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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Powerful TW Movie Production in 2012, Hua Yang Is Formally Introduced To The Media

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November 24, 2011

Powerful TW Movie Production in 2012, Hua Yang Is Formally Introduced To The Media
Heavenly Kings and Queens Join Force For The First Time

One island for exile
One bright playboys' alley
A story between two blossoming 17-year old geishas and one chivalrous pirate
In an era of unfairness and injustice
People are facing great challenges of humanity and love

Hua Yang, a powerful art thriller movie in 2012, is a huge project directed by Zhou Mei Ling, after her work of Spider Lilies and Drifting Flowers.  This project was dominated as The Best Future Production Case in 2008's Tokyo Movie Festival and has received  2009's movie production fund from Taiwan's Media Bureau, with the total investment of NT100 millions and with the most briliant cast, an almost impossible joined force of heavenly kings and queens, including Jerry Yan Cheng Xu, Joe Zheng, Chen Yan Xi, and Chen Yi Han, with chemistry touching audiences' hearts. 

Hua Yang's time of story is set on ancient, which is rare in TW movies in the recent years.  Regardless of the freshness of the theme or cast's topicality, Hua Yang has attracted attention from different people.  On November 24, Executive Producer, Wang Li Ming, and Director, Zhou Mei Ling, led the 4 major cast members, i.e., Yan Cheng Xu, Joe Zheng, Chen Yan Xi, Chen Yi Han, to meet with the media.  Zhou Mei Ling said that she's lucky, as the cast selection went surprisingly smooth.  The 4 main actors are the No. 1 choice of the roles.  Originally, she thought that it was only a dream casually written on a scratch paper, but it ended up anyone she wanted, she got it.  She really appreciated the help from the God of Luck.   The Creative Director, Wang Wei Zhong, of Wen Chuang Yi Hao, also indicated that he wished Hua Yang would create new vitality and views for TW's future movies. 

The cast with 2 main male and female leads really gained the media's attention.  This is the first time Yan Cheng Xu has worked with Joe Zhang.  After 8 years, Yan Cheng Xu will once again film a movie, playing a chivalrous pirate.  In the movie, there will be a lot of action scenes.  Other than having taken kungfu classes recently, Yan Cheng Xu has also focused on providing input on his image in the movie, hopefully to completely overturn his previous prince image on screen in the past, being manly and rough.  However, the Director and Executive Producer continuously emphasized, no matter how manly, he needs to look handsome.  Regarding the final outcome, audiences can decide whether he looks both manly and handsome after the images are finalized.  

This is Joe Zheng's first movie.  He will play a musician in the movie, who is good at4 to 5 different kinds of musical instruments.  Therefore, he has especially taken lessons with the master, Chen Ming Zhang.  Joe Zheng joked that he had got a new favorite recently and that's the Yue-Qin which he had been holding in his arms on a daily basis.  After practising day after day, he deeply understands the feelings of having callus. 

After Hear Me two years ago, Chen Yan Xi and Chen Yi Han played two sisters again.  In the movie, they will play a pair of geisha sisters.  They have also started training in physical movement technique and singing.  Different from the sign language training 2 years ago, they both feel that it's more difficult for the training they are having now, not mentioning the time of the story is ancient.  Therefore, even the way they talk and move will be different, especially when they are getting popular these two years that it's a big challenge how to learn with their hectic schedules. 

Hua Yang, which will be produced by Taiwan Wen Chuang Yi Hao (Bright Ideas?), Inc and The 3rd Vision Films Ltd., has collected tremendous amount of resources, and will be published by Vieshow Cinemas and VieVision Pictures.  When it's on, audiences will be able to view it in more 60% of cinemas in TW.  VieVision Pictures' CEO also showed his support at the press conference today.  Other sponsors include NT30 millions from Prince Housing and Development Corp. for the creation of the main scenary in the movie, Hua Yang Estate and location of today's press conference.  Prince's General Manager also attended the press conference to support the crew and cast, and to show Taiwan's determination in art creation. 

Hua Yang's filming in preparation now, and the filming will locate all over places, such as Matsu, Kinmen, Kaohsiung, Tainan, etc...  Besides, Uniair is the sole sponsor for all airfares related to the production of this movie, and its Deputy General Manager also showed his support at the press conference.

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