Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

DWL Photo Gallery Story 2

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Translated by shyun_y of


(Pic of YG, slapping her hand on her forehead)
“My goodness! Why must it be Him?”
She rushed all the way here for a job interview, shortly after receiving her sister’s phone call.
Never did she expect to see him. The guy who caused her to lose her job earlier, is ironically, offering her a job now.

The pay’s good, the boss’s good-looking. The magic crystal ball seemed to have made her wishes come true, one after another. But can it be someone else rather than this mean, lethal-tongued man?

With piercing stares from her sister, which could even slice through diamonds, she decided her neck’s not as resilient. Thus if she is to bypass this job opportunity, the consequences would be…

She swallowed hard to tell him, as if also trying to convince herself, she is definitely capable for the job!

(Pic of XYP, in grey suit)
“I can definitely hire you! Although I think you are very blur!” He moved up-close to tell Her.
Being up-close to scrutinise her, her childlike face suddenly gave him an impulse to pinch her.
Reading through her resume, she seemed to have been through all the tough jobs. Her stamina and physique should be able to handle those two little rascals at home. In addition, his secretary added that this girl prefers girls only. This is very fine with him too, at least, he does not need to worry about someone giving him a birthday party at home each day.

“$150,000 monthly. No annual leave and you have to be on-call every moment!”

Very enticing terms, or perhaps it was the one who was speaking that was “enticing”. “BUT if you breach any terms within the first year, you would have to compensate me 10 times the contractual amount!”

After he said that, he felt a sigh of relief. But he still could not explain the urge why he felt so strongly to pinch her cheeks?

Resolution’s made…

(Pic of YG & XYP beside each other)
“I must never fall for him!”
Faced with such a handsome boss, any girls would find it hard to resist his charms. Of course, she is no exception too.

Thus, even if they are less than 30 centimetres apart, her pulse rate would be in synch with his breathing. His breathe has grown to be the rhythm and motivation of her heart beats.

But if there is any breach of contract, there would be the penalty of 10 times the contractual amount. It might be negligible to lose her job, but the compensation of the penalty is a big issue. If she lose this job and needs to pay the penalty, she would never see and hear the last from her sister.
Furthermore in his eyes, she is supposed to be a lesbian who prefers girls. Gradually, she has accepted that she is a girl lacking in femininity, thus, how could she ever fall in love with him?
“I had better just do my job properly!” She made a resolution.

A Multi-Tasker…

(Pic of YG & the children. YG’s thoughts: Being a nanny is really exciting…)
Her job as a nanny is really exciting.
She has to fetch the kids to and fro school everyday and carry all the big and small bags.

(Pic of YG drying YT’s hair)
She has to bathe the children after playing with them.

(Pic of YG keeping the messy toys)
When the children have fallen asleep, she has to tidy the messy house, with items strewn all around.

(Pic of YG fixing stuff)
Sometimes, she would even need to repair of spoilt furniture and equipment.

(Pic YG at meal with XYP)
Occasionally, she would whip up a feast for the guy who was used to “microwave food”.


(Pic of XYP at breakfast)
He enjoys the breakfast she prepares for him every bright morning. The days with her around always fill his heart with Warmth, as if his heart is open to the sun like photosynthesis.

The Urge…

(YG & XYP at grass field)
When the afternoon sun is shining bright, they would go to the nearby park to chat.
He likes watching the profile of her face, to admire the innocence and pureness of her smiling face.
He could always forget about the hardships of guarding the love which could not be told.

She feels that he is not as unfeeling and aloof as she imagined.
He would invite her to supper, and accompany her to play with the children;
Most importantly, she discovers that he is always willing to listen.
By his side, she always feels an unimaginable sense of carefree-ness.
By her side, he always feels ease at heart and a sense of stability.

He would still feel like pinching her cheeks. She would still feel like staying by him.
Both of them, feel an urge, to just “always stick with each other”…

My defence, because of your proximity…
Has totally disintegrated…

My fear, because of your hug…
Has slowly dissipated…

Can Time come to a standstill…
Just for me to hold onto you tightly…
To always stay by your side…

~~~ THE END ~~~

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