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My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Backstage Interview

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After receiving The Most Popular Singer In Asia Award and performing, Jerry was interviewed in the backstage.

Host: Let's welcome Yan Cheng Xu. Welcome, Yan Cheng Xu. This way please. Share with us what awards did you get today?
Jerry: Today I got The Most Popular Singer In Asia and The Most Charming On The Red Carpet Award (PS. Host missed the Ten Best Golden Song Award)

H: What other feelings do you have for being here today?
J: Actually I don't come to Mainland a lot, but whenever I see everyone's enthusiasm, I feel that I should have come more often.

H: Actually we know that recently you have very high popularity in the Asian markets. Have you thought of invading Hollywood?
J: Just want to do my job as best as I can

H: Then what is the focus of your future career development?
J: As I really hope that I have the opportunities to come here more often

H: Now it's time for our reporter friends to ask questions

Reporter: Heard that you have already arrived last night and a lot of your Japanese fans have also come. How do you feel?
J: Actually I feel that I am not good enough. Hope to have more improvement in my acting and singing skills.

R: Also, the focus of your company is mainly in Japan and Korea. After attending this award show for the first time, does it mean that the focus may move towards Mainland China in the future?
J: If this side welcomes me, I am very willing to come here.

R: Have you tried any Fuzhou snacks?
J: Have tried the noodles here today. After eating the noodles, just want to settle down here.

R: What other plans do you have for next?
J: Next may have movie to film, but also want to put more time into album production.

R: Want to ask, did you get a chance to see the movies played by other F4 members?
J: As I was in Japan a lot lately, not in TW, so didn't have much time to see.

R: Then are you happy?
J: Certainly, very happy.

R: Then ZZ didn't get the award this time, how did you soothe him?
J: I called him but he didn't take the call.

R: What do you think of Jolin's performance?
J: I think both have good performance.

R: I want to ask, being a singer or an actor, which one do you like more?
J: I like both. I want to put more effort in both aspects.

R: Then before you came to this award show, did you prepare to get any particular award(s)?
J: I have already felt very happy.

R: I know that your newest album, Say I Love You In KTV, had very good sales in TW, but some critics comented that it's a side product of idol drama, and may be its real music value is not particularly high, although the music was all very good listening. What do you think about the comment? What kind of expectations or ambition do you have in your music?
J: I think he commented pretty good. In the show business, it is impossible to have everyone like me, and I can only adjust myself, so to persuade others.

R: I want to ask whether Meteor Garden will be replayed? Is there any plan for the original cast to play a sequel?
J: As everyone is very busy at this time

R: We want to ask, it has been years since the first broadcast of Meteor Garden, and now Wunan Satellite reproduced Meteor Rain, don't know whether you have seen it?
J: Not yet, or you may send the dvd to me, and then I can answer your question.

R: Now a lot of web users call this Meteor Rain as "Lei Zhen Yu"(kkla: meaning lousy/unpleasant shower), meaning lousy/unpleasant.

H: In other words, it is praise that you guys did a very good job before....Now, Yan Cheng Xu, please provide an autograph and take some pictures.

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