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Friday, July 25, 2008

Jerry Denied Request To Decrease Xiao Zhong's Parts in Skipbeat

July 25, 2008, China Times

Totally Focuses on October's Concerts in Japan Jerry Denied Request To Decrease Xiao Zhong's Parts in Skipbeat

After working with new agency, JVR, Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry) now totally focuses on October's concerts in Japan and the preparation of his upcoming solo album. Besides, a lot of idol dramas eagerly invite him to be part of the cast. Days ago, he finished filming a new MP3 commercial with Gui Lun Mei. He also sang the commercial song, Really Love You. This is his newest song since the last F4 album released last year, and this song has become the talking point of fans' discussion.

Shortly before, it was rumored that GTV's idol drama, Skipbeat, has arranged Yan Cheng Xu, Ariel Lin, and Joe Zheng to be the cast, and Yan Cheng Xu requested to decrease Xiao Zhong's parts, so Xiao Zhong quitted Skipbeat. JVR denied this rumor, and indicates that invitation of this drama was received but until now it has not confirmed to accept the role or not. JVR further emphasized that Yan Cheng Xu has never requested to decrease anyone's parts in a drama.

Although there were rumors, Yan Cheng Xu's mood was not affected. Recently, for the upcoming F4 concerts in Japan, he practises dancing and playing piano continuously, and hopes that in the concerts he can perform something different from the past.

Besides, the new commercial song, Really Love You, is just a warm-up of Yan Cheng Xu's upcoming solo album. This song's rhythm style is the kind that he is good at intrepreting. However, after he received the music and lyrics, he still spent a lot of time practising at home before going in the recording studio. That's why he completed the recording in the studio without much hassle.

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