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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yan Cheng Xu Has Taken 2 Big Awards In One Month

Nov 13, 2009
TW Apple Daily

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Yan Cheng Xu Has Taken 2 Big Awards In One Month Crowned In Japan With Big Drama Award

Yan Cheng Xu waved enthusiastically, even showed the top of his underwear.

There is no doubt that Yan Cheng Xu(Jerry)is the pride of Taiwan. He has visited Japan 2 times in one month to receive awards. On the 20th of last month, he just received The Best International Jeanist Award. Yesterday, he beat American dramas, such as CSI and HEROES, winning the「SKY PERFECT TV AWARD 2009」in the category of Overseas Tv Dramas with his drama projects, such as Hot Shot and Starlit.

He left for Japan the day before, and thousand of fans squeezed into the airport. The security had no other way but guiding him to leave with the secret pathway. This time, when receiving the award in Japan, he also walked the Blue Carpet with Watanabe Ken's daughter, Anne Watanabe. Furthermore, he will be interviewed by Yomiuri Shimbun, which publication has over 10 millions copies in Japan. The inteview will be printed in the New Year Special Issue.

Yesterday, there's rumor that Jerry left JVR, but he had used its labor and resources without signing any formal contracts. Yesterday, Jerry's agent, Fenny, replied, "It's a pleasure for both Jerry and JVR to work with each other. Although no contract was signed, commission was agreed in advance. Really thank Yong Ge's (Yang) teaching and guidance." According to source, the talent fee for their projects was always first received by JVR, and staff's pay checks were also issued by JVR. After deducting the commission, the fee was given to Jerry lastly.

Besides, there's also rumor that he and his rumored girlfriend, Guan Ying, had a trip to Thailand together. In early November, a fan posted on his fan site,( indicated that she was on the same Bangkok to Taipei flight with Jerry. She also showed his autograph as proof. She further stated that he sat in the last row and she suspected that it's a private trip, as she commented that with his status, he shouldn't have seated in the economy class. Yesterday, Fenny said, "We have answered questions about this matter for many many times, so no more comments."

Breaking records of Yan Shuai's invading Japan
Best selling album: On the first day of the release of his Chinese album, Freedom, it reached the 2nd place of Oricon's Daily Chart, and the 8th of the Weekly Chart, breaking the records of all the Chinese artistes.
Best broadcasting channel: The Hospital, played by him, was the first TW series being broadcasted on NHK in Japan.
Highest overseas copyright fee: The Hospital's overseas copyright fee in Japan alone was about NT40 millions, breaking the record of overseas copyright sales history
Most number of concerts: In 2008, F4 created the record of the most number of concerts held consecutively in Japan among Chinese artistes (7 concerts consecutively with 80,000 of audiences)
Most lovable by the media: In August, YCX was interviewed by Sankei Shimbun and it was printed on the cover page
Highest popularity: Attended the Best Jeanist Awards in October and received the Best Jeanist Award in the international artiste category. He is the first Chinese who has received this award.

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