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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cast of Hua Yang Showed Appearance, Yan Cheng Xu Has High Pressure

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Nov 24, 2011

Taiwan movie, Hua Yang, held a press conference today, with the appearance of the 4 major cast members.  Among them, because of not feeling well and with too much pressure, Yan Cheng Xu kept his head a lot of on stage.  Afterward, he said that he looked serious because of the injury from the kungfu training and too high expectations on himself. 

The press conference was held at Taipei W Hotel, attracting dozens of media from TW, HK, Japan, and Mainland China, especially when the location was decorated with over 6 digits worth of a bed of flower stands by Yan Cheng Xu's fans. 

However, when the 4 main cast members presented on stage, YCX displayed a serious face and lacked interaction with the other 3, and it made the situation slightly awkward.  His agent indicated that he had IV drip a few days ago due to fever, and he didn't sleep well the night before due to his stomache, therefore, he looked serious on stage. 

On the other hand, Joe Zheng, Chen Yan Xi, and Chen Yi Han interacted a lot, but later, when the interview started, Jerry became talkative and had a lighter mood.  He even gave out a few jokes out of surprise, such as head shaving image, Joe Zheng's playing the flute in a handstand position, etc...

When the reporters asked Director Zhou Mei Ling whether she had heard about the rumor of Jerry's being difficult, Jerry answered immediately, "It is not a rumor.  It is a truth."  He further said, "If I can reach 80 points, I won't only do 50 points.  Given working with a person like Director Zhou Mei Ling who has passion, ideal, and heart, I will give my best even if I have to sacrifice to a certain extent."  Then he said, "Xiao Zhong (Joe Zheng) is the most serious, and he gives me the most pressure." 

Zhou Mei Ling indicated, "I don't think Yan Cheng Xu is difficult.  He is always Yan Cheng Xu."  She said that sometimes when Jerry was too focused on developing his character, he always forgot the happenings in his surrounding, especially now he had been taking kungfu classes, with a lot of punching, striking, and throwing.  Jerry admitted that because of the injury of an old spot, he once thought of giving up, but when he saw the effort by the Dir and other cast members, he decided to keep it up. 

Zhou Mei Ling praised that YCX had the special characteristics of the novel, The Call Of The Wild, by the famous writer, Jack London.  She said that it's a kind of most explosive power from nature.  When the explosive power is used in performing, the outcome will be astonishing.  She also mentioned that all the action scenes in the movie would be performed by Jerry in person, so she could catch his most complete shots on camera. 

When taking classes together, Yan Cheng Xu has developed good mutual understanding and relationship with the other 3 cast members.  With Chen Yi Han who will have quite a lot of scenes with him, he described her as as naive and happy as a little sun.  He said, "I thought of the old me when seeing her." 

For Joe Zheng, this is the first movie that he has played.  In the movie, he will play a musician who is good at 4-5 kinds of musical instruments.  He said that he felt the most frustrated when practising flute, always felt like losing his breath.  He wished that he could have developed good relationship with his flute when it starts filming.  Zhou Mei Ling praised that Xiao Zhong had high expectations on himself.  Although it looks real when he pretends to play the musical instruments, he insists on playing the instruments for real when filming.  

The whole group joked that it seemed like Xiao Zhong had the most parts in the movie, so it's wonderful that he needed to be responsible for the box office even when it's his first movie.  He could only smile bitterly and said, "Alright!  Put it all on me."     

Besides, Chen Yan Xi and Chen Yi Han will play sisters again after Hear Me.  This time, they will play geisha.  Taking classes for physical movements and articulation, they both said that it's harder than learning sign language last time.  Zhou Mei Ling also exposed that they both need to have their feet wrapped in tight bandages, which will definitely increase the hardship. 

Joe Zheng said that it didn't happen often that they went to classes like schoolmates, and the process was both painful and sweet, as they had to break and to rebuild themselves again and again.  Yan Cheng Xu also said that he liked the feeling of taking class together a lot, and they hoped that they could continue taking classes like this.

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