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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jan 8 2011 [Apple Daily] Jerry Yan Avoids Chiling News Treasures Ella

Idol drama "Down With Love" broadcast acclaim in Japan, the Japanese launched a new special edition for a special trip to Taiwan to film the last major cast albums, male and female Jerry Jerry and Ella rarely come together again, chatterbox opened, can not shut up.

The day of the photo shoot, Jerry withstand low temperatures of 9 degrees Celsius in the outdoor camera, cold Pippi shaved. However, Ella afternoon there, not only to say "Xu Xu," Let Jerry was warm, one-piece miniskirt sexy wear, but also praise him straight, "Oh, this is very sexy!"

They talk about everything photographers want them to look at the lens, Ella said, "ah! Sorry. We talked too happy." Photographer from taking pictures once they opened, Ella said, "that is want to separate us. "Let Jerry could not help laughing out shy.

From time to time teasing Ella Jerry, so Jerry could not help but say, "Oh, I seem to become a girl!" Since New Year's Day Birthday Jerry, Ella also brought cake for his birthday supplement.

Jerry, Ella became friends due to play, but they usually busy with their work, meet with less time. Ella said, "although no common surface, but we still care about each other." Jerry also revealed that, Ella hours prior to tour the United States, the two had met for dinner.

When asked about the treasures of the heart with each other, Ella holding cross necklace chest, said "This is the travel hours to the United States, seeking to cross in the church necklace. I took the necklace every day, pray that you can quickly get better Selina . It also has been wearing a necklace, until his wife (Selina) restored the day, so now it is my most important treasures. "

Jerry was very moved in to attend, he said, "many people around one of his treasures, Ella is." He said, because "Down With Love" and Ella cooperation, let him change a lot; for him Yan, Ella is an important friend.


The News centered on Chiling Lin’s wedding has been circling for days and triggered strong reactions
among Jerry’s fans. An undaunted Jerry Yan joined Ella ...happily two days ago on the shooting set of photo album of [Down with Love]. When asked about his valued treasure, Jerry mentioned Ella, not Chiling.

[Down with Love] has been enjoying great ratings in Japan. To prepare for a special TV program, a Japanese production team has been shooting a photo album of the main cast in Taiwan. On the day of shooting, Jerry worked outside in the unseasonably cold weather. Ella joined the shooting in the afternoon and her warm greeting of “Hsu-Hsu” (Jerry’s Chinese name) cheered up Jerry. Ella also presented Jerry a piece of cake as a belated birthday gift.

Ella met Jerry over dinner before her study tour in the U.S. last November. The duo could not stop chatting
On the set and was reminded to look at the camera by the photographer. Ella teased Jerry from time to time and Jerry said “I feel that I’m being treated as a girl.”

Ella’s treasure in [Down with Love] was a marble. In real life her most valued treasure at the moment is a cross that she got blessed in the church in the U. S. She uses it everyday when praying for Selina’s recovery. Jerry said that he treasured his friends the most, including Ella. He said that he has changed a
lot after working with Ella in [Down with Love]. Many may wonder whether Chiling is also his treasure.

There are a number of fan websites around the world for Jerry. Many called us to point out that there is only one official website J&Y that represents Jerry’s opinion. Jerry’s agency has also backed up the statement. In the past few days Jerry’s fans have blasted Chiling’s mother aiming at her inappropriate remarks about Jerry. has called for its members to act rationally and wisely.



  1. Ella's co-member in SHE

  2. I like Ella by watching "Down with Love". Ella does not perform Yang Guo, but a real herself. The director has made his right choice to pick Ella as Yang Guo! Ella is so kind, lovely, and honest. Ella and Jerry will be a perfect match because Ella can make Jerry's life happier! Love Ella!!!

  3. Jerry and Ella you have fans in the Bay Area California, USA. Although I am 3rd Generation Asian-American and can not speak Mandarian nor Tawainese. We love your acting. Better than some of our actors in the states!

  4. did ella ang jerry have a relation?

  5. Jerry and Ella will always be remembered all over the world. They are true sunshine to many people. Their acting and singing is truly world class. Their humanitarian projects such like helping out to many different causes is truly remarkable. May their many HOPE ... LOVE... and GOODNESS endlessly spread for LIFE! CHEERS to both of you!