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Monday, June 28, 2010

New Drama Series for Jerry

News is still unconfirmed. But I hope there'll be developments.
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June 24, 2010 - TW Apple Daily
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Money Worshiping Queen, Next TV's Channel Opening Super Drama
Invested 120 Millions To Attract Yan Cheng Xu

Next TV's channel opening super drama, Money Worshiping Queen (kkla:  not official name), has created a momentum even before it starts filming.  Yesterday, the Executive Producer, Chen Yu Shan, indicates that the investment for this drama will be at least NT120 millions, including spending US$80,000 to invite the award winning image stylist, Patricia Field, from Sex And The City to join the team.  The male lead has decided to be Yan Cheng Xu.  According to plan, it will start filming in August and depart to France in Sep.  Its scale has broken TW idol dramas' records. 

Romantic love drama, Money Worshiping Queen, has reached the final preparation stage that outsiders start to guess who will be the male and female leads, and the focus is on Yan Cheng Xu and Shu Qi.   Yesterday, Chen Yu Shan indicates that she did discuss the project with both of them, and now she's waiting for Yan Cheng Xu to accept the offer.  The casting for the female lead has reached the contract signing process, but she insisted on not telling.  She only said, "The female star has certain level of popularity, but sh hasn't filmed any tv dramas in the past."  This indirectly denied Shu Qi's participation. 

Shu Qi rejected the participation in Money Worshiping Queen due to scheduling conflict

Production Fee Will Be NT$6 Millions Per Episode

The script of Money Worshiping Queen was written by producer, Chen Yu Shan.  With 20 episodes of 90 minutes for each, each episode's production fee will be NT$6 millions, which is 3x of the standard amount in idol drama production.  The story was about a girl was abandoned by her mom at youth.  After growing up, she became a model who worshiped money and disliked the poor.  She was even willing to be kept and supported by a middle-age, rich businessman just for money.  When she did a fashion show in Paris, she met a male student who studied music at school over there.  With a lot of coincidence, they started their fatal relationship after a one-night stand. 

Chen Yu Shan said, "Money Worshiping Queen is about how a woman used her tricks to get to her desired position.  These kind of women are everywhere now."  As the female lead is a tall, elegant model, it is unavoidable for people to think about LZL.  When asked whether LZL is one of the names on her candidate list, Chen Yu Shan said, "This name did flash in my brain for a second, but how is it possible?" 

Yan Cheng Xu Secretly Practiced Violin Playing Skills

The male lead of this drama knows French and plays violin.  However, he came from a poor background (from the market/root class), although he looks like a blue-blood, handsome guy on the outside.  According to information, although Yan Cheng Xu has not confirmed whether he will join the cast of Money Worshiping Queen, through the introduction of the famous cellist, Fan Zong Pei, he started the practise on the basic violin playing skills.  Yesterday, he honestly admitted that both sides had contacted already, but it's still under consideration. 

On the other hand, Shu Qi said, "Have to film 2 movies in the 2nd half of the year.  My schedule is full, so there is really no time."  In the drama, there is a magician role, and an A-cast male host will be invited to make guest appearances. 

The production team of Money Worshiping Queen is super.  Other than Golden Bell winning director, Chen Hui Ling, who directed Autumn Concerto, Sex And The City's image stylist, Patricia Field, was also invited to join the team with high fee.  She is going to team with Charles E. McCarry, the Art Director, for producing an international class of idol drama.  In order to fully display the queen's trendy and costly image, the costume budget is estimated to be over NT10 millions.  The Art Director will come to TW for checking out the right locations for filming. 

After reading all the news today, it is so conflicting.

Liberty Times/Singpao:  The female lead will be Shu Qi and her talent fee will be slightly lower than Jerry's, about NT$250,000 per episode.  Chen Yu Shan didn't review the female lead, only said that she filmed movies.  When Yan Cheng Xu heard about the female lead's name, he gasped. 

Lian He Bao:  The female lead should be Shu Qi, but Chen Yu Shan didn't review the name.  Yan Cheng Xu is still considering whether to pick up the role, as he concerns about language barriers, as the male lead knows 6 different languages. 

China Times:  Although the female lead was once rumored to be Gigi Leung or Shu Qi, it appears that Lynn Xiong (kkla:  Aaron Kwok's girlfriend) took the role.

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