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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Changing Role Ella Jokes and Pretends to be MAN

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Changing Role Ella Jokes and Pretends to be MAN
While Jerry Hides from the Sun

The first time Ella came in contact with Jerry Yan on the set, she immediately employed all the tricks in her arsenal, making jokes and playing cute and cajoled Jerry into laughing happily! According to witnesses, the two of them kept teasing and hitting each other on the set. However, in between takes, they would exchange roles in that Jerry Yan would hide from the sun under an umbrella to touch-up his make-up just like a female artiste. Ella would be busy chatting with the crew, so manly!

Although Jerry Yan’s personality was very reserved, but as soon as he came in contact with the bubbly Ella, it was difficult for him to maintain his reservation. That helped to ease the worries of the filming crew of this drama with regards to how they would get along. It was heard that Ella was even so bold as to issue a challenge to Jerry: [I will even be more bubbly, so you had better be careful!] That certainly was a new experience for Jerry who was acting with Ella for the first time.

Cool Bao-long Laughing and Chasing after Ella

Just past one o’clock in the afternoon of May 8th, this magazine was there at the Rainbow Riverside Park in Taipei where Jerry and Ella were sitting on the grass and rehearsing their scenes. They were surrounded by a large group of crews and workers. The process was on a frighteningly grand scale. A little later, they changed scenery and chatted under a tree. From Jerry’s attire of white shirt and trousers versus Ella’s white T-shirt and torn jeans, the contrast in their ranks in the drama was quite obvious.

After a while, Jerry got up and ran chasing after Ella. He even grabbed Ella’s collar just like a hawk catching a chick and hooked his arm around Ella’s neck. The two of them played around while filming and seemed very happy.

In between takes, Jerry who had a bigger entourage than Ella had crew members helping him holding up an umbrella for shade and touching up his make-up. The sight was quite similar to that of Beauty Queen] Barbie Xu when she was filming a drama. In contrast, Ella who was standing off to one side, seemed more like a suave guy, chatting and joking with the crew members without anyone to hold her umbrella nor was she concerned about touching up her make-up. As soon as the director called, she would immediately be in place to continue the scene. Off camera, the two seemed to switch roles.

After Jerry and Ella quickly finished a few test scenes, Ella changed out of her costume and left at around two in the afternoon. Around four in the afternoon, the cast and crew of [Just Want to Depend on You] changed scenery to a basketball court. Jerry had already changed into sports attire and was practicing with Michael Zhang. Although the way he played looked very good, few of his shots actually made it into the basketball.

Good Friends Exchanging Favors to Take Care of Girlfriend

As mentioned in other sources, both Jerry and Ella had lost sleep the night before their first scene. However, because of some mutual friends between them, it was likely that they had privately agreed to look after each other. This led one to think of Jay Chou and Baron Chan who were in the deserts of Ningxia filming the movie [Ci Ling], taking care of Jerry’s [good friend] Chiling Lin. And Jerry would take the opportunity of being in the drama [Just Want to Depend on You] to look after Ella, Baron Chan’s rumored girlfriend in reciprocation. Crew members even pointed out that Ella, who was once also Wu Chun’s rumored girlfriend, felt that Jerry was not hard to handle. Furthermore, his appearance was as handsome as Wu Chun. However when she collaborated with Wu Chun in [Hana-Kimi], it was only Wu Chun’s second drama. Therefore she gave a lot of advices to Wu Chun. On the other hand, Jerry was already an old hand at acting. Her nonsensical and humorous way of speaking and behavior had the often cool and reticent Jerry who was almost unable to defend against her asked in curiosity: [Were you this bubbly since childhood?]

Portraying a Lawyer but Kept Falling out of Character

Actually, in this drama, Jerry was portraying an arrogant lawyer whose speech and behavior were both somewhat hard to take or handle in the beginning. It was not until he encountered Ella that he would soften up. For portraying this role, he also took lessons in order to increase the sense of being imposing when talking. So during filming, he would feel the pressure and became extremely focused, but because Ella was too comical and would clown around on the set, she caused him to constantly fell out of character.

As for the theory of [Exchanging favors] to look after good friends, Jerry’s manager Fenny laughed: [That is simply too imaginative. It is impossible to find out.] However she did admit that the personalities of Jerry and Ella complemented each other, therefore, Jerry was looking forward to his performance with Ella would generate sparks. Ella’s manager Zhang Su-yun expressed: [Take care on his behalf? You will have to ask Baron Chan! How would I know? But Ella had always been very bubbly, enthusiastic, kind and approachable to everyone, it is the same regardless whether it was Wu Chun or Jerry Yan!]

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and Appledaily
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