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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jerry Yan Took a Half Year Break due to Gastritis Estimated Financial Loss Up to NT$4.7 billions

October 13 2010 Apple Daily, Taipei–
Jerry Yan Took a Half Year Break due to Gastritis Estimated Financial Loss Up to NT$4.7 billions


Jerry Yan has been recovering from Gastritis for the past 6months. He had to turn down a lot of deals including 20 TV dramas, 10 movies,15 events, totaling NT$4.7 bi...llions. He is now fully recovered and was seen preparing to get back to work. He was seen going to a hair stylist for a hair job in preparation of a publicity photo-shoot in Japan.He arrived in his 10 year old car and his face covered by lowered baseball cap.

Jerry Yan has endured huge work load since last year. He finished shooting of [Down with Love], made the album [Freedom], and published his memoir [9314 Man and Boy]. His health condition has been hugely impaired by the heavy work schedule. He reduced his work to promotional tours only in the past few months. He also took the time for other activities, such as visiting the children at the Catholic Children and Juvenile Center. Lately he has started to prepare for his future jobs.
In the evening of October 12, Jerry drove his precious old car Cefiro to [Hair Culture], a hair stylist in Northeast Taipei,for a hair cut. He appeared very casual with long hair touching his shoulders. His face was covered by lowered baseball cap but his beard was still noticeable. His agency explained that he was there to get the hair done for his publicity photo-shoot in Japan.

According to research, Jerry has turned down quite a few jobs including idol drama [Material Queen] and 20 other TV dramas each could have earned him NT$17 millions. He has also turned down 10 movie deals priced at NT$50 millions and 15 events for NT$80 millions. The total estimate is about NT$4.7 billions. If he has worked during this time, he could have already earned NT$50 millions. His agency commented that Jerry’s health is the most important consideration and they want to focus on the quality of the work.

During the downtime, Jerry has been taking English andJapanese lessens. He shared his favorite English quote with his fans on Sinablog two days ago: “Find out what makes you feel better inside. No matter whatis going on outside. Wish you all find that happiness inside”. The birth of hisnephew has brought him happiness like a new father although he is not veryexperienced at baby-caring.

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