo Viewers

Produced by GTV, Multi-Manny, and Jin Xi Media – “Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni” (lit transl: Just Wish to Depend / Stick with You”), has finally closed in on the Jerry Yan-and-Ella duo casting, bringing a totally new feel to the drama series. Producer Ke Yi Qin shared that since the very beginning, the production team has been eyeing these 2 internationally known A-list artistes for the series. Despite the difficulties encountered in arranging for filming schedule, and the high production budget required for artistes’ remuneration, it is definitely well worth the effort, in consideration of the overall overseas market response.

Among Taiwan idol series’ male leads, almost nobody ever dared to take on the role of a lawyer. But Jerry Yan is set to give a convincing portrayal of a cold-faced lawyer, specializing in cases of divorce and property settlements. The most essential criteria to assume the role of a lawyer would require one to be eloquent and with an imposing charisma. However in Jerry’s previous roles, he was portrayed more as that of a devoted lover with little emphasis for eloquence. Therefore to prepare himself for the composed, intellectual and lethal-tongued lawyer role, Jerry has already started enthusiastically to source for a teacher to brush up on his speech, body language and eye contact in order to give viewers a whole new look.

Although Ella had no new works last year, she has been the female lead for many other series previously. Amongst them, her role as a girl under a boy-disguise within “Hana Kimi” won the hearts of many fans locally and internationally. This time, she will resume her female identity in the collaboration with Jerry, and is ready to dazzle everyone. However at the beginning of the series, she would be mistaken by the male lead as a lesbian.

In order to portray the role of the poor unfortunate girl, yet with ambitions and an optimistic disposition; it is not only going to be a challenge for Ella in terms of acting, but also for physical strength and energy. This is because through the female lead’s attempts to keep the figures within her bank account rising, she has become a “through-to-through-handy-girl” in all aspects - regardless fixing electronic home appliances or taking up moving and cleaning jobs. During her debut scene in the series, Ella’s role as Yang Guo will even be seen roaming the streets with a refrigerator on her back in a KUSO effect.

* Kuso is slang for something like “hilariously funny in an original way”.

Jerry shared on his immense interest in the upcoming collaboration with Ella. When he first learnt that the female lead is to be Ella, he felt strongly that they would definitely be able to create onscreen sparks never before, since all of the female leads from his previous series were the more feminine type. When he imagined about how his role in the series would mistake Yang Guo as a lesbian, and even be piggy-backed by her to the hospital, he is sure that this production will definitely be the one representation to give him the most memorable feel.

“Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni” has closed in on the Jerry Yan-and-Ella-pairing.

translated by : syyang of Baidu Ella Forum
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The director of this drama is Ke Han Chen(a.k.a. Ke Qin Zheng).
His previous projects included Spicy Teacher, The Outsiders, Blazing Courage, Knock Knock Loving You, and the current-filming, the so-called Mainland version of Meteor Garden(called Meteor Rain)
Here is his picture:

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