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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jerry Yan fractures his index finger

The Taiwanese actor may end up with a crooked finger, if he does not undergo surgery soon

Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan has been seeking treatment for his fractured index finger for more than a year.

The actor injured his right index finger during a basketball game last October, and his injury worsened after he underwent martial arts training for his new movie earlier this month.

However, despite multiple visits to the doctor, Jerry still has problems holding a pen and writing.

Last Wednesday (Dec 14), the 35-year-old was spotted seeking treatment at Show Chwan Hospital in Changhua County, after former Taiwanese boy band B.A.D member Parkman Wong recommended the place to him.

Parkman, who is the son of the president of Show Chwan Hospital, is currently working as the director of marketing at the hospital after his departure from showbiz.

After looking at Jerry's X-ray, Doctor Gu from Show Chwan Hospital expressed that the fracture was caused by a muscle tear in the middle phalange of Jerry's index finger, leading to frequent dislocation of the finger.

The doctor advised the actor to be careful with his fingers, because any small movements would affect the injury. He added that should Jerry's condition not improve in three months, he would have to undergo surgery to stabilise the bone. Otherwise, the actor might end up with a crooked finger.

Other than seeking treatment at Show Chwan Hospital, Jerry is also doing physiotherapy at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to aid recovery.

Jerry commented on his current situation via his management agency yesterday, "[We] will discuss with the production crew to reduce the number of dangerous stunts."

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