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Monday, January 3, 2011

Jerry Yan spills the beans on relationship with Lin Chi-Ling

The actor gets emotional as he talks about his past relationship with the Taiwanese top model Lin for the first time
Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan showed a softer side of himself that day.

On Dec 20 last year, Jerry attended the recording of Hunan TV's Happy Camp. He grew quiet when he saw the video clip of Lin Chi-ling tearing when talking about him.

The host asked if he would embrace love bravely. Jerry, who had admitted to being rather childish, replied he "didn't know".

After the programme was aired on Jan 1, netizens left messages like "It's a different him, a more emotional Jerry Yan" on microblogging site Weibo.

Chi-ling and Jerry appeared as guests on Happy Camp consecutively. In October last year, Chi-ling cried on the show. The model was touched by a paragraph regarding her in Jerry's book 9314 Man and Boy. She also talked about her relationship with Jerry for the first time.

"I am a simple girl after all. I longed for love, and I longed to be loved. I'm different now, I'll embrace love," said Chi-ling, who seemed to treasure this past relationship.

When Jerry saw the video clip, he became quiet. When asked if he would embrace love courageously, he choked and said, "I am very childish at times, I want to be loved and cared for. However, for a girl, she would feel insecure. I still need to grow up."

The actor expressed that he talked about Chi-ling in his book because she is really a good girl.

"When she told the public that I'm the only person in the world who treats her best, I know I have to become a better man. I let her go, because I really loved her; I know she would meet a better person," said Jerry.

He added he was childish in the past. He would love and care for a girl in his own ways, but did not consider if the other party liked it or not. After Jerry showed this softer side on television, fans praised him for "being different".

On the programme, Jerry was tested on how he would spend a monthly income of RMB$10,000 (approximately S$2,000). The actor revealed that apart from his handphone bills, he did not have any expenses. Jerry explained that his colleagues usually organise his schedules, and thus he did not have any expenses. That would leave at least RMB$8,000 for him to splurge on his girlfriend.

"I like buying things for my girlfriend. If the things I buy for her fills her room, she would be reminded of me each time she returns home," said Jerry.


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