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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hot Shot Photo Book, The Commotion Before The Sale, Monday July 14, 2008 Taiwan

Hot Shot Photo Book, The Commotion Before The Sale, Monday July 14, 2008 Taiwan

Source: CDNS
Translated by o_ost1nao_o @ Show Lo's International English Forum

A photo book for “Hot Shot,” starring the three big idols Jerry Yan, Show Lo, and Chun Wu, is book fans that are waiting to collect. Kadokawa Media has already received many inquiries by fans as to when the book will be released, and any related info on events and such. In the book, there documents different pains and funny stories from the different main actors, and you look at it through their perspective, so you can go further into the drama’s story, character personalities and feelings.

Also, the “Hot Shot Photo Book” also has unaired captures from the drama and behind the scenes; everything is all collected in the book. Even though this drama is based on basketball, with most of the drama focused on the nerve-racking and intense basketball games, and love between family and friends. But it also includes plenty of humor, comedy, and silly imaginations.

The one with the most heavy responsibilities for the elements of the drama, is Yuan Da Ying, whom Show Lo portrays, and the serious Jerry Yan, was also given many silly, make-believe moves, especially scenes with female co-star Chou Tsai Shih, there are even more comic-like, exaggerated body movements. These behind-the-scenes are must-collect pictures for fans that like the drama and characters.

The “Hot Shot Photo Book” will go on pre-order until the 28th. Everyone can go and order your copies at Books, Kingstone, and Kadokawa’s websites, not only will you enjoy the discounted prices, but also limited gifts.

In “Hot Shot,” Dong Fang Xiang (Jerry Yan) and Yuan Da Ying (Show Lo) both like Zhan Jie Er (Chou Tsai Shih) at the same time. If this happened in real life, where he and his friend like the same girl at the same time, how would Jerry deal with this? Jerry thought about it and said, “I’ll probably let my friend try first! Because we’ve had many years of friendship, and maybe I’ve just meat the girl, and so I won’t know how compatible we are? If this happens, the years of friendship is more important.”

Even though in the drama Show Lo and Chun Wu are on opposing teams, but during breaks in filming, Show and Chun talk about their experiences in business! Chun has his own gym in Brunei and sells his branded activewear, and Show also has his clothing stores. So the two of the often talk about material quality, where to get them, and other information related to that.

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