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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jerry Yan fans build primary school hostel for Jerry’s 35th birthday

source: UDN, TVBS News, ETtoday News & SOHU News

Dec 26, 2011

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High popularity Jerry Yan 35th birthday will be coming soon on New Year 2012. Fans from all over the world celebrated for him by doing charities. They donated to Yan Cheng Xu Chun Lei School to build a hostel. The hostel is now completed. It is his most special birthday present this year.

Jerry's father passed away in his early years and he is raised by his mother. He had mentioned before that his childhood deepest impression was his mother's back view because his mother was always in front of the sewing machine everyday to sew clothes to sell in order to raise his sister and him. And he insist and hope that for his birthday every year, his fans will do charities instead of buying gifts for him.

Fan club had donated RMB200 000 (TWD 960 000) in year 2008. They established Yan Cheng Xu Chun Lei School in Anhui, China. Consecutively, they have been donating funds to the school. They had also contributed funds for building Yan Cheng Xu Chun Lei School Hostel which was also completed on December 14,2011.

The Hostel provides for the students who stay at the remotes areas. With the hostel, they would not need to travel long distances to go to school. The school published and uploaded a video previously which captured cute and happy faces of the kids holding pillows in the hostel running around. There are more than 400 hundreds students in the school currently.

Jerry Yan fans did even more charities this year.Hong Kong fans sends 70 bags of gifts to charity units. 61 Japans fans contribute JPY 122 000 to World Vision. Taiwan fans donated materials to Miao Li St Francis Love orphanage. Jerry was touched by their care and love.

Jerry who has injured his hands recently, was very touched with everything that the fans have done for him. This year, he will not be celebrating his birthday as usual. Jerry will be filming for the movie Hua Yang/ Scarlet that day.

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