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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jerry Yan sought medical treatment despite downpour ~ 17th June 2011

Jerry Yan sought medical treatment despite downpour  ~ 17th June 2011
His dreamy good looks knocked the nurses of their heels

Early in the morning dark clouds were looming in the sky and a storm ensued! In hiatus for a year, Taiwanese Idol Drama actor, Jerry Yan is in Shanghai shooting “My Wonderful Life”. A sudden eye infection caused him to rush to the Shanghai’s XinShiJie Eye Hospital Specialist despite the heavy downpour.

It was heard that after a year’s rest, Jerry Yan is at the top of his condition and the role in “My Wonderful Life” was especially catered for him in a hope that he can give his best performance. But due the hectic schedule and constant late nights, the exhaustion brought on a sudden swelling of his left eye. In order not the affect the filming schedule and to stop the agony of the eye problem, Jerry Yan’s assistant booked an appointment online at the Shanghai XinShiJie Eye Hospital. After a check up by the eye specialist, Jerry contracted hordeolum or commonly called eye stye. This is an acute focal infection where pus is formed causing swelling, redness and pain. The pus may become hardened or the pus may turn yellow. Scarring may occur in serious cases. Fortunately, Jerry Yan sought medical attention on time. The specialist prescribed eye-drops and oral anti-inflammatory medication. He was instructed to use a warm towel on his eye and it should heal in 2 to 3 days. Thus this should not affect work or rest.

In order to avoid being recognized and any other related hassle, Jerry Yan wore a cap and sunglasses to the hospital. But with his dashing good looks, all the nurses identified him at one glance. Many are his fans and wanted a photo with him but unfortunately his assistant put a stop to that.


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  1. have wonderfull life Jerry , while you are filming " my wonderfull life" take care and look after yourself.

  2. that's right I totally agree..your health is the most important thing.. Jia You! We'll support you all the way! We love You! I'm you're avid fan, loyal to you!!!Please visit us again here in the Philippines!!!!