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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Programme: 100% Entertainment – BTS of “Just Want to Depend on You”

many thanks to eye4jerry from

translation from Ella fan

credit to Syyang@

Date: 13/5/2009
Programme: 100% Entertainment – BTS of “Just Want to Depend on You”

Credit: wwwnbbbscom

E = Ella

J = Jerry

VO = Voice Over

< > = Words on Screen

Xiao Gui: The next entertainment news is from “Just Want to Depend on You”.


< “Just” started filming and Ella ‘melts” the cool Bao Long* >

* Bao Long = Jerry’s nick

VO: Ella and Jerry’s partnership in new idol drama – “Just Want to Depend on You” has started filming. As to both artistes' first interacting scene, everyone was curious how is Ella going to “melt” the cool dude – Bao Long.


E: Initially, to be honest, I am a little nervous. Because I feel the urge to laugh when I look at him… As this is the first time we are acting along with each other, then what got me most anxious is that I had not acted for 2 years! So I…

J: For 2 years?

E: Yes… That is why… I feel a little foreign to this (acting again)… (playfully to J) And to face such a strong opponent, more or less, one would feel nervous… (teases J) BUT after acting together… (stifles laugh)… I discover the opponent is not very strong either! Haha!

VO: Ella has also successfully “won over Jerry’s heart”, and he was full of praise saying she is very nice and adorable.


J: (refers to E) She is someone who is very simple… And she does not make you feel pressurize… Yes, yes…

Ella with playful expression to hide her shyness.

E: (taps J, jokingly) Eh… Say some more good things! Come, come, come… (J laughs, E playfully gestures to crew member) Quick, bring me $200!

All laugh.

J: (stifles laugh) $200? Isn’t it just too little?

Ella pretends to put the “bribe of $200” into Jerry’s pocket.

E: Done! It’s in the pocket!

J: Yes…

VO: It is known that “Just” will also be spending a big budget to do filming overseas.

< “Just” will spend a hefty sum for overseas filming to many locations >

E: We heard there will be filming in Hangzhou next…

J: Japan… Korea… Hainan island…

E: (agrees with J) Oh yes, yes… And… also southern part of France… with a winery, is it?

J: I heard they… (finding the right word)…

E: Will be investing a large sum… Lots of sincerity…

J: Yes, investing a large sum in order to produce a something different.

E: Exactly.

VO: With respect to Ella’s words about “melting Xiao Xu Xu”, everyone on set discovered Jerry has indeed started to joke along with Ella.


E: (jokingly) Subsequently, as he is going to Japan, while I am going to Beijing… After all, we are very… you know… popular artistes… (stifles laugh) and we have a lot of assignments… Hahaha! (to J, who was trying hard not to laugh) So, we have to part for a little while. Hopefully you won’t become foreign to me the next time we meet, alright?

J: Alright!

E: (teases J) You have to think of me every moment!

J: (trying hard not to laugh) Alright!

E: (to camera) Ok, bye bye! (suddenly has an idea, to J) Hey, let’s say together… (whispers to J)

J: OK…

E: 1, 2, 3…

JE: Bye bye! Bye bye! (in Taiwan language, Min Nan Yu) Flu, Headache, keep away!*

* That is a famous advertisement slogan in Taiwan

~~~ End of Translation ~~~

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