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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yan Cheng Xu Doesn't Like?

Jun 23, 2010
Lian He Bao

Yan Cheng Xu Doesn't Like?

Gigi Lost [My Queen]

Chen Yu Shan, the producer who made Ruan Jing Tian and Yang Jin Hua popular, will change her batterfield to Next TV (kkla: not offiical name and a new tv channel/station.  Read that Next/One TV is under the same corporation as Apple Daily and Next Magazine) organizing the filming of a new drama, Queen Of Excessive Spending.  It was supposed to pair Yan Cheng Xu with Gigi Liang Yong Qi, but it was rumored that Yan Cheng Xu didn't like this pairing. 

Coincidently, Liang was out at the end, and it is unavoidable for others to suspect whether there is any connection.  However, through his agent, Ying Chun, Yan Cheng Xu responded, "The discussion was just started.  It is still at the very beginning stage.  Why would we have any comments on the cast?" 

Chen Yu Shan was previously Sanli's Settv Director.  The dramas produced by her, such as Post-it Girl, My Queen, Autumn Concerto, etc..., all quaranteed to have good ratings, and she even made Ruan Jing Tian, Yang Jin Hua, Wu Jian Hao, and Ady An to reach the height of their career.  Queen Of Excessive Spending is the 2nd sequel of My Queen series, about a story of a top class caviar girl. 

According to source, last month, Chen Yu Shan and the drama's Director, Chen Hui Ling, especially flied to HK to discuss the details with Liang Yong Qi, and even the schedule and talent fee were agreed, only left the contract to be signed.  During the discussion with Liang, it was stated that the male lead would be Yan Cheng Xu.  After Liang Yong Qi left her schedule open, things had changed.  Liang's side received the message of working together some other time.  Furthermore, information also indicates that as Yan Cheng Xu is very careful, so regarding who is the female lead, and whether she is suitable for him, he cares a lot. 

Chen Yu Shan said, "Gigi is always one of the candidates on my list, but now the female lead will be another person.  Also, Yan Cheng Xu is not confirmed yet.  This news is just too outrageous."  Liang Yong Qi's agent, Ah Shi, confirmed having discussion with Chen Yu Shan, but she said, "Gigi has to release her album.  She also has 3 movies in the 2nd half of the year.  Actually, our schedule is full." 

For Yan Cheng Xu, he indicated that Chen Yu Shan and he are good friends, but when the discussion for the drama has just started, negative news like this came out already.  It is really hard to understand.  Like there's news before reporting that he would film Prince of Taipei Coffee Shop, actually he didn't accept the invitation.

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