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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jerry Yan : I'm Learning to Change ~ 10th June 2011 Evening News

[6/10 Evening News] Jerry Yan : I’m Learning to Change
Evening News Intern Reporter : Zeng Suo Di

After his hiatus for a year, Jerry Yan is in Shanghai showing off his own “wonder”. Eastern Cable together with top producer, Zhou Ling of Jie Wen Cultural Co. Ltd, collaborated in a motivational Idol Drama <>. At the Press Conference the day before, Jerry Yan, Chen Yan Ji, Liu Wei, Fang Fang and Weng Hong were all present. The media personnel were delighted at Jerry Yan for taking the initiative to liven things up.

 Learning “social skills” surprising all present

Jerry Yan was very quiet and cool at public gatherings before. Furthermore, his nickname of  Bao Long (Boisterous Dragon) gave others the impression that he is ill-tempered. Yet Jerry Yan hasn’t been in public for quite a while and he gave us a surprise yesterday. He was very warm and considerate, even thoughtfully held the microphone for “armless pianist” Liu Wei. When the magician wanted to give the crystal shoe to the female lead, Chen Yan Ji - Jerry immediately pretended to snatch it, making those present roared in laughter. Even his “granny” Fang Fang praised him for his improvement in acting. Chen Yan Ji talked about how the two of them have a love-hate relationship in the show, Jerry joked, “That’s my forte.” 

During the interview, Jerry Yan frankly said that he was studying the past year. And mostly it was “social skills” and he even analysed himself, “I was very slow to react before and I didn’t know to interact with others. Whilst shooting <>, the Director said that ‘Shan Cai’ was always playing F3 but I was hiding in a corner reading the script. I hope that everyone understands that I was still a newbie then and I didn’t know what do really. I just felt that as long as I worked hard at acting then it was fine. But later on, I realized that an artiste has to make others happy. Like when I collaborated with Andy Lau, I discovered that he was very good at interacting with all those around him. ” He said candidly that his Acting Coach also taught him about Life. His Coach would ask him to see things in another perspective.  “I was very persistent about things before and I had a lot of expectations. So I had a lot of moods as well. My Coach said that I was too stubborn and I had trapped within and so the more I thought about it, the angrier I became.”

 Talking about Love Candidly

At the Press Conference, Jerry Yan was very forthcoming in answering questions about his love life. On one hand, he divulged that he was interested in match-making and another he joked that he wanted the reporter to introduce a girlfriend to him. Yet his ex-lover, Lin Zhi Ling’s mother Wu Ci Mei criticized him for “hampering other’s marriage”. His other rumored girlfriend, Guan Ying said that their relationship was like a ‘man-ghost love affair’. In fact, his love life hasn’t been smooth sailing. Regarding this, Jerry Yan said frankly that if his ex-girlfriend invited him to her wedding in the future, he will readily accept. “To all those whom I’ve loved before, if they have found their a very good match and a very good ending, I believe I will extend my sincerest well-wishes.”

Jerry Yan admits that he really looks forward to marriage and he likes the feeling of love-at-first-sight. But he is afraid of rejection so he never declared his love outright. “The more I love someone, the more I would appear cool as I don’t know what to do.  And I appear even sillier. ” Still, he analyses himself and commented that he was not romantic before and his past experience has taught him that he has to learn to be romantic. He has even considered taking notes from the many romantic movies.

But something that mesmerized him even more than marriage is having a “Little Jerry” in the future. “I really want to have a child that looks very much like me. I would think how would he be like? Would he be cool and sullen looking? Then I would tell him off – You can’t be like me!” But when asked about his marriage plans, he didn’t evade nor was he ready to divulge, he again joked, “My plans can’t catch up to the changes.”

Looking Forward to Changing Style A Master at Acting Ugly

“I feel that if it’s always the same then it would be meaningless.” Having acted in many rich guy roles, Jerry Yan admits to feeling a tad stale so he hopes for some change. But perhaps the role of  “Dao Ming Si” has left such a deep impression that many may feel that the roles are similar. “Actually there was a movie which had a very different role but the script and timing weren’t right so it didn’t work out. In fact, I really want to play a person with mental problems or an action movie. I rather like that.”

When the reporter queried about whether he would consider “acting ugly”, something quite the opposite of his usual handsome image. Jerry Yan immediately laughed, “Most definitely! I’m rather good at acting ugly. I was supposed to be in a movie like that but it fell through. Like I would cook up in my mind that my hair would be very curly and I would have buck teeth. ”

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